Saturday, March 20, 2010

Yankee-kun to Megane-chan

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This spring, TBS brings you the high school drama 'Yankee-kun to Megane-chan' on Friday nights, led by a rogue yankee youth and a girl in glasses who's an airhead. The original work from Weekly Shonen Magazine is popular among both men and women.

The main protagonist is Shinagawa Daichi, the yankee youth. In the same class as him is the class representative Adachi Hana, who at first glance, seems like a normal and diligent girl in glasses. Embroiled in various situations, this story of young lives revolves around the importance of friendship, an enjoyable school life and ultimately the meaning of one's existence.

Playing the lead role is popular actor Narimiya Hiroki. He brings a presence to the roles that he take, including the recently aired 'Bloody Monday'. This time as a lonesome yankee, he gets into quarrels for the sake of his comrades. Along the way, Shinagawa Daichi meets unique heroine Adachi Hana, played by the competent Naka Riisa.

The characters are yankees, airheads and those who like to play truant, each one burdened with problems, but, at the root of it all is that they are good high school students. As their stories unfold in the comedic campus, current teenagers, as well as their parents, those struggling with their social life and those in their 20s and 30s will enjoy this comedy.

There will be fights, jokes, romance and empathy. The drama hopes to convey various emotions which are universal to everyone, "It's wonderful that people are connected to one another." Through Shinagawa Daichi's character, we hope that the drama will be an encouragement to your own lives.

Air Doll (English Subtitled DVD) (Japan Version)

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Yankee-kun to Megane-chan

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Shinagawa Daichi ... Narimiya Hiroki

Adachi Hana ... Naka Riisa

Izumi Gaku ... Hongo Kanata
Chiba Seiya ... Koyanagi Yu
Himeji Rinka ... Kawaguchi Haruna
Nerima Seiun ... Suzuki Ryohei
Class Teacher Sakai ... Minagawa Sarutoki

Shinagawa Chuta ... Furuta Arata
Shinagawa Kiyo ... Hori Chiemi
Shinagawa Kairi ... Owada Miho

Adachi Tatsuo ... Ito Shiro

I'm not sure how the names should be read, let me know if I got them wrong.

Asian Fashion @ YesStyle

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Sasaki Nozomi
Sexy and Alluring Photoalbum

18th March 2010

For sale on the 19th onwards is model and actress Sasaki Nozomi's photoalbum PRISM (1575 yen), which showcases her alluring figure.

The photoalbum is a collaboration work with the energetic artist Kiyokawa Asami (30). The treasured shots include those with Sasaki in an aquarium wearing a bikini and another where she's covered with bubbles. She commented with a smile, "It's a work that I'm confident in."

There will be a book launch event at Ginza's Fukuya Bookstore on the 28th.

Asian Fashion @ YesStyle

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Omasa Aya Blog

18th March 2010

Tonight from 9pm onwards, Team Yamanade will be on 'Iromonea'!

This time, I'm wearing

One-piece, straw hat... MURUA
Necklace, bracelet... jupiter

The straw hat is fitting now that I have bangs ★

I think straw hats will be in fashion this spring!

Please watch Iromonea (^O^)

Asian Fashion @ YesStyle

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Top 10 Reasons You're A Johnny's Otaku

When it comes to good-looking guys, you can't get away from Johnny's Entertainment. With so many talents and units, they have no shortage of wildly enthusiastic fans. This time, goo asks its monitor panel what they think a fan does that would qualify him/her as a Johnny's otaku.

Top 10 Reasons You're a Johnny's Otaku
1. Buying two copies of the same CD/DVD; one for use and the other for display.
2. Waiting for the arrival of a Johnny wherever he is scheduled to appear, and wait again to catch a glimpse of him leave.
3. If you can get concert tickets, no distance is too far to travel.
4. Owning both the first press and limited edition of the same CD/DVD.
5. Going to see the same concert/stage play again and again.
6. Know all the Johnny's terminology. (Do you know what オート auto means? 顔見 ganmi? 掴む tsukamu?)
7. Johnny's posters are plastered all over your room.
8. Johnny's calendars are must buys.
9. You are a Johnny's Fan Club member.
10. Whenever a Johnny is in a drama, you will record the episodes without fail and watch them over and over again.

