Monday, March 21, 2011

Inoue Mao Staff Diary
7th March 2011

♪Weekly Shounen Magazine♪
7th March 2011 14:30

We had a shoot for 'Weekly Shounen Magazine' yesterday♪

As expected, we cannot go abroad with the schedule we have now,
so we went to the studio house at Shichirigahama where the ocean can be seen!!

It was unusually good weather for a magazine shoot!!
It seems like M-san from Kodansha has somehow turned into the 'clear weather guy' this year (*laugh*)
But as always Mao-san invokes the wind... she really is the wind lady.

From the roof, the scenery really looks like we are abroad!!
Thanks to the clear weather and the breeze, we could the the symbol of Japan, Mount Fuji, clearly!
Do you see what's that fuzzy thing on the right side of Mao-san??

About half of the staff that day had hay fever so the location was a flurry of sneezes.
I have it too and I cannot sneeze daintily at all. Mao-san is always laughing at me...
Mao-san's sneezes are really cute!!
Then while the wonderful interview was going on, I unintentionally let out an "Aaaaahhchoooooo!!!"...
The writer immediately said,"You sure sneeze like an old man!!"'
(By the way, Mao-san does not have hay fever, so don't worry)

The cameraman this time is Saito Kiyotaka-san.
Looking at his photos, people said,"No wonder he's called Mister Clear Shots!!"
Saito-san even shows an amateur like me photography pointers!

Finally everyone took a photo as a keepsake♪♪
Everyone squeezed in to fit into one frame (*laugh*)

Weekly Shounen Magazine Combined Volume 22・23 goes on sale on 27th April!!
Everyone, please look forward to it!!


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