Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Japan Trip 2010
Day 12

From Shin-Osaka, back to Tokyo

From our hotel, we took our maiden taxi ride to Shin-Osaka Station. We asked the hotel receptionist how much it'd cost, and she assured us that it's definitely less than 1500Y. She called the cab for us and in the end we paid 1060Y for a smooth and comfortable journey.

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You can get last minute souvenirs on the platform.

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Bought a bento in the train. 1100Y, similar prices to those in the stations. I love how everything is just so neat!

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Got a glimpse of Mount Fuji :-)

Back in Tokyo, we were headed for Shinjuku Washington Hotel.
BE WARNED!! They say the hotel is 8 mins from the station. Probably 8 mins if you're brisk walking without carrying anything. It's a direct underground passage, but with turns and OMG stairs. If you're carrying huge luggages like we were, be prepared to work those muscles.

We finally made it to the hotel and checked in. This hotel is just... we don't recommend it. People were queuing up to check in, receptionists weren't efficient. So if you have a choice, stay somewhere else.

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View from our room.

After resting, out to Tokyo Station to shop and have dinner.

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