Saturday, November 21, 2009

JUNON January 2010

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JUNON (ジュノン) 2010年 01月号 [雑誌]

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CM Updates

Horikita Maki: Docomo

Koyuki: Suntory

Mizukawa Asami: Itoen

Sheena Ringo: Glico

Eikura Nana / Hey! Say! 7: Lotte

Ninomiya Kazunari: Nintendo Wii Super Mario Bros

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Click on Nino's name on the site to watch both versions of the CM.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Yahoo! Japan Search Word Ranking 2009

A ranking of topics that users ask and answer on Yahoo! Chiebukuro (Yahoo! Answers) between 1st January 2009 and 31st October 2009.

"Yahoo! Chiebukuro" is the largest knowledge retrieval service in Japan, and the Yahoo Japan Corporation has been providing this service since April 2004. Their aim is to connect people who want to question and those who want to answer, and the sharing of wisdom and knowledge among the participants. [Source]

Yahoo! Japan Search Word Ranking 2009
Yahoo! Chiebukuro

10. One Piece
9. PS3
8. Adultery/Extra-marital affairs
7. iPod
6. Kitano Makoto
5. PSP
4. Diet

Included random entries and some answers from the top 3 chiebukuro.

3. Sakai Noriko
・If you were the judge on the Oshio Manabu and Noriko Sakai case, what will your verdict be?
・Isn't it weird the way the media has reported on Noriko Sakai???
・Did you watch Noriko Sakai's apology?

・My mom was cheated of her Tohoshinki tickets.
・I became a Tohoshinki fan after hearing Survivor, what about you?
・Do you feel embarrassed being a Tohoshinki fan?
The writer said she felt embarrassed because she's already 30. She got a reply from an Arashi fan who confessed that she's also 'old', a housewife with a kid as well but it does not interfere with being a fan.

・Is Aiba-kun the least popular member in Arashi?
When searching for Arashi members using Yahoo!, I get these results.
Matsumoto Jun - About 5,970,000 hits
Ohno Satoshi - About 5,660,000
Sakurai Sho - About 5,650,000
Ninomiya Kazunari - About 5,610,000
Aiba Masaki - About 3,670,000
Reply :
Please don't judge Aiba-chan just from numbers! All the Arashi members are special in their own way. Aiba-chan works hard in varieties. And he has an October drama. You shouldn't ask such a question. Arashi and Aiba-chan have many fans, it's such an insensitive question. Just because he isn't in movies does not mean he is not popular. Anyway, what is the point of your question?

・I'm going to lend a sister's friend an Arashi album, which one do you think is the best one to introduce to a new fan?

・Am I an Arashi otaku?
I've been an Arashi fan for 5 years and am now in 1st year of junior high. My friends call me an Arashi otaku. Am I one?
-Always buy the first press CD
-Always buy first press albums too
-Even if I can't afford it, will buy magazines featuring Arashi
-In the fan club
-Own their calendars
-Room full of posters
Completely normal!!
All Arashi fans are like that☆
I'm a big Arashi fan too and the same.



Questions and answers for #8 are pretty interesting too (;゚(エ)゚)


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Hiroki Narimiya Blog
What type of day will it be today?

18th November 2009


I've safely returned home

This time, I travelled to...


Ger... Ger... Germany

Is it surprising?

Today is the first day of filming
for a new drama

Because of my involvement in this drama
My off days were shortened...

It's alright
As I enjoyed it

It's been a while since we met
Eh? We've seen one another recently?
Those kind of comments were overheard

It's a totally mature cast
Quite nerve-wrecking

My role this time
A wealthy man
Which means, my clothes too will be rich [laugh]

I'm thinking what kind of day it'll be today

The first episode of News Sokuho wa Nagareta airs today

It's okay if you can't watch it live
There are repeat broadcasts

Asking everyone to watch
This entry has become one for advertising

This has been Narimiya.

Narimiya Blog Archive


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First Johnny's Sports Fest in 5 years

Koichi vs Kamenashi! First Sports Festival in 5 years
20th November 2009

Johnny's Jimusho announced on the 19th that its 'Johnny's Selects Sports Festival', where many of its talents gather to participate in events like baseball, will be held in Tokyo Dome on 13th December.

