Saturday, October 02, 2010

Juui Dolittle
Vol. 4 Report


This is the web staff!

On 2nd October (Saturday)...
From 6.30 onwards Team Dolittle will be on Kanshasai!!
Support us from your TVs at home☆☆

As promised before, today it will be a report on Narimiya's birthday~☆

Even though filming began in early September, the three of them were not in the same scene yet. When the three of them finally got together, it was a little late, but we celebrated Narimiya's birthday!!

Narimiya wasn't told anything. When he came to the filming site...
"There was filming previously but... on the 19th it was Narimiya's 28th birthday~!" the staff congratulated him...

Even a shocked Narimiya looks cool!

"This is too sudden [laugh]," he said when a birthday cake appeared!!

A very delicious cake♪

Oguri and Mao help to prevent the flame from dying out after staff carried the cake!

Blow it out quick~~

Then everyone sang ♪HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

"This is really abrupt☆," said a very surprised Narimiya.

"Filming has just begun, for the next 3 months I'll do my best! Thank you very much for today!!"

He thanked everyone with that never-ending smile, clearly delighted!

Later on, Narimiya also received a present from Oguri and Producer Setoguchi♪

It's really enjoyable filming everyday!
With these reports, you can follow us on-location, be sure to look forward for more☆

Next report will about poster photography for Juui Dolittle!!


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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Juui Dolittle
Vol. 3 Report

Crank-in for Hanabishi Sensei & Fudou Rumi!!

Hello, this is the web staff ☆
The previous two reports were about filming for Dolittle Sensei and Asuka.

Of course in 'Juui Dolittle' there's the one in charge of therapy Hanabishi Sensei and also the assistant, the charismatic trimmer Fudou Rumi played by Fujisawa Ema. They have begun filming as well!!

Narimiya Hiroki as Hanabishi Masaru

Hanabishi Sensei's crank-in filming was for the beginning scene in 'Juui Dolittle'!

With a pitch black background and the spotlight shining on him, Hanabishi Sensei speaks about pets... that was the scene.

The studio became silent as Hanabishi was about to begin his speech.
"Cut!" a voice said.
"So nerve-wrecking~~(sweats)," said a nervous looking Narimiya.

Director Ishii gave him encouragement (?), "It's okay! I'm nervous too!"
Narimiya's halted scenes extended beyond the beginning ones, and each time the director goes "Cut!" he says "I'm nervous!" repeatedly.

Narimiya spontaneously smiled when he heard Director Ishii saying, "I overheard Shoko saying 'A nervous Narimiya is cute~'. You're making her heart go kyun kyun [laugh]."

Is that so??

Speaking of Hanabishi Sensei, Fudou Rumi appears with him in Pet 119.
Great name right? [laugh]
It's like a variety program to answer queries about pets...

The program's flip board...

Looking at the board, Director Ishii commented, "There's nothing important in the first half of the show [laugh]. There will probably be a "Ah, so that's it" only when it comes to the part of the cat's death [laugh]."
It was surprisingly difficult to stage a variety program in the drama.
The conversation tempo needs to be natural, how can that be done...
The director goes into a discussion.

In a meeting!

Next time, Oguri, Mao and Narimiya will be filming together.
There will also be a report about Narimiya's birthday!!
Look forward to it!

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Kagami Seira Blog
For the Ladies... ☆

28th September 2010

Tomorrow's an an

I'll be in the store line-up

Seira & Reina
Nude women

An edition to be preserved for a long time�

Look forward to it��

luv u(^з^)-☆!!


Yamapi and Kagami Seira in FRIDAY
Kagami Seira hints at relationship with Yamapi

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Miura Haruma Staff Report
☆First 'Waratte Iitomo!'☆

28th September 2010

First time appearance on 'Waratte Iitomo!' today!

Did you watch it?

It was a live broadcast, so we were wondering if he felt nervous. After the program, we asked him about it...

Haruma: "Not at all! It was actually fun!"

That's what he said ♪

It was enjoyable~

Today's photo - taken after the live broadcast!

For memory, holding the "Miura Haruma plate" [laugh]

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