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Akai Ito
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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mizobata Junpei

14 June 2009

Good evening! !

Everyone, many thanks for all your greetings (*^o^*)

There was a birthday celebration on-location today, and in the evening a birthday party at the office (^_^)v

Manager-san's children were also there, and the 3-year-old one wished me "Happy Birthday". It was great o(^-^)o

Thank you also to the fans who gave me presents! (o^∀^o) I will use them with great care↑

It was an awesome 20th birthday (^_^)v

Thank you to everyone!

From here on onwards, please take care of me too (^_^)v

15 June 2009

Good evening! !

The photo of the cake is wonderful isn't it? (*^o^*)

Today there was a celebration of my 20th birthday at the BOSS filming location!!

I'm really happy to have celebrated my birthday 3 times (>_<)

I was also surprised to receive presents from every cast and staff member!

A memory for a lifetime!

Thank you very much (o^∀^o)

16 June 2009

Good evening! !

I received this iPod speaker as a birthday present from the staff!

I've always wanted this (*^o^*)

Now I'll have this with me when covering events, during make-up sessions and so on!

Recently, I've been listening to SMAP's 'Oretachi ni wa ashita ga aru'!

Listening to SMAP before I leave for work, I feel happy and charged-up (o^∀^o)

Seems like I prefer these kind of songs as I get older.

Ah but I've also been listening to Namie Amuro-san o(^-^)o

Amuro-chan banzai↑ [laugh]

15 June 2009
Already an Adult!

Good evening, 'MU' here!

Yesterday, 14 June,

Junpei-kun attained the Adult status.

Do you feel that just for a while there's an adult-like atmosphere during the filming of BOSS??

After the birthday song,
with one breath he blew out the 20 candles on the cake,
within the studio there was a swirl of applause.

The staff and cast immediately filled up their tummies with cake.

It was a really sweet, fruity and delicious cake!

Of course, 'MU' also ate the cake.


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