Johnny's Sports Festival was held annually in autumn from 1990 to 2004. This one will be a Kantou vs Kansai showdown. Domoto Koichi (30) will lead the Kansai faction as its captain leading talents like Uchi Hiroki (23) and Nakayama Yuma (15) on his side. Kamenashi Kazuya (23) from KAT-TUN captains the Kantou side with Taguchi Junnosuke (23), Morimoto Ryutaro (14), Fujigaya Taisuke (22) and others on his side.

Other events include a relay and a mini-concert. The event is restricted to fan club members. Admission fee is 3500 yen and attendance is capped at 45,000.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Inoue Mao
Mayu Blog

11th November 2009

The Hot Kiss

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This guy is kissing me

Who is it!?

That's what you're thinking ne

I'll make an introduction to all of you here

In fact...

This person...

Is someone...

Important to me...

My childhood friend!

"I watched Boku Kimi!" he mailed me

Although he's my childhood friend,
it's nothing like the relationship between Mayu and Takuma

We were in the same elementary and junior high school

Even now when he sees me on TV, he'll contact me.

Anyway, this guy and another one of our close friends are looking into forming 'The Department of Japanese Film Society', or something like that

Actually, it's formed already, but...

I've yet to participate, I'm a ghost member

I got a kiss from that friend.

If it's something like a panel, I think it might be a bit difficult

But, I'm really grateful to have a friend who always supports me

The existence of friends make me look forward to my activities

I'm filled with thoughts like "I'll do my best too!!"

Thank you very much

From now on, I feel that I'll be thankful to have an important friend.

A friend is the treasure of a lifetime.

Everyone, treasure your friends too ne.

Aww someone left this comment on that post - 'Mao-chan, for you to still be friends with someone from your childhood till now, it shows that you're really yasashii (gentle/kind/affectionate)ne.'

Of course all we care about is how yasashiiiii she is with MatsuJun (>8<)

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Ayaka's last solo live 'MTV Unplugged Ayaka'

Ayaka performs her last live solo with a smile
19th October 2009

Ayaka performed her last solo live performance 'MTV Unplugged ayaka' on 18th November at Osaka-Jo Hall.

This live performance is the biggest that MTV has held so far, with over 200,000 applications for the free concert. Only 10,000 were given invitations to the event. The venue, Osaka Jo-Hall, is where Ayaka watched her first live when she was in 5th grade. Her desire to become an artiste started budding when she watched Janet Jackson in action. As the hall quietened down and silence descended, Ayaka appeared on stage with her new short bob and a black dress.

"I have been looking forward to this day for so long, I'm so happy to see everyone. I will send my thoughts which cannot be put into words into each and every song I sing. Stay with me to the very end!" said Ayaka as she belted out her debut single 'I believe'.

"Osaka-Jo Hall is the place where I first saw my first live, Janet Jackson, when I was in 5th grade. I did not expect that I would stand at this very stage to perform 10 years later." she said, reminiscing.

Halfway through the performance, she did a cover of Michael Jackson's Human Nature. "Michael Jackson was the one that made a strong musical impact on me when I was in 4th Grade. I didn't understand a word he sang, and it was music I have never heard before but it sent an electric jolt through my body. I was sobbing when I watched the movie 'Michael Jackson This Is It'. Today, I will do a cover, putting all the respect I feel for him into his song."

A great applause rang in the hall when the introductory notes to 'Mikazuki' began. Some in the audience could not hold their tears back as Ayaka sang under the spotlight. "Thank you", she said, then "Let's stand!" The audience heeded her call and moved to the rhythm together. Ayaka pointed to the fans one by one as she called out "Thank you." As she sang her last song 'WINDING ROAD' the audience of 10,000 sang in unison. "My whole life, I will never forget this moment." "I love you." "Thank you!" Ayaka smiled at the audience as she sang and thanked them.

After enthusiastic applause and calls for her, Ayaka came back for an encore.

"I did feel a little uneasy before it began, but with everyone's power, this has turned out to be a really great live. What I am today, is because of all your support. Today is my last live before my break but as I sing, I also feel that this is the start of a new beginning. I hope to take things slowly step by step at my own pace. I will go through everyday with the thought of seeing everyone again," Ayaka said as fans shouted back "We will wait for you!"

