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Yamamoto Yusuke
More on Secret Vacation

Yamamoto Yusuke startled out of bed, in cosplay, a wedding !? 100 shots carefully selected from 10000 taken !

In commemoration of the launch of his second photobook Secret Vacation, Yamamoto Yusuke attended a meet and greet handshake event in Tokyo on the 7th.

The theme of the book is "first trip abroad" with a lover and filming took place in Guam. It was his first trip abroad personally too. "Spending time in Guam was really fun but I couldn't get used to the food at all... We ate just meat so it sat pretty heavily on my stomach," he said. About the photo sessions, he cheerfully revealed,"The cameraman was a guy but during the shoot, he was like a girl, he'll say things like 'Yusuke kawaii!!' so it was easy to do with that that kind of mood."

In this book, there are photos taken by the cameraman as he sneaked into Yamamoto's room in the early hours of the morning. Yamamoto said a little shyly in his appeal, "They're genuine shots of me just getting up you know~. The cameraman did it without me knowing beforehand, he got onto my bed and took the photos. There's a lot of the real me in the book." He tried out cosplay too. "Police uniform, straddling a bike, feeling like Kimura Takuya-san in pilot suit, things like that *laugh*. We did it with the co-operation of the locals." There is also a wedding rehearsal scene in a church, Yamamoto can be seen in various situations in this book.

Furthermore, one person will be chosen in a lottery from among those who buy this book and a pair ring that was used during the photo shoot will be delivered to the winner. The initials of Yamamoto and the winner will be engraved on the ring and Yamamoto himself will deliver it to the winner's home. He said, "I look forward to bringing the ring over."

Yamamoto Yusuke second photobook Secret Vacation
Now on sale 2100円 (tax included)

Web Television


Yes, the PR stunt worked. I needed to know more of how it all went down. Now I feel a little regret. When I see the photobook, all I'll think of is the cameraman who took them. And Yukke looks like he's all ribs here (°_°;)

山本裕典が寝起きドッキリ、コスプレ、結婚式!? 1万カットの中から厳選した100カット!

山本裕典のセカンド写真集「Secret Vacation」の発売を記念し、7日、都内で握手会が行われた。




山本裕典セカンド写真集「Secret Vacation」 
発売中 2100円(税込) 主婦と生活社


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Yamamoto Yusuke
Secret Vacation Photobook & 2009 Calendar


Yamamoto Yusuke Second Photo Album - Secret Vacation

Yamamoto Yusuke 2009 Calendar (Japan Version)


山本裕典写真集 (Yamamoto Yusuke Photobook) - Secret Vacation

山本裕典 2009年カレンダー (Yamamoto Yusuke 2009 Calendar)

October 2008 Magazine Issues

Duet JUNON Myojo

Popolo POTATO Wink Up

\(^8^)/ \(^8^)/



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Yamamoto Yusuke
Secret Vacation Event

Second Photobook Handshake Meet & Greet... This is the only one of its kind 'pair ring' in the world.

After this, I'll shake hands with everyone with all my heart ♪

I put all my heart into my handshake. Everyone, thank you !


From Yukke's blog. Another excited sweaty fan and more pics in full post. I wanna laugh but I'd look the same if I were there.

Many from the media came !

With all my heart, I shake hands with everyone !

With my juniors from work, Kokawa Hiroyuki-kun and Tanda Arisa-chan...

With my juniors from work, CHIKARA and Kokawa Hiroyuki-kun...


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Yamamoto Yusuke
Secret Vacation

Yamamoto Yusuke himself will bring the pair ring over to your home !

Popular actor from Fuji TV's Taiyou to Umi no Kyoshitsu, Yamamoto Yusuke (20), attended an event at the Fukuya bookstore in Ginza in commemoration of the release of his photobook Secret Vacation on the 7th of September.

Through a lottery, 1 winner will be chosen from the those who have purchased his photobook and presented with a pair ring, similar to the one he has on during the photobook's shoot.

"I, myself, will go to the successful candidate's house and slip the ring on. The ring will have both of our initials engraved on them, there's only one of it in the world."

The type of girl he likes ? "A reliable girl who is able to pull me," he revealed.


6000 fans from as far as Taiwan attends Yamamoto Yusuke's Handshake Meet

Actor Yamamoto Yusuke's (20) commemoration event, a handshake meet and greet, for his photobook Secret Vacation, took place in Ginza's Fukuya Bookstore on the 7th. 6000 fans, including from abroad like Taiwan, gathered for the event.

"The cameraman was an old uncle but when he was taking the photos, he went 'Yusuke, kawaii yo, that's really good' like a girl, so it felt like a couple shot and we were able to take good photos."



What kinda insane stunt is this ? From the ring to the uncle taking his photos, it gives me the creeps~ More photos in full post.


フジテレビ「太陽と海の教室」で人気の俳優、山本裕典(20)が写真集「Secret Vacation」の発売記念イベントを7日、東京・銀座の福家書店で行った。


俳優山本裕典(20)の写真集「Secret Vacation」(主婦と生活社)の発売記念握手会が7日、東京・福家書店銀座店で行われた。台湾など海外からファンが訪れ、計6000人が集まった。「カメラマンがおじさんだったんですけど、撮っているときは『裕典、かわいいよ、最高だよ』って乙女に成りきってくれたので、カップルみたいな感じでいい写真が撮れました」。


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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Matsuda Shota

Matsuda's birthday congratulations during Ikigami press conference

Actors Matsuda Shota (22), Yamada Takayuki (24) and actress Narumi Riko (16) attended a press conference for the movie Ikigami on the 8th of September.

In the story, Matsuda is given the task of informing people of their impending death 24 hours prior to it via a notice. What if it was he himself who received the notice ?

Matsuda said, "With my family, friends, lover and people like that around me, in a place where I feel loved, I want to die a sudden death."

As for Yamada, he said laughing, "I want to die smashed drunk. (I'm a hard drinker so) As expected, if I still have another 24 hours, I'll be alright."

In the evening, the preview was screened at the TOHO Cinema in Roppongi Hills. Matsuda who is celebrating his birthday on the 10th, was given a bouquet of flowers by Narumi. Matsuda said shyly, "I don't like (my birthday) to be celebrated, I prefer to enjoy it by myself."



Happy Bath Day Shota ! More photos in full post.
And congratulations CERN ! Here's to it not being a death notice for all Earthlings :|

2008.9.9 05:02




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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Kurosagi the Movie
Local Screening

\(^8^)/ \(^8^)/


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