Friday, May 28, 2010

Hotaru no Hikari 2
Cast Updates

Besides Hotaru (Ayase Haruka) and Buchou (Fujiki Naohito), other cast members have been decided!

Continuing from the previous series are...
Yamada Sachiko, also known as Yamada nee-san (Itaya Yuka) and Futatsugi (Yasuda Ken).

The new members of SW Build are Mukai Osamu and Usuda Asami.

And then there's the mysterious lady who's close to Buchou, played by Kimura Tae.

What developments will we see in Hotaru no Hikari 2!?
Look forward to the performances by this strong cast!!

Additional cast:
Ishii Momoka
Takahashi Tsutomu
Nakabeppu Aoi
Ichikawa Tomohiro
Kimisawa Yuki
Ide Takuya
Sato Chiaki
Yanagisawa Takahiko
Mashita Rena



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Mizobata Junpei in a Box

28th May 2010

On the 27th, Mizobata Junpei (20) and Aibu Saki (24) attended the end-of-filming announcement for the movie NECK (opens 21st August) in Tokyo. The story revolves around a machine which manufactures ghosts, a 'kyun horror' movie.

Mizobata made his entrance on stage in the box, only his head could be seen. He commented later, "After filming for about a minute in the box, it was a relief being able to have a change of clothes, and seeing Aibu-san again made my heart go 'kyun kyun'."


Mizobata Junpei and Aibu Saki to star in NECK


26th May 2010
Mizobata Junpei will make women cry?
In the variety program Haran Bakusho (NTV) where Mizobata is one of the hosts, a popular fortuneteller gave his divine insights regarding Mizobata. Mizobata Junpei is the type of guy "who'll make the girl cry", and "although he'll get married, it'll definitely end in a divorce". Listening to those harsh words, Mizobata was silent and kept shaking his head in protest. However, the fortuneteller also predicted, "If you put this guy (Mizobata) in a TV program, the audience ratings will go up."

Excerpt from:

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MatsuJun will glitter up your Monday nights in rainbow-coloured hues

28th May 2010
Matsumoto Jun (26) from Arashi will lead Fuji TV's Monday night drama titled 'Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku' (Summer's Love Glitters Iridescent) starting in July. This is his first starring role in the Monday night slot and a first among his Arashi members as well. Takeuchi Yuko (30) plays his love interest.

Matsumoto plays a second-generation actor who is riding on the coattails of his illustrious actor father. As an actor himself though, he fails miserably and appears more often in variety shows than scoring acting roles. He also has an argumentative nature and even nitpicks on the way girls he dates hold their chopsticks. Skydiving with a friend one day as a distraction to his problems, he loses control of his parachute and lands on a large tree near the beach. As he is stuck hanging, a beautiful older lady with a cheerful disposition played by Takeuchi happens to pass by and their love story begins.

Matsumoto commented,"To be given a role in a Fuji TV Monday night drama, which I have been watching since I was young, is an honour. There's pressure but I will do my best."


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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mayumi Sada Pregnant with Second Child

From her blog:

To all the fans who are always watching warmly over me

There's news from me

I'm currently pregnant with my second child, angel-chan is quickly growing in my belly

I'm ecstatic beyond words

I'll continue to be a devoted mother and a career woman everyday

To everyone, I thank you for your support, yoroshiku onegaishimasu

I hope to have many children ★

Congratulations, Shizuka-san!!


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Today in Photos
23rd May 2010

Sawajiri Erika attending her beloved brother's wedding.

Kuroki Meisa performing at Girls Award 2010.

Hayato Ichihara and Kengo Kora at the stage greeting of their movie 'Box!'.

Kato Seishiro promoting au LISMO's original drama 'Loss Time Life ~Parent & Child version~' which begins 7th June.

Xiah Junsu performing at Girls Award 2010.

Tamaki Kouji and Aota Noriko at Narita Airport.

Sawajiri Erika's ass performing at Girls Award 2010.


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