Illustration by sajiro
Survey Period : 22nd February 2010 ~ 23rd February 2010




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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Inoue Mao attends Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer Collection Preview

Actress Inoue Mao was a guest at the preview party for Marc By Marc Jacobs 2010 Spring/Summer Collection held at its Harajuku store on 17th March. Wearing a one-piece Marc Jacobs dress that she picked out herself, she told reporters,"I'm usually a little more casual than this. Wearing a fluttery dress like this in public events like a stage greet though would be great, it makes me feel girly."

MEGUMI also made an appearance, dressed in short overalls. "I'm quite short so shorts suit me. The fabric feels good and the print is cute too." Commenting on her post-pregnancy body she said,"Contrary to what I had expected, it hasn't changed much."

Also spotted was model Mizuhara Kiko who will make her debut as an actress in Murakami Haruki's Norewegian Wood slated to open in December.


Mizuhara Kiko



Nothing to do with the Marc Jacobs event, but for those interested, Mizuhara Kiko posted a backstage look of the Tokyo Girls Collection in her blog.


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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Top 5 Earners in Johnny's Entertainment

From 'Shukan Emi Show' broadcast on 6th March.

Top 5 Earners in Johnny's Entertainment
1. Nakai Masahiro (SMAP)
2. Kimura Takuya (SMAP)
3. Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (SMAP)
4. Kokubun Taichi (TOKIO)
5. Sakurai Sho (Arashi)

Top 5 Earners Among Young Actresses

1. Nakama Yukie
2. Becky
3. Aibu Saki
4. Ueto Aya
5. Aragaki Yui

  • Nakama Yukie commands between 50 million and 60 million yen (US$552,850 - US$663,420) per CM.
  • Becky is on 10 regular TV programs and has 9 CMs.
  • Aibu Saki has 9 CMs at about 40 million yen (US$442,280) each.
  • Ueto Aya has 21 CMs, Aragaki Yui 8.
  • Miyazaki Aoi actually is in 2nd place with 10 CMs at about 50 milion (US$552,850) each but with divorce rumours and uncertainty in her future, she had been left out of the rankings.



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Hiro & Ayaka's Disneyland Date

22nd February 2009. It's been more than a year since Mizushima Hiro and Ayaka registered their marriage, sending shockwaves through the entertainment industry and among fans. With Ayaka taking a break from work at the end of last year, they now have plenty of time to spend together.

"They actually wanted to go for their honeymoon in 2009 but Mizushima was very busy filming for his drama. For all his hard work though, he earned himself a month off." (TV personnel)

Apparently during that break, they visited Disneyland too.

"The place was packed as it usually is on a holiday, it's not uncommon to wait as long as an hour for a ride. While I was waiting, I noticed a tall guy wearing a cap at the entrance. When I looked more carefully, I realized it was Mizushima-san. He was gorgeous, everyone around noticed him. (Eyewitness)

Mizushima Hiro being easily noticeable is not a surprise, given his celebrity aura. But of course he wouldn't be visiting Disneyland all by himself.

"Next to him was Ayaka-san, who looked like she was enjoying herself immensely. Swinging a Mickey plushie in her hand, she pointed to a ride and said,"Let's ride that next." Mizushima-san was looking at her smiling. (Same eyewitness)

Even with the long waiting times, it seemed that they went from one attraction to the next.

"From the start, Mizushima-san walked a step behind Ayaka-san, following her lead. It looked like he was just going along with where Ayaka-san wanted to go." (Same eyewitness)

Mizushima seems to the devoted husband, never failing to accompany Ayaka to her regular hospital check-ups as well. He must be a great source of emotional support for her too, on her road to recovery.

-Excerpts from Shukan Josei 23rd March 2010 Issue (On Sale 9th March)-



Right-on Light Shiny Denim 6th March 2010

Panasonic P-02B 26th February 2010

Acecook Super Cup 25th February 2010

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ito Misaki to be a mother this summer

Actress Ito Misaki (32) announced on her official website that she is in her 6th month of pregnancy. She is expected to deliver this summer.

Her last work before maternity leave was a new CM for Shiseido's HAKU line filmed in mid-February. It will start airing on 9th April. A comeback to work is not ruled out after she becomes a mother.

