Monday, December 24, 2007

Toma on playing Takemoto Yuta

Winter's Honey and Clover seems to the most promising drama so far. Because of that, and my besotted imouto-chan, I will spend some time on it. From the official Hachikuro site, I've tried to translate what Toma has said about his role. The translation is not word for word (or even accurate most probably heh heh) but here goes.


Ikuta TomaTakemoto Yuka played by Ikuta Toma
"This time, in the drama Honey and Clover, I’m playing the role of Takemoto Yuka. As Takemoto, as I go through my life, I will come to understand it. It involves the daily worries of a normal student going through university. Summer’s performance in the drama Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, where I fell in love with a girl disguised as a boy has ended, that is to say, this time the role is as an ordinary university student. To what extent I can portray Takemoto’s love conflicts is my new challenge. To make this kind of wonderful love appear convincing is the performance I'm going for."

....Or something like that, he said ....まあ いいか :B


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