Sunday, February 17, 2008

Aura #170208



17th February 2008
A True Account
Good morning (^O^)/ We had filming from early this morning !! A while ago... while changing trains... I was lost at Shinjuku (-o-;) Furthermore a drunk and scary onisan was giving me the evil eye (ノ_・。) Really scary... My pride escaped together with my feet (*laugh*) σ(^-^;) I guess the people who go back home from drinking parties on early Sunday mornings are all like this ne !! Because the off days for my work is not fixed, I have days off on weekdays !! Therefore weekends don't really matter to me !! So... I'm really jealous of people who can 'make trouble' during the weekends !! I love festivals and I love crowds (^O^)/
I'm updating the blog in a train now... I'm in the carriage by myself !! A little strange!! A little lonesome !! Won't the train reach the station quickly (^_^;)


Ooo kesian. Kawaisou~ He really knows how to make his readers feel for him. Kocchi koi Yusuke ! Let nee-chan save you :D


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