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Kurosagi 8th March 2008


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With Yuu #070308



This is Spain's...
7th March 2008
supermarket ☆ This place really brings back the memories too~☆ But the place that makes me nostalgic is the fish and meat counter ! Really smells bad there(*laugh*)
This is the photo of that stinky fish and meat counter for you to take a look at (^O^)/ (*laugh*)


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Hana Yori Dango Final
Extras Recruitment for 10th March

Movie 『花より男子 ファイナル』Hana Yori Dango Final

【 Filming date and time 】
10th March (Monday) Early morning

【 Filming location 】

【 Filming scene 】
Signing session

【 Recruits needed 】
10-50 years old male and female
※ Those with experience warmly welcomed !

【 Pre-filming preparation 】
Please prepare Western-style clothes. We will get in touch to discuss in detail what is needed ahead of time.

【 Group participation 】
Possible. In case you bring someone along, please fill in the application form stating their sex and age.

【 Contact from staff 】
We will contact you directly. In case of a non-assignment, we will call you. The following are the details. Please do not make any enquiries to TBS. Please refrain from any photo-taking on location. We will only contact those who has won the application. Please understand that we will not contact those who did not win the lottery.

【 Important points 】
In the application form, please state clearly the time that you wish to be on location eg. 2nd scene. Please refrain from doing anything that will cause disruptions during filming. Also, please abide by the staff's instructions when on location. Please note that you will not receive any compensation and you are responsible for your own travelling expenses, meals etc.

【 Deadline 】
9th March (Sunday)

Apply here !


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Thursday, March 06, 2008

With Yuu #060308


Mi casa

My house
6th March 2008
This is our home in Spain.
It felt like old times when I went in the entrance, the elevator and all the different parts of the house. But going back in after 12 years, and having grown about 50cm taller, it ended up feeling a little small. I realized that I've grown in so many ways (*laugh*)


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Okiri, Okama & Ora

Johnny's no doubt, is responsible for the legions of squealing fans that chase after the boys. Today, I learned a new word オリキ (okiri) that would apply to me when I get to Tokyo. The word comes from the marrying of 追っかけ (chase) and 力 (strength). So as you can guess, it can refer to idol-chasers, groupies or the paparazzi. But enough with the kanji, on with the story.

So the story is Ikuta Toma and Hey Say Jump's Yamada Ryosuke are both now being chased by an exceptionally ardent okiri. The same one. And not just the usual kyaakyaa one, this one's a man. The report refers to him as okama (which could range in meaning from effeminate to gay to transvestite). He'll wait at the studio where Toma is filming from early morning, chewing gum and grinning. The staff at the studio shoos him away but he'll always turn up again. On the days he's not there, he's stalking Yamada. It's been going on every day, alternating between the two. Toma lives in a Johnny-rented apartment near the studio and he turns up there too. Johnny's Jimusho is supposedly considering taking legal action.

Next, on Okada Junichi. He's worried that he has 'no aura'. *cue kayashima music* He's known as a calm guy who doesn't get worked up much. But in an incident a few days back, he got really mad. He had to do some PR work at a television station and came in early. The staff had been informed beforehand that the usual practice of 顔パス (face pass) is enforced. It basically means you're let in because your face is already well-known. The guard at that time was an elderly man and he asked Junichi to show his visitor's pass. He replied that he is Okada. The guard asked him "Which Okada are you?" Junichi handed him a piece of paper with V6 written on it. The guard radioed in and asked "Are you expecting Okada-san of V roku ?" (roku = 6 in japanese ~haha) At that moment, Junichi shouted "How could it be V roku ?! It's V six !" The staff came running along and apologized profusely. Junichi said "I couldn't get in with a face pass, maybe I don't have the aura...."

No, I didn't make that up, but it sounds like some no-scoop reporter did :D


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Puzzle News
25th January 2008

山本裕典さんの二十歳の誕生日をみんなで祝福 !
1月19日、今村真一役を演じる山本裕典さんが、撮影現場で記念すべき二十歳の誕生日を迎え、スタッフ&キャストから盛大な祝福を受けました! プレゼントを受け取った山本さんは、満面の笑顔と「ありがとうございます!」という元気な声で感謝の気持ちを伝え、撮影現場はいつも以上に和やかムードに。まだまだ寒さ厳しい冬のロケ現場も、チームワーク抜群のスタッフ&キャストの心遣いと山本さんの明るさで、ほっこりと温まったのでした!

