Friday, September 19, 2008

Hana Kimi SP
Preview Showing

Fuji TV's drama Hanazakari no Kimitachi e ~Ikemen♂Paradise~ Graduation Ceremony & 7 and 1/2 Episode Special preview. Appearing on stage, from left Tajima Ryo, Takahashi Mitsuomi, Ishigaki Yuma, Mizushima Hiro, Kimura Ryo, Kyo Nobuo, Suzuki Ryouhei, Watanabe Toshihiko

Mizushima Hiro "We've returned more powerful than before"... Hanazakari no Kimitachi e SP Drama

Actors Mizushima Hiro (24), Ishigaki Yuma (26), Tajima Ryo (21) and others attended a preview of Fuji TV's drama Hanazakari no Kimitachi e ~Ikemen♂Paradise~ Graduation Ceremony & 7 and 1/2 Episode Special (airing on the 12th of October at 9) at Hanzoumon's TOKYOFM Hall in Tokyo on the 18th of September.

It's a Special of a popular drama series. The 8 ikemens entered in their uniforms, accompanied by shrieks from the 230 girls chosen from about 10 lotteries. Mizushima Hiro, who has his first starring role in Fuji TV's drama Room of King (starting 4th of October, on Saturdays at 2310) said, "We've returned more powerful than before, in this drama which for all of us, was a big stepping stone." "My mother actually came today," Ishigaki said, as he waved to her in the hall. "I have bad memories of this hall. 2 years ago, at the M1 preliminary competition, no one even laughed once," Tajima said as laughter was heard around, much to his relief this time.



Additional photos from Sanspo and Nikkan Sports. Other news articles stated that Maki, Shun and Toma could not attend due to work. At least Toshi turned up



 人気連ドラのスペシャル。イケメン集団8人が制服姿で登場すると約10倍の抽選で選ばれた230人の女性ファンから悲鳴が上がった。フジテレビ系ドラマ「Room Of King」(10月4日スタート、土・23時10分から)で連ドラ初主演が決まった水嶋は「僕らにとって大きなステップになった作品がパワフルになって帰ってきます」とあいさつ。石垣は「オレの本当の母ちゃんが来ている」と話すと、母親が会場で手を振り会場を和ませた。田島は「この会場は嫌な思い出がある。お笑いを目指していた2年前、『M1』の予選で1回も笑いが起きなかった」と話すと、微妙な笑いが起こり、一安心していた。



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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hana Kimi SP

It's coming, yaho~ \(。・_・。)/


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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hana Kimi
Character Profile - Saga Kazuma




Mizobata Junpei 2009 Calendar (Japan Version)


溝端淳平 2009年カレンダー (Mizobata Junpei 2009 Calendar)

\(^8^)/ \(^8^)/




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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hana Kimi SP
Ikemen Survival Tour

15th September 2008
Ikemen Survival Tour

Fuji TV
12th October
On air from 1600 to 1730

On location of Ikemen Survival Tour
With Kuwaoha, Shizu-chan, Hanako, Macha, Harisenbon-san
We're meeting the ikemens in the outskirts of Tokyo, a bus tour

The ladies・・team


Ikemen Survival Tour on Junpei's blog.

This is an entry by Motoko Obayashi, a volleyball player, about the Ikemen Survival Tour. I think the rest of the women she mentions are other tv talents and comedians.

2008-09-15 08:00:18









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Hana Kimi SP
Mizobata Junpei Blog

15th September 2008
IkePara !

Good evening !! Today, together with the ikemen members, we filmed the Ikemen Survival Tour (tentative title), a publicity program for the Hanazakari Special o(^▽^)o It will be broadcast on the evening that the Special will be aired, the 12th of OCtober !

Today we watched the Special, and we were laughing uncontrollably and at the end, we were all in tears watching this wonderful work we had completed ! It's been about a year since the drama ended and it felt nostalgic. Look forward to us in it performing with more motivation and tension than before (^O^)/

This photo is taken with Hanazakari members (*^ー^) All of them are very good senpais !!



