Friday, September 19, 2008

Hana Kimi SP
Preview Showing

Fuji TV's drama Hanazakari no Kimitachi e ~Ikemen♂Paradise~ Graduation Ceremony & 7 and 1/2 Episode Special preview. Appearing on stage, from left Tajima Ryo, Takahashi Mitsuomi, Ishigaki Yuma, Mizushima Hiro, Kimura Ryo, Kyo Nobuo, Suzuki Ryouhei, Watanabe Toshihiko

Mizushima Hiro "We've returned more powerful than before"... Hanazakari no Kimitachi e SP Drama

Actors Mizushima Hiro (24), Ishigaki Yuma (26), Tajima Ryo (21) and others attended a preview of Fuji TV's drama Hanazakari no Kimitachi e ~Ikemen♂Paradise~ Graduation Ceremony & 7 and 1/2 Episode Special (airing on the 12th of October at 9) at Hanzoumon's TOKYOFM Hall in Tokyo on the 18th of September.

It's a Special of a popular drama series. The 8 ikemens entered in their uniforms, accompanied by shrieks from the 230 girls chosen from about 10 lotteries. Mizushima Hiro, who has his first starring role in Fuji TV's drama Room of King (starting 4th of October, on Saturdays at 2310) said, "We've returned more powerful than before, in this drama which for all of us, was a big stepping stone." "My mother actually came today," Ishigaki said, as he waved to her in the hall. "I have bad memories of this hall. 2 years ago, at the M1 preliminary competition, no one even laughed once," Tajima said as laughter was heard around, much to his relief this time.



Additional photos from Sanspo and Nikkan Sports. Other news articles stated that Maki, Shun and Toma could not attend due to work. At least Toshi turned up



 人気連ドラのスペシャル。イケメン集団8人が制服姿で登場すると約10倍の抽選で選ばれた230人の女性ファンから悲鳴が上がった。フジテレビ系ドラマ「Room Of King」(10月4日スタート、土・23時10分から)で連ドラ初主演が決まった水嶋は「僕らにとって大きなステップになった作品がパワフルになって帰ってきます」とあいさつ。石垣は「オレの本当の母ちゃんが来ている」と話すと、母親が会場で手を振り会場を和ませた。田島は「この会場は嫌な思い出がある。お笑いを目指していた2年前、『M1』の予選で1回も笑いが起きなかった」と話すと、微妙な笑いが起こり、一安心していた。



On Friday, September 19, 2008 3:02:00 AM, Anonymous rei09 wrote...

Aww.. I missed those ikemen! :D So excited for the SP! Too bad there's no Toma/Shun/Maki though.

Thank you again for the translations! <3


On Friday, September 19, 2008 6:51:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous wrote...

OMG. I see that Hiro's hair isn't orange anymore! and it looks really good :D

thanks for translating <33


On Saturday, September 20, 2008 6:22:00 AM, Anonymous Jen wrote...

O.o 8 ikemens in one hall.*faint* but I wish Shun, Maki and Toma were there too. It's too bad though but they are popular so it couldn't be helped I guess.

*hyped up to watch Hana-Kimi SP*yosh!! let's welcome back the ikemens.

Hiro looks different in that hair ^^


On Wednesday, September 24, 2008 2:19:00 AM, Blogger unleashthegeek wrote...

But winning a lottery and meeting only 8 ikemens... I'd feel sort of cheated heh


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