Saturday, April 04, 2009

Hiro & Ayaka
Message to everyone

From Mizushima Hiro ・ Ayaka to everyone

Mizushima Hiro and Ayaka, we have registered our marriage on 22nd February 2009.
The sudden report seemed to have surprised fans but we considered marriage the natural extension to our love and we decided, with mutual support, the two of us will move forward together.
We are still young and inexperienced, from now on too we will give our all in work and show the results.

3rd April 2009
Mizushima Hiro Ayaka

update : 2009.4.3


This is from the Ken-on site, so it might be a little difficult to get through at the moment.



水嶋ヒロ 絢香

update : 2009.4. 3


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Hiro & Ayaka
Press Conference Footage

Video No.3, at around 4 minutes, Ayaka had trouble talking about her illness and Hiro comforts her. Just seeing his look of concern and him stroking her back banished away any residual Ayakaaaaaaargh I had in me. Kandou! ρ(..、)

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Friday, April 03, 2009

Hiro & Ayaka
Press Conference

Mizushima Hiro & Ayaka appear together in a press conference, marriage already registered. Ayaka suffering from Basedow's Disease and will stop work by end of year.
3rd April 2009

On the same day (3rd April) that Sports Nippon revealed on its cover that they are registering their marriage on the 13th, Mizushima Hiro and Ayaka held a press conference at TBS's Akasaka. "Ayaka and I, Mizushima Hiro registered our marriage on the 22nd of February 2009. We wanted to begin our life together. It is our hope to convey this to everyone and our fans and we hold this interview today," said Mizushima, reporting that the marriage has already taken place. Further, there were other circumstances that led to their speedy decision to marry after dating for about half a year; Ayaka is suffering from Basedow's disease.

"We informed our agency on the 1st of April that we had registered our marriage. We now want to convey the news to everyone properly," Mizushima said, facing the press today. "Actually the reason for the quick decision is that Ayaka suffers from a chronic disease and I want to watch over her." Ayaka said,"I found out about my chronic disease the year following my debut. Although I can continue with work if I take the medicine, when there's too much I have shortness of breath and heart palpitations. I cannot sing as much as I like. Actually, today too is a little much..." she said, cutting her words shorter.

"His existence means a lot to me. With this marriage, I hope to take the chance to recover completely. I hope to join the family and support him as his wife. By the end of the year, I'll take a break from work. How long it will be has not been decided, I hope to face up to the illness," said Ayaka, while glancing at Mizushima from time to time. "I want to do my best for the medical treatment, in music and as a wife."

Mizushima proposed to her last autumn with simple words "I want to get married." Ayaka said smiling,"Everything in front of me became white. I thought I was dreaming so I asked him to say it again." The ring sparkling on her left hand was given to her at the end of last year. "I gave the ring to Ayaka-san just before she appeared on Kouhaku, at home. I wanted her to know that the marriage was for real," Mizushima said, wanting to let her have peace at mind.

The illness was not the only reason, the two of them feel like that they're connected from their hearts. "It's hard to say it straight to her face but she is the first person to make me believe in 'a love that has its natural extension to a marriage'. If I let her go, I would regret it," Mizushima said shyly. Ayaka said,"I feel the same. A person I can respect from the bottom of my heart."

Ayaka is not expecting. With a new wife to support him, Mizushima said,"It's a new start. I will do my best in each and every one of my work so that my marriage to Ayaka is seen as something favourable."

水嶋ヒロ・絢香、2ショット会見で結婚報告 絢香はバセドウ病を告白、年内で休業へ









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Hiro & Ayaka
Getting married at the height of their popularity

8 month relationship! Mizushima Hiro & Ayaka getting married at the height of their popularity
3rd April 2009

It was revealed on the 2nd of April that popular actor Mizushima Hiro (24), recently ranked Number 1 in the Ikemen Ranking list, and popular singer-songwriter Ayaka (21) are getting married. The two of them began their relationship after a magazine talk together for a magazine last June. They are expected to submit their marriage registration on Mizushima's birthday, the 13th. Getting their big breaks 3 to 4 years after their debut, the two of them, at the height of of their popularity, are going for their goal towards happiness together.

