Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Aura #080108





Good day !! Today too, thanks to everyone for the whole day !! What kind of work is it today, ne !! Today is the day of the variety program recording !! This time, I've been made what you can call the MC !! I'm a little nervous now !! No matter how much time passes, it's hard to get used to it ↓↓ (*laugh*) Yesterday, we did our New Year's greetings with everyone from the Junon editorial department. As usual, the people from the Junon editorial department are full of energy [Work hard this year too, ne] when they said that, I got a shot of energy. This time, the Junon editorial department is going to put me on the cover, on an extra issue of Junon Best Hair Catalogue !! I did a totally awe-inspiring shoot so everyone, without fail, please take a look at it (^-^)/
Well, it's a man's magazine na (^_^;)

Tomorrow's Waratte Iitomo !! Watch out for Toma-kun's Hachikuro also !! Tomorrow, I'm going to do a quiz ?? Let's do it ?!!


And this concludes my Yusuke spam. Off to work. Itte kimasu !


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