Thursday, April 30, 2009

HanaDan gang congratulates Abe Tsuyoshi

Abe Tsuyoshi (27), a member of F4 from the drama Hana Yori Dango announced his marriage on 27th April. His wife is Chinese actress, Shi Ke (29). They registered their marriage on 26th April.

Inoue Mao (22)
(On the 26th, through mail and phone) I heard about the marriage and was surprised because it was so sudden. But at the same time, I felt happy. I'm jealous of the one to be the wife of the honest and sincere Tonton (Abe's pet name). I pray for the happiness of the couple who have obtained the love for eternity.

Arashi Matsumoto Jun (25)
I was surprised when I got the mail yesterday. Abe-kun, to be the first to get married among us... is surprising. During filming and in private, Abe-kun is so kind. I think he will make a good husband! They will certainly build a lovely family. Let's get together for a meal, together with your wife next time.

Oguri Shun (26)
Terrific! You're so cool Tonton! I want to follow in the footsteps of such a fantastic man like you too (*laugh*). Best wishes!


Where's the message from Soujiroh?! Mao actually used the line from HYDF. Eien no ai... :)

2009.4.28 05:06





「昨日メールで連絡もらって、びっくりしました。僕らの中で一番最初に結婚するのが、阿部くんだとは…驚きました。阿部くんの優しさを現場やプライベートで感じた僕は、結婚したらいいダンナになると思います! 必ず素敵な家庭を築くことでしょう。今度、奥さんと一緒に食事にでも行こう」


「最高! かっこいいよトントン! あなたのようなステキな男性に私も守られたい(笑)。お幸せに!」


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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Staff Blog

26 April 2009

"A" is feeling great.

There's fine weather at today's shooting location.

It's really sunny here.

Thank you to all the BOSS fans out there.

Rumour has it that Tamayama-san is known as the 'rain-man'. Rain has disappeared though.

During free time, he enjoyed playing baseball with Mizobata-kun.

Mizobata-kun is the pitcher while Tamayama-san is the batter.

The ball is thrown... Click!

Hmm... I wonder what happened next?

Everyone, please make a guess through the photo.

What's with those tight, green pants?

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