Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hana Kimi SP
Final filming day

From 2ch extras, filming for extras ended on 7th but a staff said filming will still go on for 3 days after that.

Dorm 1 Takashi Mitsuomi/Daikokucho Mitsuomi said in his blog that Hana Kimi filming will be the last on the 10th. He was also thrown in the pool that day, the 7th. He said a "goblin" crept up behind him and pushed him in before he could do anything. Goblin = Dorm 1 Leader.

The ever-reliable Dorm 3 Toshi/Imamiya Sho wrote that the 10th is an オールアップ "all up" day for Dorm 3. I don't get that all up. All nighter ? All done ? All fired up ? Or he's gonna post a pic of the entire Dorm 3 ? Kayashima already had his crank-up and there's still filming ? A crank-up with all cast members present would be nice eh..

Photo from Toshi's blog today.
Dorm 3 Yasuhisa and himself.

Cicada's shedded shell NIKE

I just wanna see it already !

Quick update 11th April:
Filming has wrapped up. Not sure about the main cast but the other supporting ikemens from all the dorms and Hibari 4 were involved on crank-up day yesterday.


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