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Honey and Clover
Special Talk Part 2



「The role I'm playing in the drama this time, I think it's a little different from the one in the original. I should be able to do my own Hagumi …」(Narumi Riko)

Q それぞれが凄く個性的な役どころですが、どんな感じで演じていきたいですか? おひとりずつ教えてください。
Q Each one is a great personality to play, what kind of impression do you want to leave the viewers with when acting the part ? Please tell us one by one.

Honey and Clover was a manga and a movie and being a fan, when I watched them I thought they were great. So there are times when I could look and try to capture the character of Yamada Ayumi objectively. Conversely knowing the character beforehand, to get as close as possible to being Ayumi, I'll go 「Is there a way I could improve playing her ?」Even now, I still think of that. But in an atmosphere like that, of the days of one's youth, if I could somehow embody that kind of feeling, it'll be great. There are moments when I fumble but I look forward to continuing playing the part. Let's get on the boat of Hachikuro and journey together. As a member and Yamada Ayumi, what can I accomplish ? This is what I'm thinking about.

st_icon05.gif 森田先輩は、普段はおちゃらけているんですけど、その中で全体のことをちゃんと見ていて…。非常に繊細な人だからこそ、ああいうふうにワイワイやってる方が楽なんだろうな、と思います。みんなを盛り上げるムードメーカーであろうとしているんですけど、明るさの中にあるせつない部分とか悲しい部分とか、そういう部分を見つけたいなって思いながらいまは演じています。作品の中で、男3人は…真山と一緒に竹本をいじめ、完璧にドSな(笑)、ドSとドMな関係で進んでいき…。森田は、基本的にSですよね。で、あゆみとは、「この2人付き合っちゃえばいいんじゃないかな?」って思うくらい分かり合ってるのに、全然くっつかないし、2話ではぐちゃんにもうキスしちゃうしね(笑)。大変ですよね。でも、はぐちゃんとは感性の部分で凄く、同じ次元でパチンと合う何かがあって、そこにすごく惹かれたりとか。ある意味、動物的で感受性の強い人だな、という風に思っています。
Morita Shinobu is always goofy but actually beneath all that, he could read situations clearly... I think that it is precisely because he's such a sensitive person, he creates all that racket to put people at ease. He's a mood-maker for everyone but beneath all that cheerfulness, there is pain, there is sadness. I begin to discover more of that part of him as I play his character. There are 3 guys... together with Mayama, the two of us keep bullying Takemoto, totally an S (*laugh*) The S and M relationship is going to improve...But Morita is basically an S. Regarding Ayumi 「Why don't those 2 just go out with each other already ? 」since they understand each other but that was totally not adhered to. By the second episode, he already kissed Hagu-chan (*laugh*) Terrible ne. But with Hagu-chan, his sensitive side comes out because they have the same perspective, somehow they click and attract each other. I think that what it means is that he has a a strong sensitivity, somewhat like an animal.

st_icon02.gif 竹本は…それこそ男3人でいるときは振り回され、そのうち山田あゆみにもケリを食らい(笑)。
About Takemoto... because of the 3 guys being there, he gets swung around and will just eventually end up being kicked by Yamada Ayumi (*laugh*)

st_icon05.gif もう何回蹴られた?
How many times have you been kicked already ?

st_icon02.gif もう30回行ったね。1回目はスニーカーだったからよかったけど、今日はブーツだった。ブッチャーのような、とんがりブーツで(笑)
Already nearing 30 times ne. The first time, it was with sneakers so it was alright, today it was boots. It was like being butchered, such sharp-pointed boots (*laugh*)

st_icon03.gif 凄く痛かったと思う。ごめんなさい…。
It must have been really painful. Gomen nasai...

st_icon02.gif いやいや、全然やってください、っていう感じだけど。それはおいておき、わりと振り回されてナンボだし、いじめられてナンボなキャラなんですけど、視聴者の目線に一番近いのは竹本だったりもするので、物語を引っ張っていかなければならない人物として、あまりブレすぎないように、振り回されつつもそこはキッチリと手綱を握っていきたいなと思います。
No, no, do it properly please. No matter how much he's swung around, no matter how he's bullied, I want the audience to see a Takemoto that is as accurate as possible, as he's a character that enables the story to be drawn out. To bring his character out, I think him being swung around like that fits him to the T.