Finally she sang the last single before her break 'Minna Sora no Shita'. Ayaka sang with her hand on her chest, as if to engrave her feelings in the hearts of the audience. The performance ended late into the night as Ayaka continued to wave to the crowd, smiling and thanking them.

Her husband, Mizushima Hiro, was among the audience.

http://www.mtvjapan.com/video/top/28422 I believe
http://www.mtvjapan.com/video/top/28427 MC1
http://www.mtvjapan.com/video/top/28423 Yume wo Mikata ni
http://www.mtvjapan.com/video/top/28426 Minna Sora no Shita

MTV Unplugged ayaka
1. Jewelry Day
2. I believe
3. Te wo Tsunagou
4. Why
5. Good Night Baby
6. Human Nature (Cover)
7. Blue Days
8. Mikazuki
9. Okaeri
10. Yume wo Mikata ni
11. Arigatou
Encore Minna Sora no Shita

DVD Release 13 January 2010
DVD only 3990 yen
Buy from YesAsia: MTV Unplugged ayaka (Normal Edition)(Japan Version)

Limited Edition DVD + CD 5000 yen
Buy from YesAsia: MTV Unplugged ayaka (DVD+CD)(First Press Limited Edition)(Japan Version)

Blu-Ray Release 20 January 2010
Blu-Ray Disc only 5000 yen
Buy from YesAsia: MTV Unplugged ayaka [Blu-ray Disc] (Japan Version)



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Yahoo! Japan Search Word Ranking 2009

A ranking of keywords related to television programs that users search for on Yahoo! Japan between 1st January 2009 and 31st October 2009. Number in ( ) indicates last year's ranking, if any.

Yahoo! Japan Search Word Ranking 2009
Television Category Top 20

20. Yomei Ikkagetsu no Hanayome (April Bride) (-)
19. Okaasan to Issho (-)
18. Love Letter (-)
17. Hana Yori Dango (-)
16. Gokusen (5)
15. Suiyou Dou Deshou (-)
14. Atashinchi no Danshi (-)
13. Love Shuffle (-)
12. BOSS (-)
11. Music Station (10)
10. Tensai TV-kun MAX (-)
9. Akai Ito (-)
8. Samurai Sentai Shinkenger (-)
7. Kamen Rider Decade (-)
6. Hanamaru Market (8)

5. ROOKIES (1)

4. Tenchijin (-)

3. Buzzer Beat (-)

2. Mei-chan no Shitsuji (-)

1. Ainori (3)


Asian Fashion


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Yahoo! Japan Search Word Ranking 2009
Image Search

A ranking of images users search for in Yahoo! Japan Image Search between 1st January 2009 and 31st October 2009. Number in ( ) indicates last year's ranking, if any.

Yahoo! Japan Search Word Ranking 2009
Top 10 Image Search

10. misono (-)

9. Yoshitaka Yuriko (-)

8. Kago Ai (-)


6. Isoyama Sayaka (-)

5. Hoshino Aki (3)

4. Maki Yoko (1)

3. Kitagawa Keiko (-)

2. Ayase Haruka (6)

1. ARASHI (2)


Asian Fashion


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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Yahoo! Japan Search Word Ranking 2009
Name Search

A giant ranking of names that users search for on Yahoo! Japan between 1st January 2009 and 31st October 2009.

Yahoo! Japan Search Word Ranking 2009
Top 300 Name Search

300. Tokyo03
299. Kato Natsuki
298. Matsushita Nao
297. Tsubaki Ayana
296. Stereo Pony
295. ZARD
294. Natsukawa Yui
293. Aso Taro
292. Yamada Takayuki
291. Hosoki Kazuko
290. Goto Mai
289. Ayako Imoto
288. Fujiwara Kayuri
287. Sugimoto Aya
286. Minamisawa Nao
285. Miki Ando
284. Misawa Mitsuharu
283. Nagasaka Tetsuo
282. hitomi
281. Goto Maki

