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18th September 2009

It's been a while.

These past few days I have often came back home late and have little free time. Sorry...

I've just about gotten used to filming.
For the last cut today, the director gave me an 'OK!' in one cut,
it made me so happy. I've gotten to this point all thanks to the staff and Mao-chan,
everyday we are able to complete filming without a hitch.

I'm deeply grateful.

There's something 'fashionable' going on at filming location these days.

For protection from the new strain of influenza, everyone wears a mask on location.
Then what they've started doing is putting designs on their masks.

20th September 2009

Can everyone read that??

It's a Japanese word that the producer taught me today, it means 'to think of the feelings of those around, to consider', it's read 'omonbakaru'.
I was taught a good word ne!

Certainly for the 'omonbakara' me, I would want to be considerate to those around. (^O^)

Today's filming was in the studio the whole day too.

For some reason, there were many children today.

Was there an audition? Or they came for filming?

It seems the children study English, all of a sudden they came to talk to me.
"What's your favourite food?" they asked, and when I answered, "Pickles,"
they burst into laughter. (*⌒∇⌒*)

Wonder if I said something strange?

By the way, the other day I asked in the blog "What does this photo look like?",
to me it looks like a clown! Did you get my thought...?

A face series photo. Do you see Doraemon in this??

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