Sunday, November 08, 2009

The Power of Mizushima Hiro's Eyes and Cool Glamour

5th November 2009 [Updated, with CM]

The Second Right-On CM

The second Right-On CM starring actor Mizushima Hiro and model Hasegawa Jun will start airing nationwide on 6 November. This time it's for the brand's 'X-WASH Washable Down Jacket' series. Continuing from the previous cool CM, this time the production plays up on glamour.

Mizushima models for the 'X-WASH Washable Down Men's 09 Winter' jackets. Wearing a black-collared down jacket, he stares straight into the camera. "This jacket, it isn't ordinary," he says. That magnificent look will definitely capture more female fans.

Hasegawa promotes the 'X-WASH Washable Down Ladies' 09 Winter' jackets. She wears a purple jacket embellished with fur, looking sexy in the CM.

The jackets are on sale now at 12,800 yen each.

A spare video? Just in case you're blocked from accessing YouTube:

Be mesmerized by the power of Mizushima Hiro's eyes~~~


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