280. Fujimoto Miki
279. Osawa Akane
278. Sakai Masato
277. Ju Jihun
276. Tanaka Miho
275. Sukima Switch
274. Haruna Ami
273. Ito Takahiro
272. Kazama Yumie
271. Yasu Megumi
270. Ito Misaki
269. Kumada Yoko
268. Dan Rei
267. Komori Jun
266. Honoka
265. Hara Mikie
264. Madonna
263. Elephant Kashimashi
262. Kago Ai
261. D-BOYS
260. Yada Akiko
259. Oda Kazumasa
258. Shibasaki Kou
257. Jaru Jaru
256. Miyuki Torii
255. Kururi
254. Watanabe Minayo
253. Southern All-Stars
252. Kaito Aiko
251. Murakami Haruki

250. Hatoyama Yukio
249. Bae Yong Joon
248. Yoshida Takuo
247. AI
246. Kawaruma Yukie
245. Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi
244. Hirosue Ryoko
243. Yuka
242. V6
241. IMALU
240. Ebihara Tomori
239. Shuchishin
237. Mizukawa Asami
236. KREVA
235. Fruit Punch
234. Nakashima Cathy
233. Oda Nobunaga
232. Kaho
231. Hirao Tsuyoshi
230. Ueno Juri
229. Kurusu Atsuko
228. Niyama Chiharu
227. Imawano Kiyoshiro
226. Kanbe Ranko
225. Ikuta Toma
224. Koide Keisuke
223. Noguchi Mika
222. Yazawa Eikichi
221. Thelma Aoyama
220. Sumire
219. Oshikiri Moe
218. Yaguchi Mari
217. Nishiyama Maki
216. Haruna Ai
215. Matsuda Seiko
214. Tokunaga Hideaki
213. Nightmare
212. Nishikido Ryo
211. Tsuchiya Anna
210. Morishita Yuri
209. Nakano Minako
208. Aoi Yu
207. Maki Yoko
206. Kobayashi Maya
205. Tanimura Nana
204. Kudo Shizuka
203. Kamenashi Kazuya
202. Asada Yoshimi
201. Sugano Miho

200. Nakamura Miu
199. Narimiya Hiroki
198. Mika
197. Spitz
196. Takuya
194. SPEED
193. Marie
192. Sousuke Takaoka
191. Shida Mirai
190. Okuda Junko
189. Arisa Sato
188. Inoue Kazuka
187. Chiaki
186. Shinoda Mariko
185. Shizuru
184. Nakagawa Shoichi
182. Tairi Aira
181. Aiba Masaki
180. SHIHO
179. Oshima Mai
178. Uehara Miyu
176. Uchida Kyoko
174. Usuda Asami
173. Miura Shohei
171. Suzuki Sachiko
170. Teppei Koike
169. Kawamura Kaori
168. Naoe Kanetsugu
167. BoA
166. L'Arc-en-Ciel
165. Domoto Tsuyoshi
164. Tamaki Hiroshi
163. Shaku Yumiko
162. Yamasaki Shizuyo (Shizu-chan)
161. Takashima Aya
160. Tanaka Meiko
159. Itoya Mei
158. Oikawa Nao
157. Michiko Kichise
155. Okada Masaki
154. Yamada Yu
153. Nakajima Mika
152. Eita
151. Yamamoto Yusuke

150. Isoyama Sayaka
149. the GazettE
148. Kinbara Asuka
147. Hirako Risa
146. Take Yutaka
145. YUKI
144. Shonan Nokaze
143. Kuroki Meisa
142. Ninomiya Kazunari
141. Kanda Uno
140. Remioromen
139. Nishino Kana
138. Aibu Saki
137. Michibata Jessica
136. Ohno Satoshi
135. Nakayama Yuma
134. Fukada Kyoko
133. Natsume Miku
132. Shirota Yu
131. Karina
130. Yasuda Misako
129. Manabe Kaori
128. Kitano Kie
127. Iijima Ai
126. JUJU
125. Fuji Lena
124. Mihiro
123. HY
122. Matsumoto Jun
120. Tsuruno Takeshi
119. Akanishi Jin
118. Kuraki Mai
117. Aqua Timez
116. Mizobata Junpei
115. Kusanagi Tsuyoshi
114. Momoka Eri (Momoeri)
113. Henmi Emiri
112. Kimura Takuya
109. Ogura Yuko
108. Toda Erika
107. Shiina Ringo
106. Mariya Nichiuchi
105. Sakurai Sho
104. Kawashima Umika
103. Matsuyama Kenichi
102. Hokuto Akira
101. Seto Koji

Whew. Alright, top 100 coming up! This is an exercise in name reading. For the ones I didn't recognize at all, I looked them up but for some that sounded vaguely familiar on reading, I just typed them out. Feel free to point out any mistakes if you spot any. The number in ( ) indicates last year's ranking within the top 20, if any.

