Saturday, May 22, 2010

JUNON July 2010

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Songs to chase the May blues away

21st May 2010

Recochoku held a survey asking its users to pick a song that can chase the May blues away and lift their spirits. 1223 users responded through their mobile phones between 27th April and 18th May.

Songs to chase the May blues away
1. Happiness by Arashi
2. Joyful by Ikimonogakari
3. Troublemaker by Arashi
4. Kibun Joujou↑↑ by mihimaru GT
5. Guts Da Ze!! by ulfuls
6. Suirenka by Shonan no Kaze
7. Ogon Soul by Shonan no Kaze
8. Kitto Daijoubu by Arashi
9. weeeek by NEWS
10. GOLD by UVERworld

Happiness - Arashi

Joyful - Ikimonogakari

Troublemaker - Arashi

Kibun Joujou↑↑ - mihimaru GT

Guts Da Ze!! - ulfuls

Suirenka - Shonan no Kaze

Ogon Soul - Shonan no Kaze

Kitto Daijoubu - Arashi

weeeek - NEWS

GOLD - UVERworld

Survey by : Recochoku Music Data (imode/EZweb/Y!Keitai)
Survey Period : 27 April 2010 to 18 May 2010
Users surveyed : 1223

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Beautiful Lips

21st May 2010
Beautiful Lips Ranking

5. Kimura Takuya

4. Tamaki Hiroshi

3. Sakurai Sho

2. Fukuyama Masaharu

1. Matsumoto Jun

5. Ishihara Satomi
4. Ayase Haruka
3. Inoue Waka
2. Kitagawa Keiko
1. Ueto Aya

Survey Period : 22 April 2010 to 26 April 2010
Panel : Oricon Monitor Research, 1000 men and women from age group 10 to 40
Survey Region : Countrywide
Survey Method : Internet


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Today in Photos
20th May 2010

Abiru Yu promoting the movie 'Roller Girls Diary' (Drew Barrymore's Whip It) at Cinemart Roppongi.

Ichihara Hayato's first live performance with rock band RIZE as 'RIZE with Hayato' at Tower Records Shibuya. 'LAUGH IT OUT', the theme song for the movie 'Box!' starring Ichihara, was among the songs performed in the gig.

Eita at launch of Fujitsu's summer 2010 mobile phone collection.

Sakaguchi Kenji and Yada Akiko at preview of Fuji TV's special drama 'Keiji Narusawa Ryo ~ Tokyo Terror, Shijou Saiaku no 24 Jikan~'. The SP airs on 29th May.

Narimiya Hiroki goes on stage at Cine Saison Shibuya for movie 'BUNGO'.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mizushima Hiro
Great at English Communication

20th May 2010

On the 20th, actor Mizushima Hiro attended the product launch for Panasonic's new mobile series as its CM character in Tokyo. In the CM that will air from the 28th onwards, his co-star is a foreign dancer (David Elsewhere). Looking back, he comments that he had an enjoyable time having conversations in English. When reporters asked about the health of his wife, singer Ayaka, he said nothing but only gave a smile. Her talent agency gave a statement that she's doing well.


Hiro & Ayaka FlashBack:
Hiro & Ayaka Ai Ai Kasa
More on the date
Hiro & Ayaka getting married at the height of their popularity
Hiro & Ayaka Press Conference
Hiro & Ayaka - Message to everyone
Hiro upholding his promise to protect Ayaka

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Shinagawa Daichi Blog
Staff Diary 13

20th May 2010 15:45

What do we have here...

It's really
for work

in anan which will be on sale 16 June
Please take a look.

It'll be great.

●Shinagawa Daichi Staff●

Staff Diary 12
20th May 2010 13:57

It's raining
today in Tokyo

No YanMega filming.

It's a day off for Shinagawa
But Narimiya's working


There's work

You probably won't get to see it
But he is working [laugh]

More details
coming up.

●Shinagawa Daichi Staff●

Overnight Stay
17th May 2010 19:29

For today's filming...
I'm in Yugawara

I went to the waterfall

I rang a bell on a hill

I got into the bath

Quite an active day

Despite this being an overnight stay,
I only brought my pants and PC
as I overslept this morning

Because this is a rustic and lovely ryokan
There's no internet connection


Well it can't be helped!!

This has been Shinagawa Daichi.

Busy Searching
18th May 2010 17:13

It's the 2nd day in Yugawara

was the overnight

I entered the bath
Feeling slightly tipsy
I didn't notice any ghosts...