They are in the different fields of acting and singing but in the same agency. They began their acquaintance when they hit it off while doing a talk for the magazine 'mini' last June. According to close friends, they started dating around August.

From the beginning, the romance was a serious one with both mutually keeping marriage in mind. They have already met each other's parents and made formal arrangements on each side. The marriage registration is expected to be submitted on Mizushima's 25th birthday on the 13th. Currently, there are no plans yet for a ceremony and a wedding.

Mizushima spent his childhood, up to middle school in Zurich, Switzerland. Standing at 1.8m, he is a Keio University graduate. With all the necessary characteristics to be popular with women, he has been called the 'super ikemen among ikemens'.

From playing the lead role in TV Asahi's Kamen Rider Kabuto in 2006-2007, to Fuji TV's Zettai Kareshi (2008) and Mei-chan no Shitsuji (this year January to March) among others, he has garnered wide-ranging support from children to housewives. In last month's Oricon Style article 'Ikemens On Your Mind Ranking', he was voted first, beating the likes of Oguri Shun (26) and Eita (26). He topped the 'Favourite Actors Among High School Girls' too.

Ayaka, who debuted in 2006 with her song 'I believe' made history by being the first female singer-songwriter to enter the Oricon Charts in the top 3 on her debut. In the same year, she was presented with the Best New Artist Award. She has participated in NHK's Kouhaku 3 years consecutively. In 2007, her hit song 'Mikazuki' topped the 'Karaoke Request Ranking'. It was covered by Inoue Yousui (60) as well, a song that crosses over generations.

Shining as brightly as the 2 of them are, they dislike being loud in their personal lives. There are no gossip of them dating in popular spots or restaurants, their sightings are limited to frequent sightings of them shopping at supermarkets. Both busy with their careers, they spend their free time away from work at each other's homes, eating home-cooked meals. This seems to be a romance nurtured at home.

Deciding to get married at the height of their popularity, it is simply because these two have chosen their 'little piece of happiness'. "They look out for each other, they're an ideal couple together." They have been given the blessings by those around them.

Update : On the day that Sports Nippon broke the news about their relationship, Hiro and Ayaka held an emergency press conference to reveal that they are actually already married.












 一方の絢香は06年のデビュー曲「I believe」が女性シンガー・ソングライターのデビュー曲として史上初めてオリコンチャートのトップ3入りした歌姫。同年の日本レコード大賞で最優秀新人賞に輝き、NHK紅白歌合戦に3年連続で出場中。ヒット曲「三日月」は07年の年間カラオケリクエストランキングで1位になり、井上陽水(60)もカバーするなど、世代を超えて歌われている。



 ◆絢香(あやか)1987年(昭62)12月18日、大阪府生まれの21歳。高校2年時から楽曲製作を開始。デモテープがきっかけとなり、ワーナーミュージックと契約。05年に上京。06年1月に「I believe」でデビューし、オリコン初登場3位を記録。同年9月、4作目の「三日月」でオリコン1位を獲得。同年の日本有線大賞などを受賞。1メートル57。血液型O。

 ◆水嶋 ヒロ(みずしま・ひろ)1984年(昭59)4月13日、東京都生まれの24歳。慶大環境情報学部に進学後、モデルとして芸能活動開始。05年に日本テレビ「ごくせん」、07年にフジテレビ「花ざかりの君たちへ~イケメン♂パラダイス~」などのドラマに出演。5月23日スタートのTBSドラマ「MR・BRAIN」で木村拓哉と共演。1メートル80。血液型AB。
[ 2009年04月03日 ]

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mizobata Junpei
I want to get married when I'm 30

Old news, requested by you-know-who.

Mizobata Junpei "I want to get married when I'm 30"

Actor Mizobata Junpei (19) held a handshake event at Ginza on the 20th of March to commemorate the sale of his first photo book 'Neppuu Shonen' (Fiery Winds of a Youth). 7000 fans lined up to meet him, with some fans bursting into tears.

"It's packed with myself in these last years of my teens." The photobook features sexy shots of him in locations like hot springs and beaches.

