Friday, February 22, 2008

Aura #210208



21st February 2008
From the hotel
Good evening o(^-^)o Today too thanks for everything !! I chatted with the drama members at the hotel today !! Somehow it feels like a training camp during school club activities, really fun !! But... tomorrow we have to start from 5 am ↓↓ If we don't sleep soon... (*laugh*) But somehow or another, I think youths will just tide it over (・ω・)/
Did you watch Jump yesterday ?? My junior, Junpei was there too ne !! Both of us were doing our very best, you know !! Tell me what you think of it (^O^)/________ Tomorrow about 30 reporters will be at the scene of the filming location !! I wonder what will be happening at the scene like that ?? (*laugh*) Will it be a ruckus ?? But... Mok-kun's smile will be perfectly shown ('-^*)/ Everyone too, without fail... please watch Puzzle, ne (^O^)/
The photo is taken at the hotel before my bath !!


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