100. Horikita Maki (-)
99. Darvish Yu (-)
98. Sugiura Taiyo (-)
97. Kano Sisters (-)
96. DAIGO (-)
95. X JAPAN (-)
94. Superfly (-)
93. Ihara Rin (-)
92. Yuuki Maomi (-)
91. flumpool (-)
90. Utada Hikaru (-)
89. Oguri Shun (-)
88. Otsuka Ai (-)
87. Sawajiri Erika (-)
86. Nagasawa Masami (-)
85. NEWS (-)
84. Aoi Sora (Aoi Sola) (-)
83. Okamoto Rei (-)
82. Morning Musume (-)
81. Kato Miliyah (-)
80. Kitano Makoto (-)
79. Masuwaka Tsubasa (-)
78. Yuzu (-)
77. Ishikawa Ryo (-)
76. misono
75. Kinoshita Yukina (-)
74. OVERworld (-)
73. Oshio Manabu (-)
72. Mizuki Nana (-)
71. Porno Graffiti (-)
70. Ichiro (-)
69. Wakatsuki Chinatsu (-)
68. Becky (-)
67. Miyazaki Aoi (-)
66. Hirano Aya (-)
65. Asada Mao (-)
64. Ayase Haruka (-)
63. Maeda Atsuko (-)
62. Yamashita Tomohisa (-)
61. Fujiwara Norika (-)
60. Yuriko Yoshitaka (-)
59. NON STYLE (-)
58. Satoda Mai (-)
57. Aragaki Yui (20)
56. SMAP (-)
55. Miura Haruma (-)
54. Ayaka (-)
53. Eikura Nana (-)
52. Komukai Minako (-)

50. Hoshino Aki (-)
49. GACKT (-)
48. Kanjani 8 (-)
47. Ueto Aya (-)
46. Minami Akina (-)
45. Namie Amuro (-)
44. Ichihara Hayato (-)
43. Ikimono Gakari (-)
42. Nokubo Naoki (-)
41. SID (-)
40. UNICORN (-)
39. Yamada Ryosuke (-)
38. GLAY (-)
37. Mukai Osamu (-)
36. RADWIMPS (-)
35. Hyang (-)
34. GReeeeN (-)
33. KAT_TUN (-)
32. Inoue Mao (-)
31. Koda Kumi (18)
30. Kimura Kaela (-)
29. Kobukuro (-)
28. AAA (-)
27. Hey!Say!JUMP
26. aiko (12)
25. Tomosaka Rie (8)
24. Suzanne (16)
23. Hannya (-)
22. Sasaki Nozomi (-)
21. Audrey (-)
20. Michael Jackson (-)
19. YUI (7)
18. Nakagawa Shoko (Shokotan) (2)
17. Ayumi Hamasaki (14)
16. PERFUME (17)
15. Fukuyama Masaharu (-)
14. Tsuji Nozomi (-)
13. Mr. Children (11)
12. Kamiji Yusuke (4)
11. B'z (6)

10. Mizushima Hiro (-)

9. Saeko Darvish (5)

8. Sakai Noriko (-)

7. Rinka (10)

6. AKB48 (-)

5. Kitagawa Keiko (-)

4. Sato Takeru (13)

3. EXILE (1)


1. ARASHI (3)



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Yamada Ryosuke lands first lead role in drama series

Yamada Ryosuke lands first lead role in drama series 'Hidarime Tantei EYE'
18th November 2009

Yamada Ryosuke (16) from Hey!Say!JUMP will play his first lead role in a drama that will start airing next January (Saturdays at 9) on Nippon Television.

'Hidarime Tantei EYE' was aired as a tanpatsu in October. Yamada plays a junior high school student (Tanaka Ainosuke) who receives a corneal transplant from his elder brother. He then starts getting flashes from the new eye that led him to face off against a criminal organization.

