Friday, September 18, 2009

Inoue Mao
Himitsu no Arashi-chan Screencaps

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On Friday, September 18, 2009 9:36:00 AM, Anonymous jing wrote...

Mao-chan is so pretty in that episode..i can't wait to watch the subbed version..^_^
and im just grinning so giddily seeing the screencap with their seating proximities..lol
thank you for the pictures!


On Friday, September 18, 2009 1:21:00 PM, Blogger luraaa wrote...

oh my gosh! THANK YOU! I haven't seen everything yet, but I'm so excited seeing them together again. :)


On Friday, September 18, 2009 6:23:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous wrote...

i'm really disappointed because they cut many parts and no Love segment with Mao Inoue...WHY? Something to hide... and it was so short...she was there only for a SP promo...DISAPPOINTED!


On Friday, September 18, 2009 10:14:00 PM, Blogger sugatastyle wrote...

LOL that screen cap with the caption was really awesome!

"Let's give them some space, guys."

HAHAHA they really were sitting really closely, the 3 guys on the right XD


On Saturday, September 19, 2009 8:22:00 AM, Anonymous Jen wrote...

Geek& Grumpy, you guys know where to get the vid to this?^^ I was hoping she'd get more screen time. Jun looks hot!! XD


On Sunday, September 20, 2009 12:32:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous wrote...

Oh my God...The first screencap killed me....That was absolutely genius!!!I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard...Thank you!


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