Monday, January 21, 2008

Aura #200108



昨日は、誕生日おめでとうコメントを沢山頂きまして、本当にありがとうございました(^-^)/ すごく嬉しかったし、元気や勇気を頂きましたぁ!!二十歳の誕生日…沢山の人に祝ってもらいとても幸せに思います!!こんなにもの人が支えてくれてるって気づかされる日にもなりました!!明日からもパワフル笑顔で『山本裕典』頑張っていきます!!

'Powerful smile'
Good evening ! Today too thanks for everything !! From morning, I was at a high school for my photo-taking shoot !! High school nowadays comes with an elevator... imagine that. Needless to say, it comes complete with air-conditioning !! What a luxury na~it's great na~. In my high school, we used electric fans and heaters !! To get to the 4th floor, of course we used the staircase (ノ_・。) But, a different era has arrived ne !! It's the era of 'education with breathing space' system !! I too would have liked to have been brought up with that 'education with breathing space' system !!

Yesterday, I received many birthday congratulations in the comments, really, thank you very much (^-^)/ I was really happy, and it filled me with spirit and courage !! On my 20th birthday... it really made me happy that many people congratulated me !! It was a day when I realized that I have the support of many people !! From tomorrow, with a powerful smile 『 Yamamoto Yusuke 』 will do his best !!


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