「二十歳の誕生日って、人生の中でも特に印象に残るものだと思うので、それをこの現場で迎えることができて、しかもたくさんの人に祝ってもらえて、すごく幸せです! 今日が誕生日だったので、“ひょっとしたら…!?”と思っていたんですけど、実際にひょっとしたので(笑)、本当にうれしかったですね。スタッフさんから炊飯器をプレゼントしていただいたので、これからますます好きな料理に励みたいと思います! ありがとうございました!!」

Congratulations from everyone, Yamamoto Yusuke's 20th Birthday !
On the 19th of January, the staff and cast of Puzzle gave Yamamoto Yusuke, who is playing the part of Imamura Shinichi, their blessings on his 20th birthday. While receiving his presents, a grinning Yamamoto said enthusiastically "Thank you very much !" He is always in a calm mood when on location during filming. Battling the freezing conditions, the staff and cast are always warmed by Yamamoto's cheerfulness !


Comment from Yamamoto :
In one's life, I think the 20th birthday is a turning point. Being here during filming with everyone and furthermore receiving all their congratulations, I'm really happy ! Although it's my birthday today, I was thinking "Maybe...?!" and then it really turned out true (*laugh*) I'm really glad. I received a rice cooker from the staff so from today, I'll make an effort to cook my favourite food ! Thank you very much !!


A rice cooker.... ?

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

With Yuu #040308



Long time no see~~!
4th March 2008
Everyone doing well~~!?(^O^)/ Actually, I went to Spain !!
It's been 12 years since I went back to my house there, it made me really nostalgic, really glad and somewhat a little sad. Anyway, I was really happy ☆(*laugh*)
From now on, I think I'd write a little about Spain occasionally ♪ Really ! The moment I came back I got back to work on some magazine interviews etc (^O^)
I'm still there now and they gave me a copy of the magazine with my article inside. To commemorate the occasion, I took a photo with it (*laugh*) By the way, the magazine is called Good Come ☆ Please look out for it (^_-)-☆


Going back to his roots, he's turning into a blond Spaniard !


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Monday, March 03, 2008

Hanadan Final Blog open !

I hereby announce the opening of the Hana Yori Dango Final blog, completely steamrolling over every no-copy warning. To the powers that be, I'm only doing this out of some sort of insane internal urge with no money-making whatsoever, so forgive me :)

Thanks to grumpy for setting up the layout.

By the way, me and grumpy are going to land in Tokyo on the day that Final opens.


Hanadan Final Official Blog Translations

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Aura #030308



3rd March 2008
Cut my hair !
Today too thanks for everything !! Just as promised, I had a haircut (^-^)/ Yesterday I did a cover shot for the hair catalogue Bidan, so there was a large-scale change in my hair... (there's a connection to the drama too) It has been fixed !!
I think I'll upload the photo because of everyone's request.
Today we did filming in Numazu, Shizuoka !! It's been awhile since I saw the ocean !! The wind blowing so strongly near the sea, I was really surprised (*laugh*) I was deceived by the yellow sand ↓↓ Even now I'm still trying to blink it out (*laugh*)
Tomorrow... I have a Seventeen photo-shoot and Jump filming !! I think it's going to be a long day but ... I'll put in my fighting spirit and do my best !!


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HYDF Official Blog
1st March 2008

14th Jan 『Hana Yori Dango Final』 Crank in !!
1st March 2008

● Hana Yori Dango Final Crank in Press Conference
14th January (Monday) Tokyo ・ Shiodome Conrad Tokyo

14th January 2008 (Monday) Hana Yori Dango Final crank in !!
On this day, a large-scale HanaDan like location shoot takes place. Each of TBS subsidiary reporters & cameramen, reporters & cameramen from television guide magazines, volunteer extras from the internet, gathered for a large assembly at the hotel in Shiodome, Conrad Tokyo ! After filming, a report on the press release !


David Ito:
Everyone, here we are after a long wait. Thank you very much for assembling here for the marriage announcement of Japan's very own Doumyouji Holdings representative, Doumyouji Tsukasa. For gracing us with your attendance, the representative himself would like to express his thanks as we continue with the rest of the proceedings. So, please welcome our representative with a big applause, Doumyouji Tsukasa !

Matsumoto Jun :
Japan must be busy, I receive with thanks the many country bumpkins from the countryside who are in attendance today (*laugh*)
Commoners, good evening. Doumyouji Tsukasa here.

David Ito:
Representative, is it not too much to say such a thing...

