Saturday, December 11, 2010

Oricon CM Ranking 2010

Number in ( ) indicates last year's ranking, if any.
Names in [ ] indicate main performers.

1. Softbank Mobile (1)
[Ueto Aya, Higuchi Kanako, Dante Carver, Kitaouji Kinya, Katori Shingo]

2. KDDI (2)
[Tsuchiya Anna, Arashi]

3. NTT Docomo (3)
[Horikita Maki, Kimura Kaela, Watanabe Ken, Okada Masaki]

4. Lotte (4)
[Sasaki Nozomi, Sato Takeru, Watanabe Naomi]

5. Aflac (9)
[Miyazaki Aoi, Hamada Gaku]

6. Nintendo (-)

7. Suntory (7)
[Tommy Lee Jones, Ichihara Etsuko]

8. Daihatsu (17)
[Yusuke Santamaria, Koike Eiko]

9. Kikkoman (-)
[Akashiya Sanma, Hirosue Ryoko]

10. Tokyo Gas (30)
[Tsumabuki Satoshi, Konishi Manami]


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Friday, December 10, 2010

Japan Trip 2010
Day 5

Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Midtown and Tokyo Dome

Lunch at a Kaiten-zushi Oedo (sushi on conveyor belt). 136Y per plate. 136Y for the miso soup too.

There were a few types of salmon nigiri - grilled, raw, shabu-shabu, marinade... ate them all :)
[15 plates + 2 miso soup = 2312Y]

Then to the nearby Ikebukuro Libro.

Promotional posters up!

There was a panel on the evolution of Hello Kitty, this one's my favourite.

Next, to Tokyo Tower. There was a long queue for the observatory, so we skipped that.

"The Japanese must eat the fish!"

Went into the mall, rested at McDonald's.
[Cappucino + McFlurry + Fries = 860Y]
The McFlurry, there were bits of chocolate cake in it - weird tasting cos they ended up all soggy. And there's no chilli sauce to dip the fries in.
unleash had taken a free newspaper, there was a feature on illuminations around Tokyo. One pic caught our attention, the one at Tokyo Dome. So we added it to our itinerary. We didn't know the train station to the dome, so we asked the girls beside us. Got our answer, said our thanks and went on our way.

Before Tokyo Dome, to Tokyo Midtown first.

Lights came on exactly at 5pm.

Aww... how romantic.

Final stop for the day: Tokyo Dome.
As we walked up the steps, I thought I heard Arashi. Didn't recognize the song (actually throughout our walk around the dome area we didn't recognize a single song lol), but it just sounded so Arashi. Then we realized why we've been seeing so many ladies (of all ages - toddlers to grannies) carrying Arashi bags, it's their concert and the goods were lined up outside in tents.

We walked from behind this panel, I thought there was a crowd because there's a screen showing snippets of the concert. No, it's just that Arashi board.

I joined the crowd too, lol.

We bought a bag [1000Y] and 2 folders [500Y each] - one of all the members and a MatsuJun one. No carrier bag, no receipt. I guess everyone's suppose to advertise that bag.

Around the dome there were girls singing along and a few dancing to the concert inside. Could hear the shrieks from inside the dome as we walked *8*

Moving away from the singing and dancing girls, we wanted to see the illuminations.

Dinner at Festa Cafe after all that walking.
[Chilli dog + Mushroom pasta + Royal milk tea + Matcha milk tea = 1620Y]


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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Japan Trip 2010
Day 4

Mount Takao & Shinjuku

After 3 days in concrete Tokyo, we wanted to see more greenery. To Mount Takao! No regrets going there :)

At Shinjuku Station (the maze of train networks here is just amazingly vast!), we were given directions to take the semi-special train to Takaosanguchi. Straight route, we were there in 50 mins. It would've been the same price changing lines [520Y].

A rare sight - an empty row of seats.

Map of different hiking trails.

Instructions on how to get on and off the chairlift [900Y, up and down].

Relaxing and great views. Even here, Meiji had to advertise!

Get off the chairlift and start your hiking trail. We just followed the crowds. There's an observatory deck and places to eat.

Tempura soba [780Y] and Yamayasai udon [730Y].
Choose your meals from a ticketing machine (unleash reads the menu ^v^), slot your coins or notes in, get your tickets and change. Present your tickets to the person inside, they'll call out your numbers once food is ready. Take your trays, say arigatou, then itadakimasu!! Yummy~

After taking in the views, back down. Argh a long queue for the chairlift down! But it's all systematic, the wait wasn't that bad.

On the way to the train station, still pretty!

I saw this from the train

From hiking (okay not really~), to shopping! This time to Shinjuku.
Takashimaya and Tokyu Hands. We just love browsing through stuff at Tokyu Hands.

I like to read the explanations they give in the toilets.
"Shower - Rinses your posterior with warm water." How elegant.

We saw a poster advertising 100 Yen Shop in Ikebukuro Station, so we looked for it and found it after a few rounds of searching. After so much shopping, our tummies were rumbling. Had dinner at Denny's (24 hours). This place was noisy! The girls were just shrieking away - so different from being in the trains. We were squeezed so packed, there was no chance of falling, but it's quiet. Didn't take any pics of the food, too hungry!
Hamburger steak [880Y] and Chicken curry rice [850Y].