Yamada commented,"I was very happy when I knew that I was to play Ainosuke again. I hope to make filming go smoothly with the help of the other actors. When I read the script and get to the unexpected endings, I think "I was tricked!". This time the stories will develop towards more unpredictable conclusions. I hope everyone will accompany Ainosuke as he gets embroiled in more cases and mysteries!"

Yokoyama Yu (28) and Ishihara Satomi (22) will also return.

Hidarime Tantei EYE Dramawiki


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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

2nd season of Code Blue announced

Yamapi makes history at Getsu 9 slot
17th November 2009

Yamashita Tomohisa (24) from NEWS will reprise his role as a doctor in 'Code Blue Doctor Heli Kinkyuu Kyuumei 2nd season' that starts in January at the 9pm Monday slot next year. The first season aired on Thursdays at 10pm last summer and this time Fuji TV has moved it to the most prominent spot in its lineup. Furthermore Yamashita was also the lead in a Monday at 9 drama that aired this July and this is the first time in history that anyone has held the spot in the main role with one season separating the two appearances.

Yamapi's power seems unstoppable. In summer, he played a pro basketball player in 'Buzzer Beat Gakeppuchi no Hero'. Currently 'Tokyo DOGS' (lead played by Oguri Shun) is on air and soon the next season will start with Yamashita in the lead again.

Ever since the Getsu 9 slot was established in 1987, there has never been a case of anyone in the lead role separated by a mere season, proving the strength of his popularity. The average ratings for 'Code Blue' that started airing in July 2008 was 15.9%, the highest among dramas on commercial broadcast that season. The special that aired in January earlier this year garnered 23.1% in ratings.

The other young case members, Aragaki Yui (21), Toda Erika (21), Higa Manami (23) and Asari Yousuke (22) will also return in the 2nd season.

'Doctor Heli' are doctors who fly in special helicopters to aid patients as soon as possible and also administer medical treatment while transporting them to medical institutions.

Yamashita commented,"I want to show the importance of these helicopters so that the number of 'Doctor Heli' will increase." Expect a powerful medical drama this New Year.


HEMS in Japan
Code Blue Dramawiki


And this is my chance to re-use this masterpiece (*≧ε≦*)


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Monday, November 16, 2009

Mizushima Hiro nude in new photobook

Mizushima Hiro goes nude in 3rd photobook
2nd November 2009

Preorder on YesAsia:
Mizushima Hiro Photo Album - Water Island PEACE

Actor Mizushima Hiro (25) will appear nude in his 3rd photobook 'Water Island~PEACE' which goes on sale on 7th December.

Running around butt naked, his face in ecstasy as the cut is made dangerously low on his abdomen, those are the kind of shots included in the photobook. The photos were so provocative that staff who worked on them said,"Isn't it better if we do some retouch?"

Mizushima's image so far has always been of an 'ouji-sama' (a prince). In February this year, he married singer Ayaka (21). When he turned 25 in April, he started to show himself more as 'otona no otoko' (a grown-up man). So going nude can be said to be very good timing. An event to commemorate the launch of the photobook is also planned on 13th December. 'Water Island~PEACE' is expected to retail at 2200 yen.


Mizushima Hiro 2009
Mizushima Hiro 2008


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Actresses With Beautiful Skin

With the change to terrestrial digital broadcasting, images on television are set to appear clearer. For celebrities appearing on television, how beautiful their skin looks will be increasingly important. So this time we have a ranking of actresses and artistes with beautiful skin!

Actresses With Beautiful Skin
10. Aragaki Yui
9. Momoi Kaori
8. Nakama Yukie
7. Ayumi Hamasaki
6. Namie Amuro
5. Kitagawa Keiko
4. Kanno Miho

3. Inoue Mao

2. Ayase Haruka

1. Koyuki

1. Koyuki
◇ With her fine, fair skin she looks beautiful without eye make-up or blusher. Female,20s
◇ Just like her name, her white skin is always smooth. Female,20s

2. Ayase Haruka
◇ I think her skin is so beautiful, even with terrestrial digital broadcasting you won't see any pores. Female,30s
◇ It looks translucent. Male,30s

3. Inoue Mao
◇ I think it's because she usually has natural make-up on so her skin always looks so soft. Female,40s
◇ Her forehead is beautiful, it's smooth like an egg. Female,30s

Survey Period: 14 October 2009 to 27 October 2009
TSUTAYA online


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