Wednesday, July 29, 2009

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The filming...

26th July 2009 (Sunday)

Hello!! Playing the role of Izumi Reiji, Yamamoto Yusuke here!!
This is the second time for the official blog!!
When you look at the photo, what do you think!?? (*laugh*)??!

Actually, it's the moment today's filming ended... it's not 3 in the afternoon, it's 3 after midnight (>_<)
It's the time when it's totally silent outside and even the street lights are no longer on!!

To make a good drama, the staff and cast stayed up to this late hour, rousing things up on location... all the sleepiness swept away!!

And especially our guest for Episode 4, Yamada Yu-san really livened up the atmosphere!!
Everytime each of the great personalities appear as guests, they not only heat up Ninkyo Helper, but the filming location too (^O^)/

Well then…Izumi-san is……going home …to sleep …good night..
Till next time (-.-)zzZ


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