Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Aura #040108



こんばんは!!今日も1日お疲れ様でしたぁ!!今日は…実家生活最後の日だったので、寂しい感じはしたんですが…先輩[ 写真集で手紙をくれた]と高校のサッカー部のOB戦に行ってきましたぁ(^O^)/久しぶりにサッカーをやったらボロボロになりました。。体も痛いし…。でも、先生に会えたし…色々な先輩にも会えて幸せな時間でしたぁ(^O^)/
中学にも顔を出して、写真集で手紙を書いてくれた野田先生にも会えました!!一通り皆さんに顔を出したつもりです!!家に帰ると以前ブログで言っていた、先輩のおばさんが作ってくれるチーズケーキがありました!!久しぶりに食べるチーズケーキ…めちゃくちゃ美味しかったです!!ほっぺがとろけちゃいそうでした!!嬉しかったです(^-^)/また、帰ったら作ってね(^- ^)/


Good evening !! Today too, thanks for everything !! Today is the last day at my parent's home, I feel a little sad but from among my photo album, there was a letter from my senpai in high school, from the soccer club's battle cry, so I'll do that(^O^)/ It's been awhile since I played soccer, I'm all worn out from playing.. My body also hurts all over... But I met my teacher and also some senpais and it made me happy (^O^)/
Faces from middle school also appeared. In the photoalbum, I had written a letter to Noda-sensei who I also met !! All the usual faces appeared !! The cheesecake made by my senpai's aunt, which I mentioned about some time ago in the blog, the one I look forward to when I go back home, it's here !! It's been awhile since I ate cheesecake.. it's unbelievably tasty !! My cheeks were completely enchanted !! I was really happy (^-^)/ Make it again when I return back home ne (^- ^)/

It's time to head back to our home !! It feels lonely but... from tomorrow onwards, I'll gather my fighting spirit and do my best (^O^)/


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