Ito married Enomoto Yoshinori (42), the president of a pachinko company last November.


Shiseido HAKU

Message to fans

Dong Bang Shin Ki Video Clip Collection - The One - (Japan Version)

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Sawajiri Erika appears on giant poster at Ginza

A semi-nude Sawajiri Erika posing for Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic greeted early morning commuters at Ginza on 15th March. The poster measuring 28.5 metres by 6.7 metres is plastered on the Sony Building. Written on the poster is 'Sawajiri Erika, End of Ban'. Workers started putting up the poster about 11pm on the 14th and work was completed a little after 3am. A press conference for the CM will take place on the 16th.


Dong Bang Shin Ki Video Clip Collection - The One - (Japan Version)


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Monday, March 15, 2010

Narimiya Hiroki Blog
Spring Collection

14th March 2010 21:20

I attended an event
For nonno's Spring Collection

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

It was a surprise
Once again it was a secret from everyone


For this event
Wearing DIESEL
Styling was done by me

Like S/S
The image is healthy, active and cute

The theme colours are
Blue and orange
The coordinates I chose

DIESEL was one of the first collections
That I started to watch
It's a brand that I really like

To be granted this wonderful opportunity
I was really glad

Exciting ↑↑

The young ones who came
Were also stylishly dressed

As is expected of nonno's readers

Furthermore, this event
It's the industry's first 3D broadcast
Something new for fashion

Those who watched in 3D
How was it?

Tomorrow, from early in the morning it's drama filming
Now on I'll be tackling the script

I'll do my best

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This has been Narimiya.

13th March 2010 21:25
First Day


was the first day for
'Yankee-kun to Megane-chan'

Tension was high
Tension was high, Narimiya [laugh]

I was quite nervous, I couldn't sleep in peace yesterday
Lying idly in bed
Then it was already time to go

Regarding filming
Suddenly I was taken back to junior high school
A fight scene

In the midst if the scene
My bum was hit

Now my bum
Is on a cold compressor
Not a good feeling

With a sore bum
I've transformed into a complete Yankee-kun
for the drama

In this drama
With a title of Yankee
Doesn't necessarily mean it's bad
There are relationships among people
It's a refreshing youth comedy

The original work was amusing
Those who have read it
Or those who have not
You'll be drawn by it
It's like a typhoon
That's what I think of the drama

Look forward to it

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This has been Narimiya.

[Narimiya Hiroki Blog & News Translation Archive]

JapanesePod101.com - Learn Japanese with Free Daily Podcasts

Dong Bang Shin Ki Video Clip Collection - The One - (Japan Version)

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Yusuke, Junpei & Narimiya at Spring Collection fashion show

BS-TBS, in collaboration with fashion magazine nonno, held a Spring Collection fashion show at Prism Hall in Tokyo Dome City on 14th March.

The event boasts a first of its kind in fashion shows, a simultaneous live broadcast to 3 theaters in Tokyo, Nagoya and Hyogo using 3D camera technology developed by Panasonic.

Kinoshita Yukina (22) was the MC and Sasaki Nozomi (22), with the rest of the 20 models attached exclusively to nonno, walked down the runway. Guests include Yamamoto Yusuke, Miura Shohei, Kaku Kento and Okamoto Rei from upcoming TBS drama 'Tumbling', Mizobata Junpei and Ishiguro Hideo from another upcoming TBS drama 'Shinzanmono' and Narimiya Hiroki dressed by DIESEL.


Haven't seen Mocomichi in a while. Here he is at Kobe Collection 2010 Spring/Summer on 13th March.

Nothing can beat Junpei in those pyjamas though ( *´艸`)

Still on Junpei. I read in 2ch that during his talk show he talked a lot about Yamapi. He refers to Yamapi as his older brother and that they used to live within 1km from each other. He said Yamapi recently moved even closer, just across the road from him. During the talk show, he was also asked which actresses he thinks are beautiful, and he named 3. So grumpy, this isn't the blind item you've been bugging me to post, but why don't you give it a shot eh? Open to everyone too.

They're all older than him and he recently co-starred with 2 of them in the same drama. The third one likes to roll around, in both drama and CM.

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