As for Hagumi.. For me too, right from the beginning, I really loved the original work, so naturally I know of the Hagumi in the manga but I think the character in the drama will of course be a little different. Therefore, I hope that I can show Hagumi in my own special way. At first, when I saw the Hagumi in the manga, I thought 「The facial expressions, should I make them ?」 but then 「Do it like this, do it like that」I didn't want the feeling of doing it too much like that. When I was on location, with the atmosphere there, with Hagumi standing there, at the actual location, I think I was able to create the Hagumi of the Hachikuro drama.

st_icon04.gif 真山は一見クールだったりするんですけど、でも一番子どもなんじゃないかなと思う部分もあって…。友達関係に関しては…森田先輩と一緒に竹本をいじめたりとか、そういう気心知れた仲間としゃべったり遊んだりしているときは全然子どものように笑ったり遊んだりしてるけど、恋愛になると猪突猛進というか、人間が誰でも持っている二面性――裏表っていったら変ですけど、人に対する態度ってそれぞれみんな違うと思うんですけど、みんなと一緒にいるときのグルーブ感だったり、真山が好きな理花さんに対する態度、感情からくる行動というのはわかりやすいので、見ててもあまり不自然ではないと思うんですけど、そこのギャップをどう付けるか、っていう工夫っていったら変ですけど、自分なりに考えることはいろいろあって。だから、いまの段階ではみんなと遊んでいるシーンが多いですけど、理花さんを絡めたときに、全然違う、けど真山個人としては当然出てくる行動に、違和感が無いようにしなきゃいけないと思うんです。あまり考えすぎてもいけないので、感情のままに演じていればいいのかな、というのはあります。ただ、クールに見えてクールじゃないっていうのは子どもっぽさからくるのかなと思うので、いい意味での少年っぽさとか、そういうところを忘れないように。(みんなに)聞いてますか?(笑)。
Mayama at a glance looks cool and collected but I think he also has a very child-like side. When it comes to his relationship with his friends... doing things like teasing Takemoto with Morita-sempai, his disposition comes to light. While chatting or fooling around with his friends, he laughs and plays just like a child but when it comes to love, he's a little reckless. Everyone in the world has 2 sides to them, having that might be a little strange but everyone has a different way of confronting themselves, or when in a group feeling. Mayama's method in confronting his feelings for Rika-san whom he likes, it's easy for me to understand. I look at it and think it's not unnatural so how do I close that gap ? That kind of method may be a little strange but I hope to create Mayama in my own special way. Now, there are many scenes where he's playing around with everyone but slowly there'll be parts where he's with Rika-san and he's completely different. But the personal Mayama will definitely come out. I think it won't be right if his discomfort doesn't show. It'll also be wrong to over-think it. It'll be good if I can continue to perform with this kind of feeling. To look cool, or actually be cool, or be child-like, we cannot forget such things because that's meaning of being full of youthfulness. (To everyone) Heard that ? (*laugh*)

st_icon02.gif いや、ゴメン(笑)。
No, sorry. (*laugh*)

st_icon04.gif まあ、みんなそうだと思うんですけどね。ちょっと人に対して、どうやって違う態度をつけていくのかな、っていう…。僕もやってて楽しいですし、実際にみなさんがドラマを見てて、純粋な部分があるからそこにグッと惹かれる作品なのかなと思うので、その辺は丁寧に描いていければいいなと思います。
Well anyway, everyone thinks that way ne. In regards to this person, how do I add a different manner to him, like that... For me too, it's fun. Practically in every part of the drama that you watch, there are genuine parts, I think this is a production that has more to captivate you with. It'd be great if we could show you that.

to be continued in part 3


Gomen nasai. A lot of stuff, especially for Mayama, I can't get at all. Sappari wakaranai. What I got is, Morita is an S, Takemoto is an M but Toma is also actually an M who loves being kicked and swung around.

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