Matsumoto Jun :
Well, it's that kind of set na ! Jaa, pardon my rudeness...
(while exuding an important air, sitting down and crossing his legs)

David Ito :
Well then, please pardon my rudeness. Allow me to make an introduction again, the representative's fiancee, Makino-sama. Our very own Doumyouji Holdings representative, Doumyouji Tsukasa, will officially be married next spring. The representative's heart has been captured and thereafter never let go, it's the woman of his destiny, here is the person, Makino Tsukushi-sama !

(From the screen used to project the one of the earlier scenes, Tsukushi's face starts to appear but...)


Inoue Mao :
Hello~ !!! (*laugh*)
(Mao-chan appears from one of the entrances)

Matsumoto Jun :
Ano, excuse me...

Inoue Mao :
Somehow it seems that only one chair is prepared, but this is the leading part Makino Tsukushi here !!

Matsumoto Jun :
Ahahaha (*laugh*)
Go ahead, please take a seat ! Go ahead !!

Inoue Mao :
How come you're monopolising such a large audience, a bit sneaky isn't it ?

Matsumoto Jun :
Ano, excuse me. Are you jealous ?
The people are assembled here today because Doumyouji Tsukasa is here isn't it ?

Inoue Mao :
Um, who knows ne (*laugh*)

Matsumoto Jun :
First, can you confirm something ? Tsukushi's image appeared just now, after that both Doumyouji Tsukasa and Nishida are supposed to say something but...

David Ito :
How many times have we gone over this in the waiting room ne ?

Matsumoto Jun :
Confirm it ! What is it ?

David Ito :
The scene that you brought up was a completely different scene ! (*laugh*)

Inoue Mao :
No~!! (*laugh*)

Matsumoto Jun :
Ano, isn't it the first day ?! Are we going to have such a thing from the first day ?

David Ito :
It's a surprise from Inoue Mao-sama !

Inoue Mao :
Yes, were you surprised ?

Matsumoto Jun :
You, go cram for your exams !!

Inoue Mao :
Ahahahaha (*laugh*)


David Ito :
I'll do the introductions again. Playing the role of Makino Tsukushi, Inoue Mao-san. And assuming the post of chairman, Doumyouji Tsukasa's private secretary, David Ito as Nishida, yoroshiku onegai shimasu. Without further delay, their thoughts on the crank in, one at a time please.

Matsumoto Jun :
Speaking all high and mighty before, pardon my rudeness ! I was one step ahead of the crank in. I feel like finally, it is starting ne. Including those who are here today, we have co-operation from many other people, it's really wonderful. It's really enjoyable. Just by taking in this scene, I get the feeling that I've returned to the HanaDan world.

Inoue Mao :
We did the still shots (photographs) a little earlier than the crank in. There's still some way to go before the movie opens but starting from now, I think we will start to warm up and go on hereafter. Everyone, yoroshiku onegai shimasu.

David Ito :
Well then, acting as a representive, I will ask some questions. By the way, Mao-san, what time did you get in today ?

Inoue Mao :
About 2pm was it ?
(It was about 5pm at that time...)

Matsumoto Jun :
Early ne (*laugh*)
Gomen ne, pressure !

David Ito :
Let's review, today is really the start of crank-in, and for the sake of everyone, the staff has returned. After meeting them, how did it go ?

Matsumoto Jun :
Before coming here today, I went to a shop and got my nails painted, yesterday we had scenario reading, the day before yesterday, Doumyouji's hair was made up. I spent about 3 days with the feel of HanaDan and finally filming starts today. I get the feeling that we are really actually starting ne. When I went up this stage, I feel like Doumyouji has returned, a switch has been flipped. Just as I thought, it feels great ne. The usual big-shot attitude still has not appeared readily though (*laugh*). Being surrounded by so many people right from the very first scene was a lot of pressure ne... I thought of snapping my fingers but no sound came out at all (*laugh*).

David Ito :
So it was. Inoue Mao-san who was here from 2pm, before the still shots, it was the crank in ?

Inoue Mao :
Yes. Hmm, somehow it turned out a lot different that what I thought (*laugh*)
The crank-in was done quietly at a ramen shop...

David Ito:
Eh ? Where was the ramen shop ?

Matsumoto Jun :
Wasn't it 'David' ? (*laugh*)

Inoue Mao :
Totally wrong ! (*laugh*)
It was a ramen shop at Shinjuku.

David Ito :
Why wasn't it at my place ?
(I think a lot of people know of it already but David-san runs a ramen shop called 'David'.)