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Monday, September 15, 2008

Innocent Love

Hot ヾ(。><)シ

It's not very clear but you can watch the teaser trailer here.

Maki's all grown up now...

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Kitagawa Yuujin
Yuzu News

Yuzu made the 1.6 billion yen man Murakami Takashi cry !

Popular duo Yuzu held a special live performance for the arts fair Geisai at Tokyo Big Sight on the 14th. The chairman of the event, well-known artist Murakamai Takashi whose work was bid for 1.6 billion yen in May, was left in tears.

Yuzu's last spring tour touched on issues like environmental problems and drawings from children all over the world were exhibited in their concert halls. Murakami, who was deeply moved, went to Yuzu's agency personally and made his offer.

Fans lined up 3 hours ahead of the fair's opening, with lines snaking to more than a kilometre. With cheers of "Yuu~jin" and "Ayapa~n!", the two performed 2 songs, one of them Summer Colours. Murakami who got up on stage said, "Sorry. I'm deeply moved..." as his tears flowed.



Ayapan is a nickname for Takashima Aya, a Fuji TV announcer. Yuujin has a Dramawiki entry that refers to her as his wife but I don't think these 2 are married yet. According to Aya's Japan wiki, Nikkan Sports reported in March this year that marriage preparations were underway and they would be married before the year is up but she reportedly denied it in her blog. Need a password to her blog so couldn't read it. Anyone know about it ? Only being nosy because he's gonna act with Maki (-^〇^-)

ゆず 16億円男村上隆氏号泣させた!



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Hana Yori Dango Final
Filming Diary

27th January 2008 (Sunday) Clear weather

Today, the lead actress of this production, Inoue Mao as Makino Tsukushi, has her grand crank-in !
Actually, 2 weeks before this, we had stealthily entered this location to take still photos but this is the first day of actual filming for the movie. There's a feeling of we're finally getting to it.
"Good mor~ning!" Mao-chan and Matsumoto-kun cheerfully called out as they entered one after another.
The revival of the 'TsukuTsuka combi' after one year !!
Naturally, their tone were the same, and it went by without any problems (well not exactly, there was that one thing but we'll talk about that later...) The first scene in the filming done, we moved on to the next location.

Next was Tsukasa's office, that is to say the scene in the President's office.
This is where that one incident took place !!
Somehow, David-san was kneeling in front of us as he greeted us.
Actually, Nishida was supposed to be involved in scenes throughout the morning too but... we don't have to say more than that (*laugh*) That was why David-san greeted us by kneeling before us all.
Matsumoto-kun happily called out, "Oi, Nishida~~" as he playfully approached him.
David-san was the one given advice today, even if only it was just a little. "How could you?!" the staff too joined in.
In his complete obedience mode, he said," It is inexcusable. Today, I cannot say anything more. I truly regret it."
Nishida, who is supposed to follow behind Tsukushi & Tsukasa anywhere once they leave the room, was calmly called by the director and told..
"David-san, since throughout the scenes we took in the morning, you were not accompanying them at all, you have nothing to do with this anymore."
Hearing that, everyone burst into laughter, leaving only David-san all miserable.


HYDF Filming Diary

HYDF Filming Diary Japanese




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Inoue Mao Staff Diary
13th September 2008

Summer break
13th September 2008 07:53

Yesterday I had a photoshoot for Mizuho Bank's posters.
There are different versions, so look forward to the day they're affixed in front of the banks !

For the sake of completing the graduation thesis this year, I've more or less taken a break from work this summer.
But even so, it still doesn't look like it's going to be completed yet...
Maybe because I'm the type who gets things done when time is really running out.

It seems like rather than the thesis, I'm looking into things like the graduation trip and schedule adjustments.
I want to enjoy myself in the little time left of college life !


I'm not sure who wrote this, the staff or Mao herself. But I just went with Mao in the translation. She seems like such a down-to-Earth girl (^-^ )
.... I miss Hanadan :|


2008年09月13日 07:53





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