Friday, July 24, 2009

September 2009

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JUNON (ジュノン) 2009年 09月号 [雑誌]

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yamamoto Yusuke to star in 'Pacchigi!'

22nd July 2009

Yamamoto Yusuke and Director Izutsu Kazuyuki attended a press session at Fuji TV's Wangan Studio on 21 July for the stage play 'Pacchigi!'.

Yamamoto said enthusiastically,"Depicting the social problems of our generation between Japan and Korea, it moved and touched me. The lead role might be too big for someone like me but since I have been given the honour, I will do my utmost and grow from it."

The rest of the cast have not been decided on yet and today was also the first time that Yamamoto and the director met face-to-face. Asked about their impressions of each other, Yamamoto replied,"I was so afraid I couldn't sleep from yesterday (*laughs nervously*). But when I heard him speak, and he mentioned some amusing things too, I felt relieved." Director Izutsu said,"His eyes are lovely. That's one of the reasons he was chosen. Kosuke (lead role) has only pure feelings and he (Yamamoto) has a pure face."

The play 'Pacchigi!' is expected to run from 4th to 23rd December at the New National Theatre, Tokyo.


Read a review of Pacchigi the movie here.
Watch Yusuke looking lost during the interview.



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Buzzer Beat Blog
For basketball...☆

23rd July 2009 (Thursday)

Hello niku here.

Iyaa~ the days have just passed by.

The filming location was at the gym today and there was a stylish banner made by an artist so click.

Born for basketball... Cool.
I think it will appear some time in the future, so look forward to it.

It's been awhile since many assembled together at a location shoot and everyone looked like they had fun.
It's great, great to see the smiles on everyone's faces despite the hard schedule.

Well then, see you.


niku posted this at about 3am Thursday morning, so the gym filming was actually on Wednesday.
Anyway no buns today. Cheerleaders.

Cheerleader Komatsu Ayaka celebrating her 23rd birthday on the gym set.

Cheerleaders Hotaru and Sayuri (from girl group Sherry) posing with poster.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Orthros no Inu
Character Profiles

If Ryo was my Japanese teacher, I'd be super motivated to study!


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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Takeru Satoh

21 July 2009
As good as a Junior High Student

It's taken a while, but I'm getting used to it now.

Sorry for the delay everyone.

In the beginning, looking at the mirror, I saw a strange person and it shocked me.

It matches the uniform.

Fixing up bed hair on set is now easy.

I'd like it to be as close to the original work as possible.

I'm immersing myself in the filming of BECK for now, and the band members seem to have appeared right out of the manga.

It's becoming interesting.

Everyone is becoming used to this ne.

It's okay. I'm also becoming used to it.

It's okay.

He finally got rid of those dry ends!!


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Omasa Aya

21 July 2009

There was filming for Buzzer Beat today!

It's been a while since I was on location (^O^)

Somehow it's almost refreshing that there were many scenes in the house ★

As always, I had fun filming ♪

Well, off I go now, photography for Seventeen!


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Koishite Akuma
Character Profile

Where's his gang of Shadows?


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Koishite Akuma
Episode 3 Preview

Kaito (Kondo Masahiko) had proclaimed to Ruka (Nakayama Yuma). If Ruka does not suck Makoto's (Rosa Kato) blood by the next full moon, he will turn to dust and vanish. Determined to attack Makoto tne next time round, he awaits his chance. Watching Ruka's behaviour, Hiroto (Nakajima Kento) mistakenly thought it as romantic interest in Kaori (Sakuraba Nanami) and does something unexpected.

On the other hand, Fuji (Kyo Nobuo) who picked up a photograph of a boy with an uncanny resemblance to Ruka together with a young Makoto, intends to find out its significance and calls Makoto out...

Coming back home from school, Shota (Morimoto Shintaro) sees a man loitering around in front of the Shinjo restaurant. When he informs his grandfather Jiro (Ito Shiro), his mother Atsuko (Horiuchi Keiko) becomes agitated. The sensitive Shota senses the air of unrest permeating the household.

As matters begin to unfold around everyone, Ruka, Makoto and Shota gets caught up in an incident...


Some vampire lore specific to Koishite Akuma from the official website.