Inoue Mao :
The subject didn't come up at all, I didn't know (*laugh*)

David Ito :
From now on, you've been informed (*laugh*)

Inoue Mao :
For me, the feeling didn't really set in, but now seeing Doumyouji Tsukasa for the first time in a year, "Aaa~, it's Doumyouji Tsukasa. It's the real thing, " I felt like that.

David Ito :
Before this, you met each other during 'introductions'. Meeting F4 after all this time, how was it ?

Matsumoto Jun :
We took advantage of appearing in a program together. Now everyone has their own activities, all the members were scattered busy with their own stuff, so I think the timing of the program proved valuable to us. The other day when we first met after all this time, more and more the feeling of it has begun came. I think if we work together, the good vibes will just reverberate and it will continue to be reciprocated ne.

David Ito :
That's right ne. I think the viewers at home will surely want to watch life-sized F4.

Matsumoto Jun :
Yes, we will be showing that !

David Ito :
Well then, Inoue-san. When you met F4, you met the Makino family also right. How was it ?

Inoue Mao :
Regarding the Makino family, there isn't a feeling of it being a year ne. Regarding F4, I see them on television too...

Matsumoto Jun :
The television audience ? (*laugh*)

David Ito :
Ever since we came here, we're under the gaze of television audience ne ? (*laugh*)

Inoue Mao :
More and more everyone in F4 are getting into it, polishing themselves up for the role. For me too, even now I'm polishing up my 'poor' self and putting it on.

David Ito :
This question comes from Hokuriku Broadcasting, the rumours that the honeymoon will be in Saturn, is it true ?

Matsumoto Jun :
Thank you for coming all the way here from the countryside (*laugh*)
Saturn was it ?

David Ito :
Do you know why it's Saturn ? Do you know why such a question was asked ?

Matsumoto Jun :
.. Eeh ?

David Ito :
I think that maybe Mao-san knows, that being the case, let's ask Matsumoto Jun-san ! Why is it Saturn ?

Matsumoto Jun :
Why is it ?

David Ito :
You, what was the present you gave ?

Matsumoto Jun :
Present given. Saturn pendant !
... Aaa~ !!

David Ito :
That's right !

Matsumoto Jun :
The honeymoon in Saturn was about that ne.

(at that moment, Mao-chan said "Thanks" while looking at the Saturn pendant...)

Matsumoto Jun :
Eh ? You're wearing it ? Those aren't your normal clothes ? It's from the movie wardrobe ?? (*laugh*)

Inoue Mao :
Wait a minute ! (*laugh*)
I was at a loss too, this scene was wholly decided by David-san and Doumyouji Tsukasa. I didn't know if I was supposed to dress up or not...

David Ito :
Those, are pyjamas aren't they ? (*laugh*)

Inoue Mao :
Noo~ ! It's supposed to be like Tsukushi !!

David Ito :
Let's go back to question at hand ne. The rumours that the honeymoon will be in Saturn, is it true ?

Matsumoto Jun :
Well I think if Hokuriku Broadcasting is going to make such a program, I'd want to go to Saturn !
Please prepare the money.

David Ito :
When the time comes, yoroshiku onegai shimasu. Well then, questions from everyone please.


Q. This time it's really the Final, Inoue Mao-san, Matsumoto Jun-san and while we're at it, David Ito-san, please tell us about the enthusiasm for this movie.

David Ito :
Wait a minute, wait ! .... Ah well, a question for me while you're at it, I'm okay with that (*laugh*)

Inoue Mao :
I think we have come to this because many people loved it, to the people who have to go to the trouble of paying to watch in a theater, I hope to make a production that meets or even exceeds your expectations. There are also new cast members, 'A new HanaDan' and being 'the last HanaDan', we're going to make something appropriate for the occasion.

Matsumoto Jun :
For me, same as already mentioned there. Yes.

Inoue Mao :
Unacceptable ! Do it properly, please.

Matsumoto Jun :
Opening in the summer, I think it contains something for everyone in the family to enjoy. I want everyone to look forward to it and I will do my best ! David-san also seems enthusiastic right ?

David Ito :
I'm always thinking about it. HYD 2 more than HYD 1, Final more than HYD 2, that's the kind of feeling that will answer to everyone's question. Next question ?

Q. Your impressions of the scenario when you got it ?

Inoue Mao :
It's an original this time. What kind of feeling is it going to be this time ? As I read it, I was a little anxious but it's related to Part 1 and 2, it met everyone's expectations. Within that, the original work start to slowly unfurl. It's really interesting, what everyone will like depend from person to person.

