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Hana Kimi SP
Cast List

Someone asked about the cast in the Hana Kimi SP, here it is.
From 2ch, a list of the cast appearing in the Special, based on the official homepage, the cast personal blogs and eyewitness reports as of 13th April.

第二寮 (17人全員出席)
瑞稀○ 佐野○ 中津○ 難波○ 萱島○ 関目○ 中央○ 嵯峨○ 野江○
京橋○ 淀屋橋○ 嵐山○淡輪○ 高井田○ 上新庄○ 上野芝○ 水無瀬○

第一寮 (9人全員出席)
天王寺○ 大国町○ 北花田○ 明石○ 帝塚山○ 七道○ 御殿山○ 石切○ 正雀○

第三寮 (9/10)
姫島○ 八尾○ 今宮○ 四条○ 樟葉○ 西院○
扇町?(地球の平和を守ってます) 貝塚○ 帷子ノ辻○ 香里園○

裕次郎○ 裕次郎Jr○ 裕次郎妻(名前不明)○

神楽坂○ 佐野森×
ひばり様○ カンナ○ エリカ○ 樹理○ こまり○

梅田○ 椿校長(特別出演)○ 秋葉○ 猿渡○
うぐいす○ 吉岡? 伊緒?
ジュリア○ 中津母(かの子)○


SP Attendance Confirmation List
(○ Confirmed Present、?Unconfirmed、×Absent)

Dorm 2 (All 17 members present)
Mizuki○ Sano○ Nakatsu○ Nanba○ Kayashima○ Sekime○ Nakao○ Saga○ Noe○
Kyobashi○ Yodoyabashi○ Arashiyama○ Tannowa○ Takaida○ Kamishinjou○ Uenoshiba○ Minase○

Dorm 1 (All 9 members present)
Tennouji○ Daikokucho○ Kitahanada○ Akashi○ Tetsukayama○ Shichido○ Gotenyama○ Ishikiri○ Shojaku○

Dorm 3 (9 out of 10 members)
Himejima○ Yao○ Imamiya○ Shijo○ Kuzuha○ Saiin○ Ogimachi? Kaizuka○ Katabiranotsuji○ Korien○


Highlight over Spoilers → Yujiroh Jr○ Yujiroh's Wife○

Kagurazaka○ Sano Shin×
Blossom Gakuen (All 5 members present)
Hibari-sama○ Kanna○ Erika○ Juri○ Komari○

Teachers and others
Umeda○ Tsubaki, the School Principal (Special Appearance)○ Akiha○ Sawatari○
Clown Announcer○ Yoshioka? Io?

Highlight over Spoilers → Nakatsu's mother○


On Sunday, April 13, 2008 7:40:00 PM, Anonymous rei09 wrote...

hey hey! thank you so much for translating! ^^

uhm... can I take things here and post them elsewhere? I promise to credit and link. I've been looking for rules or something but I can't find any (or maybe I'm just really blind...? X)) anyway, thanks again for the updates! ^_^


On Monday, April 14, 2008 6:10:00 AM, Blogger unleashthegeek wrote...

Definitely not blind (^-^)

I've never thought of posting rules actually because at first I just wanted to try out translating some stuff for myself and a particular Grumpy. Then it just seemed to snowball heh.

Anyway, feel free to take the stuff here. As long as it's not passed off as your own, I don't mind. As always, I'm still new at this so post at your own risk (⌒-⌒;)


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