Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A piece of Maki

Do you wanna piece of Maki ? ;) Her talent agency, Sweet Power, is taking applications for talent managers. I think some people would apply for it, minimum wages (^u^)

Sweet Power recruiting Talent Managers


You feel like you're growing together with the talent.
(Lady who has worked 2 years in the company)

Hajimemashite, I'm Koshima Mieko, a manager. This time, I'm going to introduce my job based on my experience here.

Most importantly, you must find out about each talent's individual personalities and reach out to them. For me personally, I can feel for each of the girls who has a 'cannot lose to anyone' attitude. Therefore, I am here to give support to them and when the time calls for it, to be able to be strict too. The girls are close to us though so even if we speak frankly, things won't turn to a sour note later ne (*laugh*)

When the talent that you discover scores a leading part, or gets to be a heroine, is the time when you're the happiest. When you see them in movies or dramas, you think to yourself "I'm glad I'm doing this job..." You feel like you're growing together with the talent.

Together with the talent, you fulfill the dream of 'raising a top-notch actress'. On their part too, you want them to feel that this is all worth doing.

Talent Managers

Recruiting circumstances
The number of our talents getting their big break are increasing.
This company currently has many talents under us who are geting their big break in dramas, movies and commercials. At the same time, our scouts are putting in more effort in training and scouting new talents ! Accordingly, we are increasing the number of managers in our personnel.

Junior College graduate and above, 20~29 years old (inexperienced people welcome!) Important : Standard driving license.
Those with a vision of being in the world of show business !
Loves movies and dramas !
Follows the women's monthly magazines !

Employment terms

Regular (full-time) employee. Trial period 3 months.

Working hours

10:00~19:00 (Actual work hours 8 hours)
Please take note that to accommodate for the talent's activities, you may sometimes be required to work from early morning or until late at night.

Fixed salary 180 000 yen ~ 250 000 yen (depending on age, experience etc)


On Tuesday, August 26, 2008 3:41:00 AM, Blogger atskv9 wrote...

Any clue which magazine these new scans are from? I have a feeling it's CM Now ^_^


On Wednesday, August 27, 2008 12:52:00 PM, Blogger unleashthegeek wrote...

No idea (^^ゞ


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