Matsumoto Jun :
I think it's going to be rigorous. Going to Las Vegas, going to Hong Kong, before that, other stage work. Since it's the Final, I'll do whatever it takes, but when I received a bulky book, and thought of the rigorous days waiting ahead, I wondered if I was going to be alright. But this is the team that managed to tide over that even in part 1 and 2, so in order not to lose, no matter how harsh things are, I'll face it with a smile and weather it right to the very end. The book itself was a very interesting book. It manages to tie up part 1 and part 2 together, I think in the end it's going to be an appropriate ending for it. Please look forward to it. The expectations will be met I think. Probably ! (*laugh*)

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HYDF Official Blog
29th February 2008







◎松本 潤(道明寺司役)コメント

◎小栗 旬(花沢類役)コメント


◎阿部 力(美作あきら役)コメント

Tsukushi & F4 gathering in Hong Kong & big panic !! Involved in magnificent filming around the world !!
29th February 2008

Tsukushi & F4 gathering in Hong Kong & big panic !!
Furthermore... big gambling in Las Vegas casino ! Lost in the desert ?
They crossed about 25 000km across the world !
Running around the whole world, filming went smoothly !!


Four years on...
"I, Doumyouji Tsukasa, have decided to formally be married next spring ! The other party is the one who has captured my heart, the woman fated to be with me, Makino Tsukushi !!"
It took place in front of a grand assembly of reporters at a hotel in Japan, a statement meant for the whole world. After that, the Doumyouji and Makino family assembled together and during the engagement ceremony exchange of gifts, the gift that is inherited from generation to generation and is to be given to the person marrying into the Doumyouji household came. It is an estimated 10 billlion yen tiara, called the Venus Smile, and to be presented as proof of the engagement. After that, a mysterious man in black appeared in front of the two of them, snatched the tiara and ran away with it !
What on earth for ? Who on earth was the man ?
To get the tiara back, Tsukushi and Doumyouji runs around to Las Vegas, Hong Kong and throughout the world !

Four years after HYD Returns, the story is completely an original one.
From the 11th to 16th February, in Hong Kong. The following day on the 17th, from Hong Kong to Los Angeles → to Las Vegas, in the city as well as the desert, and even now filming is taking place.
To call something like this Final would be appropriate, Narita → Hong Kong → Los Angeles → Las Vegas → Desert → Los Angeles → Narita, we covered a total distance of 25 000 km !

Going around the whole world, what a magnificent filming !

【Cast comments】

◎ Inoue Mao (Makino Tsukushi) comment
I didn't think at all that Returns would continue. When I heard that it was going to be a movie, rather than feeling like oh the loneliness has ended, it was more like an "Again eh" sort of feeling (*laugh*). But, the only reason that it's being made into a movie is because of everyone's support. I'm really grateful. This time for the movie version, it'll be wonderful because we will power-up the HanaDan world. The development in the story, being HanaDan, you won't know what will happen till the very end but after you've watched it you will say something like "Aaah it was fun !" and you become uplifted, and receive courage, I think that's the kind of work it's going to turn out to be.
Hong Kong, Las Vegas... there was all this filming abroad, so please look forward to it !

◎ Matsumoto Jun (Doumyouji Tsukasa) comment
1 and 2 was on television but Final being made into a movie, we want to make the best possible work we can during the making of the Hana Yori Dango world, this is what everyone is working on during filming. This time, there are things like actions scenes, we've ventured abroad to Hong Kong and Las Vegas for filming abroad. There are also many difficult scenes. There's more than 3 or 4 turning points in the movie. There was a lot of jostling.
It's really fun, I think it's a going to be a movie with a lot of warm feelings. You'll definitely want to watch it in the big screen of the theater ne. "Just as expected, it's not satisfying to just watch it on tv" that kind of thought. I think it's going to be the kind of movie that would make you glad you got on your feet and head to the theater to watch properly !

◎ Oguri Shun (Hanazawa Rui) comment
It's the first time I've been to Hong Kong. We received such an ardent welcome at the airport. Being so close to th fans, I relished it. The fans called out "Oguri". Now in Tokyo, I'm playing a totally different role, so returning to a Hanazawa kind of role, I felt a little anxious but when I heard the 5 of us were getting together again after HYD2, "Unexpected !" that's the kind of feeling, then it turned to a sort of relief. In addition, when the 5 of us first got together in Hong Kong, it felt nostalgic. Final is going to have a thoroughly celebrity-like air, it's going to feel like that ne. HYD1, HYD 2 and to turn to Final, I think there is a good feeling of scale in the progression.