I felt refreshed in the morning

But staying all alone
in a ryokan
Can be quite scary~

All the while
I forgot that I was actually in a ryokan
Suddenly though it came to me

The staff asked me
"Did you go out yesterday?"
But I was really fast asleep

Or maybe
It's just that the ryokan was so wonderful

I found these at the ryokan

I really miss these

"Where's Wally"

I love them

I used to have the whole volume
I wonder where they are now

Without delay
We searched for Wally together

Hana-chan is really quick
Somehow Izumi is always last

It's like the opposite
from the drama

We're all getting along well
during filming~

This has been Shinagawa Daichi.

[Narimiya Hiroki Blog & News Translation Archive]

JapanesePod101.com - Learn Japanese with Free Daily Podcasts

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Inoue Mao Staff Diary
18th May 2010

LA Souvenir Present Announcement of Winners!!
18th May 2010 20:10

Thanks for waiting. GW special project!
We have decided on the winners of Mao-san's LA souvenir present♪

Thank you for the many applications!!

Portraits of Saori and Tony, pictures of Hug, your thoughts on 'Darling wa Gaikokujin', your messages, we looked through each and every single postcard.

And the 6 winners are listed below!!

☆Nagasaki   小坂寿子 さん
☆Gifu   嶋橋美沙紀 さん
☆Kyoto  内藤如花 さん
☆Kanagawa  PN:ちゃた さん
☆Ehime   PN:mio さん
☆Okayama   PN:ちゃこ さん


We will be sending out the goods in a few days so please wait a while longer before they arrive. For those of you who missed out this time, please wait for the next opportunity!!

As for Mao-san now, we are preparing for her next work (movie)...
She had her fitting in April and is just waiting for the crank-in now.
I will let you know more as soon as it's possible to, so please wait a little longer♪♪

Don't forget to watch 'Bokura no Ongaku' on the 21st (Friday) this week (^ ^)♪


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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Keitai Diet for Horikita Maki

19th May 2010

On 18th May, Horikita Maki unveiled NTT DoCoMo's new service, the 'i Bodymo' which touts a healthy lifestyle through using a mobile phone. Among other features, entering data into the phone enables you to check if your calorie intake is balanced. "By keying in what you eat, you can control your diet. It will tell you what nutrients you lack and prove to be useful in managing your health daily," said Horikita. 'i Bodymo' also has a 'Motion Support' feature, which can record the number of steps taken as you walk or the distance you have jogged, enabling users to chart their daily physical activity. Okada Masaki also attended the presentation.

"What the heck am I promoting?"



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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lin Chi Ling is new CM character for QUALITA

18th May 2010

On 17th May, model and actress Lin Chi Ling (35) who is currently starring in Fuji TV's Monday drama 'Tsuki no Koibito ~Moon Lovers~' attended a press event for travel agency QUALITA as its new image character.

Showing off her stunning long legs in a short blue dress, she got on stage and conducted her interview in Japanese. "I'm still studying Japanese and am not good with it but I'll try my best today," she said smiling. Busy with work, she has no plans for a holiday just yet but asked about resort fashion she replied,"Comfortable clothes. And bikinis are a must-bring too." She also described her ideal man. "A man with a sense of filial piety. And for travel, someone active and with a sense of humour."


CM & Talk



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Inoue Mao Staff Diary
14th May 2010

Bokura no Ongaku
14th May 2010 18:40

The other day, we did a recording for 'Bokura no Ongaku'.
The musician talk was with Suga Shikao-san.

'Bokura no Ongaku' is the kind of program where the first encounter takes place as the camera rolls and the talk begins.
Therefore there's this pleasant tension in the air on location.

For Mao-san who is anxious about meeting strangers, she felt very nervous at first. But with Suga Shikao-san's friendly nature, the recording went forward smoothly!
The content of the talk... lively discussions about work and personal life too♪

"Really love it!!" said Mao-san about Suga Shikao-san's new song, 'Sayonara Home Run'. A song she took a liking to♪

The lyrics get to your heart as well...

And the last time she was on 'Bokura no Ongaku', he made an appearance on the blog too, producer Sakura Shin-san♪

Mao-san was delighted to receive a T-shirt as a present!!
'Bokura no Ongaku' goes on-air on the 21st (Friday) at 23:30~!
Everyone, look forward to it♪♪

スガ シカオ / サヨナラホームラン

Dear Mao Inoue Forum,
Thanks for the messages. atskv9, thanks for the card. Binibningpunkista, thanks for sending them over and your postcards. SHiZJUNARii, ichiban ue, yamashoon, kad3t, maea_maie, lindaevil, jodie26, thanks for your thoughts. Really appreciate it. As my schedule settles down, I hope to continue and bring more Maoness into your world ♡→ܫ←♡


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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Birthday unleash!!!

Thanks for allowing Nari to creep into your blog and putting up with my Wakayama obsession (>8<)

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