Saturday, December 06, 2008

Yahoo ! Japan Ranking 2008
Image Search Ranking

Yahoo ! Japan Search Word Ranking 2008
Image Search Ranking

[This huge space interval isn't meant to be a hold-your-breath tactic. After putting in the table, I have no idea why it looks like this (((‥ ) Anyway, scroooll on down]

1-Maki Youko
32Hoshino Aki
41Leah Dizon
5-Horikita Maki
68Ayase Haruka
7-Hamasaki Ayumi
8-Koda Kumi
9-Kawada Ako
106Nagasawa Masami

Search period : 1st January 2008 to 31st October 2008
Source : Yahoo! Japan 2008 Search Word Ranking

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Friday, December 05, 2008

Akai Ito
Mizobata Junpei Interview Q1 - 3

Thanks Geek for translating such a profound and heart-warming interview!

(No reposting to crunchyroll please!)

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Aura #031208


3rd December 2008
Good morning !! Today too thanks for everything (^O^)/ Filming from morning today, right now... waiting time... in the middle of snuggling warmly in this cold weather !!
It's up on the blog today... I'll be in the movie Rookies !! Actually filming began a month ago !! The Rookies drama was brimming with spirit and passion and I am really glad to appear in this !! The cast around me has also welcomed me gladly and filming is fun !! The remainder of the filming will be completed whole-heartedly so that there'll be no regrets !! Tomorrow is also the crank-in for Rescue and that too will be done with fighting spirit !!

No photos for the past 9 posts. Has something gone tragically wrong to his overworked hair ? This is from another cast member.

Comment from Yusuke
The character in the original manga is very grim, in the movie version I will create my own Akaboshi.
- Nikkan Sports

The character he's playing is Akaboshi Shouji (赤星奨志), a pitcher who can also be an all-purpose player. A self-styled prodigy, he often looks down on other players.




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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Hana Yori Dango Final
Makino Family Trip

Bimbou Makino Family Wonderful Trip to Hong Kong and Macau.
- Scenes cut from TV version.
- F4 high stakes and quiz in Las Vegas, Hong Kong gourmet.
- Makino Tsukushi & F4 frank talk not seen in movie etc.

This was released on 26th November. Did anyone get it ? A Japanese fan posted about it on her blog. She said besides the DVD, there was nothing else inside it, like pamphlets, leaflets or anything like that. She actually wondered if she got conned into buying a fake (-_-;) And the list price is ¥3990, although she got it at ¥2952 after discount (That would be S$48.25, US$31.51 or €24.94 !). The running time is 80 minutes but she said it's shorter than that. In short, she's dissatisfied with it but of course is waiting for the DVD release. I hope the DVD extras are worth the price and the anticipation (^人^)


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Bloody Monday
Save the Earth Shirts



【BACK NUMBER】 Bloody Monday Print T

Bloody Monday isn't complete without Narimiya Hiroki...



\(^8^)/ \(^8^)/





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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Inoue Mao Staff Diary
29th November 2008

First time hearing of it
29th November 2008 23:22

Today was media coverage day for Anmitsu Hime 2.

A certain magazine had us write our aspirations for next year on pieces of coloured paper.

While writing, she added in some illustrations skillfully, so we said, "You're good ne."
"Because I was in the art club ne," she replied.
"Eeh~ so that's why !!" we said, the first time hearing of this.

我滅猪生 &姫&金つばのリュウ


The caption for the first photo is Hime & Amaguri, Princess and her pageboy in the drama. The second one are names of characters in the show, so I'm not sure how to read them. The first one is some villain's underling and the other one an enigmatic playboy.. I think, if I read the J Wiki right :|

2008年11月29日 23:22




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