Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kimura Ryo Blog

30th October 2010

Strong winds, rain is falling, it's cold.

Is everyone okay??

Safe against the cold??

Don't catch the flu



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Omasa Aya Blog
Paradise Kiss

29th October 2010

A few days back, filming for 'Paradise Kiss' completed!

It's kinda lonely now after 3 months of working together with the staff and actors...

I think the finished product is worth looking forward to.

This time, it's another challenging new role for me, I'd like everyone to see it (^^)

In the photo, with the lead actress Kitagawa Keiko-chan♪

Keiko-chan is really like an older sister, very gentle and cool...

She helped me out a lot during filming!

A really wonderful senpai (^O^)

The movie opens in May 2011, still a while to go, but look forward to it!

Movie site: Paradise Kiss

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Poster Release for Paradise Kiss

29th October 2010

The movie poster for 'Paradise Kiss' starring popular actress Kitagawa Keiko and actor Mukai Osamu has been released. The overall pink tone of the poster makes it super cute.


The rest of the Japanese article is a dissertation on this one poster. Their expressions, poses, the hat, diamonds etc.

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