Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e
Behind the scenes shots - Beach !


Looking at behind the scenes stuff might shatter the magic of the drama for some but I like to trawl around for those kind of shots. Needless to say, the main players are a little hard to uncover, while Toma is probably protected by a Johnny-patented aura that reflects off any sort of shot not sanctioned by the jimusho. The rest are plucked here and there from the ikemen boys' blogs. (All without err.. permission I might add but I suppose no one would care about a dot on the net.. I hope 8|) Some of them kids receive so little air time I've trouble tellin 'em apart but they're Hana Kimi boys all right. First up, Episode 5's beach shots.

Beach 1

Dorm 1 Kitahanada, Dorm 2 Saga, Dorm 3 Yao and the rest something or other


Dorm 1 Tetsukayama


.. with a few other fellas

Kagurazaka at the beach.jpg



Kaguraza's mate, Bob-chan !


Ashiya aka the cheek-pinchingly cute Horikita Maki


Can't find the bikini shot :)

kayashima the ref.jpg

Dorm 2 Kayashima the ref

Yao and Kayashima

Dorm 3 Yao and Dorm 2 Kayashima

Yao and Kitahanada.jpg

Dorm 3 Yao and Dorm 1 Kitahanada


Tennouji and Dorm 1 Kitahanada

tennouji battered.jpg

and finally .... a battered Tennouji ! heh


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