◎ Matsuda Shouta (Nishikado Soujiroh) comment
When I read the scenario for Final, the scale was so much bigger, I thought it wasn't HanaDan anymore. Known from the Hana Yori Dango name, F4 and Tsukushi are going to come out with a brand new production.
Although it was a familiar cast and staff, it felt like we're working on something new during the crank-in and I felt nervous. But coming to Hong Kong was something fresh. When it comes to establishing the role, I felt it many times in Hong Kong. Of course, this is natural but for me, I keep thinking "Wow, it's Hong Kong!" it was a really fresh kind of feeling.

◎ Abe Tsuyoshi (Mimasaka Akira) comment
On the first day of filming in Hong Kong, because Mimasaka had an opportunity to be involved in a big action scene, the Hong Kong staff in charge of the action scene said it was definitely going to be a Hong Kong kind of scene. "This is really HanaDan isn't it ?" that's what it turned out though (*laugh*)
This is the first time we're filming handling guns. We really used real guns you know. It was really heavy, and the sound it made was amazing. Using real ammo, it popped out from the side after use. I think it's not often that you get to be in the same drama together twice, what more being able to make a movie together. I'm happy and it's fun. It's like the feeling you get when you go back to your parent's house after a long while.

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HYDF Official Blog
29th February 2008




Official Mobile Opening !!

29th February 2008

The drama Hana Yori Dango series continues
The movie's official mobile site also magnificently OPEN !!
From now on, you will be notified of the latest information on Hana Yori Dango Final ♪

【Means of access】
Keitai site : Menu ⇒ TV ⇒ TBS ⇒
Genre Movie ⇒Hana Yori Dango Final

Otherwise, access it from the QR code below ne ♪


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Gospel #1656

29th February 2008
7:52 PM

Konbachiwa !

Today was shuzai from morning, after this I'm performing for Music Station ↑

Today from Touma, "I watched the preview of Kurosagi !"

that telephone call came
I was really happy ☺

Arigatou ☼


shuzai = doing interviews, magazine articles, photo shots etc.


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Gospel #1655

28th February 2008
8:06 PM

Konbachiwa !

Today the Kurosagi movie campaign is coming to Hokkaido !

I had curry soup for lunch !
It's been awhile, curry's delicious !

While I'm doing this greeting, I'm in the car heading to the airport !

I'm glad that everyone in Hokkaido came for the preview !
Furthermore, the spirit was great ↑

Please listen to Taiyou no Namida !
It's a coupling music (check) and also
a SEXY kind (check) of feeling, ne (^o^)v


Not translated word for word. Last part means like the song has both qualities. He loves sexy now eh.


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Gospel #1654

27th February 2008
6:33 PM

Konbachiwa !
I thought it's been getting warmer lately but
it was cold today

Let it be warmer soon !

Ah~ the sentence just came into my mind

Yesterday I used my head too much (*laugh*)
I'm recharging !


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Aura #010308



1st March 2008
Hello !! Today too thanks for everything !! Yesterday we had filming done at a school in Tokyo for the drama Puzzle !! On the internet, TV Asahi recruited extras on its homepage, and yesterday many extras participated in the filming !! The extras were filming in the cold, and they stayed right to the end, for that thank you very much !!
After that, I went to eat with my friends who I have not seen in a long while !! Meeting again after such a long while made me nervous but it was really fun (^O^)/
Today's a rest day, so I'm thinking of going to the beauty/hair salon.


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Inoue Mao Staff Diary
29th February 2008

花より男子~ファイナル~ Las Vegas ①
2008年02月29日 13:26



Hana Yori Dango ~Final~ Las Vegas ①
29th February 2008 13:26

We went to the theater to watch Cirque de Soleil's show LOVE.
It had won a Grammy and the tickets were sold out. We were on the waiting list, waiting for any cancellation.
Somehow the tickets became available and Mao-chan got to watch it. She came back with Beatles paraphernalia souvenirs she bought from the shop.

No matter how many off days she has in Las Vegas, there are more shows she wants to watch.
The brief moment of rest 'refreshes' and eases the fatigue, helping her tide over the hard schedule in the second half !!
Mao-chan also had her first experience of a casino, that report for another day...

Venue Entrance

Is it the 5th Beatle ?!

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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Manic Monday

Info overload ! Hanadan Final and Puzzle official site open ! Everyone updating their blogs ! I'm on my way out to hopefully get my (basement-bargain) plane tickets so I'll get to major online time later. It's gonna be a manic monday.
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