Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Nakamura Shido and Matsuda Shota reunite for new CM

On 28th February, Nakamura Shido (38) and Matsuda Shota (25) attended the product launch of Suntory's new beverage 'Boss Half & Half'. The drink emphasizes the deliciousness of coffee and milk without the use of sugar. In the CM, Nakamura and Matsuda play Mr Coffee and Mr Milk, a doorman and a porter in a hotel. Comical set-ups without dialogue show the balance of the two working together.

Asked about filming, Matsuda commented. "There wasn't supposed to be any dialogue... but the ad-lib from Shido-san was so amusing I burst out laughing." During a scene, Nakamura let out a howl as he lifted a crate although the whole CM was done in silent movie style. "I was wondering if I could make it to cut as I was desperately holding in my laughter," Matsuda said. The two actors previously worked together on the popular 'Hoso Macho' Protein Water CM series and it showed in the friendly banter they exchanged.

What was Matsuda thinking about during the scene where he was staring at the women? "It was natural... just looking at them in fascination," he replied. Nakamura quipped,"When you say natural, does it mean that when you see a beautiful lady on the street, your face looks like that?" Matsuda replied laughing,"No, I'll hide it. This time it was alright to show the non-conceal version and I really enjoyed it."

The CM goes on air from 1st March.



Can't beat the Hoso Macho ads!


Natsu Matsuri version

Alleluia version

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