Thursday, February 28, 2008

Aura #260208





26th February 2008
Today, because of the rain... filming ended in the morning !! After that... we went to eat eel and rice with the producer of the drama !! Super tasty ('-^*)/ How to say it, my tongue was enchanted ne !! But... maybe it's still the tongue of a child... rather than the unagi... I prefer the unagi sauce (^_^;) After that, we took note of some things for tomorrow's filming and went back to the hotel, and I was soon sound asleep (*laugh*) Because work was halted by the rain, I ended up sleeping over at the hotel again today !! To be away from Tokyo for 8 nights and 9 days... as might be expected, I want to go back there ↓↓ (*laugh*)

The comment during Jump, makes you think that there'll be a kid on tomorrow ne ?? I'm sorry to say, tomorrow... there won't be (^_^;) Sorry ↓↓

The day of the drama broadcast is slowly getting near ne (^-^)/ Until the April drama season, really, thank you for waiting !!


unagi - eel
Eels sound unappetizing, but they really taste good.


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