Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Omedetou Hiro !

To commemorate the DVD sale of his keitai drama, 100 Scene no Koi, Mizushima Hiro went to Shibuya-Ax (23rd March) for a meet and greet session with his fans. And he actually shook all of the more than 4000 of his fans hands who turned up, taking 5 and a half hours to do so ! He was given a surprise to celebrate his graduation from Keio University (Faculty of Environment and Information Studies) where he had repeated one year. A cake in the form of his graduation certificate.

Smiling, he said "I'm relieved that I have fulfilled a promise I made with my father, that in order to continue in the world of show business, I had to graduate."


I saw the Toma CM for KFC, but I was wondering if this one is also Toma ? It looks so... plastic.

From Friday magazine, Tegoshi with some girl. Supposedly he spent the night drinking away with her and only went home at noon.

He still doesn't look anywhere near old enough to drink.

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