Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Birthday unleash!!

Thank you for all the translations!!

And thanks for putting up with my Junpei obsession lol (^8^)/
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Friday, May 15, 2009

Mizobata Junpei

10 May 2009
To Everyone

I have read all the comments.

I paid special attention to the severe comments, and take them sincerely.

I'm in a position where I should be repaying the fans' kindness and support for me, but my careless behaviour, as was reported, has instead caused concern. Upon reflecting on the matter, once again, I am truly sorry.

It's been 2 years since I've arrived in Tokyo, and I have been blessed with work. I might have lost sight of what is most important.

There were times when thoughts like "I don't seem to be myself" or "I didn't use to be this way" crept in. I disregarded the advice and attention from my family and the people surrounding me. I gave in to temptation at the expense of my job.

Because of my folly, such events have arisen, and it is now that I fully realize that I had forgotten what is most important to me.

For the warm-hearted fans who might be hurt, the trouble that I have caused to my family and staff and betraying the trust that you have put in me, I am deeply sorry.

I am really grateful for the work that I have right now.

I have reflected on my self-conceit and lack of vigilance, and recalled back the feelings that I had during the time of my debut. I'm taking this experience as an opportunity for self-renewal, and to persevere in my daily work.

To the fans who were worried about me, thank you.

Blog updates will be as usual from tomorrow onwards, I hope you'll come by again o(^-^)o

I'll work hard filming BOSS tomorrow!!

Next time just be more discreet Junpei.
We don't want to know who you spend your wild nights with ><


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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Akai Ito
Episode Ten Softsubs

MF here

Akai Ito Softsubs
Episode One
Episode Two
Episode Three
Episode Four
Episode Five
Episode Six
Episode Seven
Episode Eight
Episode Nine
Episode Ten

Subbed PV
HY - 366 Days

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hiroki Narimiya

10 May 2009
My time to relax


Filming ended early morning today.

What should I do?

What to do?

It was a moment's worry.

I'm going to the spa from yesterday.

Finally, my first experience with Doctor Fish.

It tickles.

I've been interested to try this Doctor Fish for quite a while.

Together with my manager

Less than half the fish are at my feet.

Seems I'm not well-liked.

That's sad.

Manager taking his feet out of the water.

Here they coooooome.

They head for my feet.

Time to relax.


Your feet will be smooth, so I recommend this to everyone.

It tickles, so you'll have to endure it for a while.

After this I'm going to the sauna for a good sweat to refresh myself.

There's a party with the staff tonight.

I'll get to know them better.

This has been Narimiya.

Fish spa?! I'll pass!


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