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Hana Yori Dango Final
Cinema Pia Matsumoto Jun Interview

"The highlight of the movie is how we band together.
I want to create a masterpiece of a work, the best ever Hanadan."

The tension is up when F4 gets together after a long absence !

Matsumoto Jun's inherent mischievousness is put to maximum use in his well-suited role as the son of a major financial conglomerate, Doumyouji Tsukasa. Throughout the series, he wasn't just a roughneck but also revealed a side of him that was pure and honest. The charm of his playfulness grows on you.

Matsumoto Jun :
It's rare to get an opportunity to play the same role thrice. The movie is set 4 years after Returns so I think that Doumyouji Tsukasa has also gone through some changes. As the story unfolds this time round, he will start to mature. But as always, he likes to beat people up, and acts like a baka, that side of him would probably not change too much (*laugh*) Filming in Hong Kong, Las Vegas, it's like a road movie, so naturally I want to make it full of emotions.

The girl that you overcame all sorts of trouble with, Tsukushi, what kind of change is there going to be in her ?

Matsumoto Jun :
What is memorable during the filming is the the moments when Doumyouji Tsukasa talks to Tsukushi about their love. Before, Tsukushi would get all confused and flustered, and be suspicious of his intentions. This time round when it happens, she would just look really happy. I think this is one of the things that shows how things have developed over the 4 years. Announcing an engagement is not something I have experienced personally, but even for myself I do have the desire for marriage. Depending on the impetus, or just going with the flow in terms of timing, I'm also doing research on the people around me who are already married (*laugh*)

The fans have waited a long time for the F4 reunion ! "The tension is increasing for me too", says Matsumoto.

Matsumoto Jun :
When we finished filming the action scenes, it gave me the same kind of feeling I get during crank-ups. I think there's 3, no, more than 3 climaxes to these scenes. The highlight is all the jostling around we go through. We're doing our best to create a masterpiece of a work, the best ever Hanadan, so that everyone would feel glad that they get to watch this in a theater.







「アクションシーンを撮り終えたときは、若干クランクアップ的な気分になったのですが、あと3 つ、いや3つじゃ足りないくらいの山があると思います。見せ場が目白押しなんですよ。僕らの作る『花男』の最高傑作を作ろうと頑張っているところなので、映画館で見てよかったと思える作品になるはずです」


Kyaaaaa, I think I was hyperventilating as I was reading the things he said about marriage. The interview didn't ask him anything about his own thoughts on it but he mentioned it anyway. When he talks about Doumyouji he would refer to him by name, but in that portion he mentioned "as for me". Impetus ? Timing ? It sounds like he already has someone in mind ;)


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It's not easy to find many informations about backstage or shoot location of HYD series .
Thank you for making the list and translating many interesting informations.^^


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