"Nude shots seemed to have been scheduled. There are also suggestive almost-nude shots but as expected some of them were no good after all," Mizobata-san said, with a grin of embarrassment.

Also, he revealed his plans for the future. "I want to get married at 30, and have children at 32." Asked about a partner, he said, "Right now, there's no one. I'm busy with work. I have until I'm 30 to find someone who can cook well and is family-oriented."

溝端淳平さん「30歳で結婚したい」<3/21 0:51>






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Oricon Ranking
Ikemens On Your Mind

'Ikemens On Your Mind' in first place is Mizushima Hiro
28th March 2009

Weekly entertainment magazine, Oricon Style, out on the 27th, has a feature 'The New Ikemens Illustrated' where the results of an ikemen ranking survey are revealed. The Number 1 'ikemen on your minds' is the drama Mei-chan no Shitsuji's Mizushima Hiro.

Voted in first place is Mizushima Hiro, who plays every girl's dream butler. "I was charmed by the drama Mei-chan. I think that Mizushima Hiro who suited the role so well is number one." (22, female) "He has appeal, and he acts naturally." (18, male) "He looks good, is pretty smart, and speaks English fluently. So overwhelmingly, he's the best." (28, female). Handling every role given easily, he has acting talent and the person himself being a perfect ikemen are the reasons for his Number 1 spot.

Ikemens On Your Mind Ranking
1. Mizushima Hiro ・・・・・・ 260 votes
2. Takeru Sato ・・・・・・ 139 votes
3. Miura Haruma ・・・・・・ 89 votes
4. Eita ・・・・・・ 54 votes
5. Oguri Shun ・・・・・・ 52 votes
6. Mizobata Junpei ・・・・・・ 50 votes
7. Matsuyama Kenichi ・・・・・・ 49 votes
8. Narimiya Hiroki ・・・・・・ 47 votes
9. Matsuda Shota ・・・・・・ 40 votes
10. Ichihara Hayato ・・・・・・ 38 votes


Eita ? ┗(-_-;)┛


週刊エンタテインメント情報誌『オリ★スタ』が、27日(金)発売の4/6号の特集"気になる男のコを全部見せ! オリ★スタ読者も太鼓判!『新イケメン大図鑑 09Spring冬』"で読者アンケート調査を行い、『気になるイケメンランキング』を発表。「気になるイケメン」第1位には、ドラマ『メイちゃんの執事』(フジ系)で活躍した水嶋ヒロが選ばれた。


 2位は同じくドラマ『メイちゃんの執事』に出演していた佐藤健。ドラマ『ROOKIES』(TBS系)や『ブラッディ・マンデイ』(TBS系)に立て続けに出演し、知名度が一気にアップ。「『メイちゃん~』の剣人役はとってもカッコよくて可愛かったです! これからどんどん活躍していってほしい」(20歳・女性)。ビジュアルはクールだが、語り口やブログではほんわかキャラ、そんなギャップも魅力のひとつなのだろう。


 特集「新イケメン大図鑑 09Spring冬」の『気になるイケメンランキング』の詳しい順位は、現在発売中の『オリ★スタ』4/6号に掲載。 

■新イケメン大図鑑 09Spring冬 気になるイケメンランキング
1位  水嶋ヒロ・・・・・・260票
2位  佐藤健・・・・・・・139票
3位  三浦春馬・・・・・・89票
4位  瑛太・・・・・・・・54票
5位  小栗旬・・・・・・・52票
6位  溝端淳平・・・・・・50票
7位  松山ケンイチ・・・・49票
8位  成宮寛貴・・・・・・47票
9位  松田翔太・・・・・・40票
10位  市原隼人・・・・・・39票


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Inoue Mao Staff Diary
28th March 2009

28th March 2009 15:30

Mao-chan, she has safely graduated from university.

During these 4 years, she was also involved in a lot of work so combining the two was difficult.
Lessons in between filming, filming all night and heading straight to school, doing homework and reports on location, now they're all good memories.

The ones who supported Mao-chan through school, the 5-woman group (Candies)
Congratulations on graduating~!!

By the way, we're filming for the movie today too.
On-location report another day...

2009年03月28日 15:30






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