Typical vampire characteristics :
 ・Weakness to sunlight, garlic, crosses, holly, holy water
 ・Reflection not seen in mirror
 ・Sleeps in a coffin
 ・Can disguise itself in the form of bats, werewolves, animals etc, fog and other natural phenomenon
 ・Possesses special abilities

Koishite Akuma vampire characteristics:
 ・Weakness as expected to sunlight, garlic and crosses
 ・Reflection seen in mirror
 ・Does not sleep in a coffin, instead sleeps on a futon (at least while in the human world)
 ・Cannot disguise itself in the form of animals or fog
 ・Possesses very special abilities, able to use at will
 ・Will not die once human blood is sucked, in other words immortal

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Buzzer Beat Blog
Episode 2 Game End〜☆

20th July 2009 (Monday)

Hello niku here.

How was Episode 2?
Wondering about next week too ne~

Yesterday, a really pretty rainbow was seen at the park so click.

How is it? The rainbow that went into the goal (*laugh*)

Is this a premonition to something good?!

It was so pretty that when I said,"Look~♪ There's a rainbow~" and showed the photo to Yamashita-kun who was on standby, he said,"I want to take a photo too!!" So he took a photo, tension all up.

May something good happen to everyone too ♥

Well then, see you.


Kaneko Nobuaki (Yoyogi Ren) also posted about the rainbow in his blog.

No title
19th July 2009 6:47pm


A rainbow!


Hmm. Do I detect sarcasm?

And last, Miyanaga Yuta (Jersey no.14) promoting the bun in his blog. He said it was his supper. Everyone in BB must've been given a 3-months supply.

One more. Ishida Takaki (Saga Hiroaki). Jersey no.33, shooting guard. The bun should start its own blog.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Buzzer Beat
Episode 2 Preview

On air 20th July 2009

Kamiya Naoki (Yamashita Tomohisa) and Shirakawa Riko (Kitagawa Keiko) shared a friendly conversation without even knowing each others names. It began at the park where Naoki went to practice his shoots, by chance meeting Riko who was practicing on her violin. Riko had just moved into the apartment next to the park, where she is rooming with her close friend Ebina Mai (Kanjiya Shihori).

One night, Naoki's girlfriend Nanami Natsuki (Aibu Saki) visits his home. As always, Naoki's mother, Kamiya Makiko (Maya Miki) and his sister Kamiya Yuri (Oomasa Aya) welcome her warmly. As they are enjoying their dinner, Natsuki's phone rings. The call is from Naoki's team-mate Yoyogi Ren (Kaneko Nobuaki).

At around the same time, Riko and Mai are invited by Naoki's JC ARCS coach Kawasaki Tomoya (Ito Hideaki) out for a drink. Kawasaki brings along the captain of the ARCS team Utsunomiya Toru (Nagai Masaru).

Mai, who knows that Kawasaki is interested in Riko, takes an interest in Utsunomiya the moment she sees him. However Riko says that according to Kawasaki, there are rumours floating around about Utsunomiya. When Mai learns of this...

Naoki and the ARCS get themselves ready for the next season. Before practice resumes the week after, Naoki, Hatano Shuji (Mizobata Junpei), Moriguchi Shuto (Aoki Munetaka) and the rest of the players visit a childrens' basketball class so that they can be filmed and the footage used for the new season's player introductions and such. They guide the elementary school children and Naoki turns out to be a big hit with the children.

Meanwhile, Kawasaki invites Riko out and for the first time, they meet, just the two of them...


Looking forward to that last bit!

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Buzzer Beat Blog
A Vibrant Lawson☆

17th July 2009 (Friday)

Hello niku here.

'United States of Odaiba' begins tomorrow.

So does that mean all you students are starting summer vacation?
Great ne~

The Lawson in Fuji TV is bathed in Buzzer Beat now, so please drop by Odaiba.
Well, let me give a small introduction.

The No.8 uniform.
Besides that, photos and other things are also on display.
Maybe it might be fun to buy the basketball bun and browse while eating?
(Goods are on sale too)

This is going to be the summer of Buzzer Beat♥ (*laugh*)

Well, see you.


United States of Odaiba 2009

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