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Aura #060408



6th April 2008
Good morning !! Filming for Puzzle was in a studio today !! On the way to the studio, I passed by a park with beautiful cherry blossoms !! It's already April... in a few days the cherry blossoms are going to fall ne !! I didn't go for hanami (cherry blossom viewing) this year ↓↓ Did everyone go ?? All the way I was waiting for a chance to go for hanami but because of the weather or work, the conditions were never right so had to give it up. Yeah, I definitely want to go next year !!
Tomorrow's filming for Hanazakari no Kimitachi e !! It's crank-up for Kayashima tomorrow !! Meeting everyone after all this time, being encouraged in various ways, it was a good opportunity to reflect on myself !! After this, I too will increase my pace, to grow as an actor, and to grow into adult, with everyone I work with. This is what I hope to do (^O^)/


Crank-up for Kayashima noooooooo (・_・、) Is this the last of his aura ? Extras report from 2ch also said that the last day of extras recruitment for Hana Kimi SP was for 7th of April. Not too sure if the other cast members are done but it's probably crank-up day for the whole production.

Update : According to Toshi's blog, the crank up on 7th involved Oguri Shun, Ukaji Takashi, Konno Miharu, Yamamoto Yusuke, Mizobata Junpei and the young lady announcer (the clown) Matsuzaki Yuka. The rest, without extras, went on till the 10th.

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