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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

OCN Keyword Ranking 2010
Entertainment Category

OCN Keyword Ranking 2010
Entertainment Category


2. Inazuma Eleven
3. Yugioh
4. Hanamaru Market
5. K-On!
6. Gegege no Nyobo
7. Metal Fight Bayblade
8. Duel Masters
9. Anpanman
10. Ryomaden

11. Kimi ni Todoke
12. IRIS
13. Doraemon
14. Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn!
15. Fullmetal Alchemist
16. Piramekino
19. Hakuoki Shinsengumi Kitan
20. Karei Naru Isan

21. Precure
22. Dragon Ball
23. Nodame Cantabile
24. Tsuki no Koibito
25. Bakemonogatari
26. Kaibutsu-kun
27. Durarara!!
28. Sunao ni Narenakute
29. Ainori
30. Usavich

OCN Keyword Ranking 2010
Male Celebrities

OCN Keyword Ranking 2010
Female Celebrities


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OCN Keyword Ranking 2010
Female Celebrities

A ranking of female celebrities users search for on OCN in 2010. Number in ( ) indicates last year's ranking, if any.

OCN Keyword Ranking 2010
Female Celebrities

1. AKB48 (1)

2. Asada Mao (8)

3. Inoue Mao (7)

4. Maeda Atsuko (-)
5. Kitagawa Keiko (5)
6. Ikimonogakari (6)
7. Nishino Kana (-)
8. Shoujo Jidai (-)
9. Mizuki Nana (10)
10. Oshima Yuko (-)

11. Hamasaki Ayumi (9)
12. Sawajiri Erika (48)
13. Sasaki Nozomi (20)
14. Sato Hiroko (-)
15. Shinoda Mariko (-)
16. Takashima Aya (47)
17. KARA (-)
18. Kitano Kie (-)
19. Kimura Kaela (18)
20. YUI (2)

21. Maki Youko (-)
22. Itano Tomomi (-)
23. Koyanagi Yuki (-)
24. Hokuto Akira (50)
25. Kikuma Yukino (-)
26. Tsuji Nozomi (4)

27. Rinka (16)

28. aiko (11)
29. Osawa Akane (-)
30. Kim Yu-na

OCN Keyword Ranking 2010
Male Celebrities

OCN Keyword Ranking 2010
Entertainment Category

OCN Keyword Ranking 2009
Female Celebrities


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OCN Keyword Ranking 2010
Male Celebrities

A ranking of male celebrities users search for on OCN in 2010. Number in ( ) indicates last year's ranking, if any.

OCN Keyword Ranking 2010
Male Celebrities

1. Tohoshinki (2)

2. Arashi (1)

3. Akanishi Jin (11)

4. EXILE (3)
5. Lee Byung Hun (-)
6. Ohno Satoshi (36)
7. Fukuyama Masaharu (8)
8. Sato Takeru (5)
9. Mukai Osamu (16)
10. Ninety-nine (-)

11. Yamada Ryosuke (13)
12. Kamiji Yusuke (4)
13. Kamenashi Kazuya (21)
14. Matsumoto Jun (38)
15. Ninomiya Kazunari (-)
16. Takahashi Daisuke (-)
17. Park Yong Ha (-)
18. Ishikawa Ryo (28)
19. Okamura Takashi (-)
20. Nakamura Shunsuke (-)

21. Kimura Takuya (-)
22. Yuzu (25)
23. Tamaki Hiroshi (-)
24. Honda Keisuke (-)
25. Watanabe Yoichi (-)
26. Mizuki Shigeru (-)
27. Untouchable (-)
28. Yamashita Tomohisa (27)
29. Kobukuro (10)
30. Hashimoto Kyomei

OCN Keyword Ranking 2010
Female Celebrities

OCN Keyword Ranking 2010
Entertainment Category

OCN Keyword Ranking 2009
Male Celebrities


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Monday, December 06, 2010

Japan Trip 2010
Day 3


Our favourite place in 2008. We still love it in 2010!
We bought the Yurikamome One-day Common Ticket [900Y] - for unlimited rides on the train and water taxi (limited to certain routes) around Odaiba. The boatride alone would cost 460Y, so this ticket is a good deal. To take the boat, stop at Hinode Station then follow directions to Hinode Pier on foot.

Guess what? We had the whole boat to ourselves!! Lucky~ No other passengers, so I started jumping around on the upper deck lol. It was a clear sunny day, so different from Day 2.

unleash's hair, just like a Tsubaki CM right?

The boatride lasted for about 20 minutes, it'll end at Odaiba Seaside Park. We saw this...

OMG is it some drama filming? Er no film crew... OMG is it a celeb drama photo-op for a magazine? When they walked towards us, we realized they were real bride and groom lol.

We walked up, entered Decks. A Takoyaki Museum!!

Very yummy, mentaiko takoyaki.
[10 takoyaki + 1 coke = 800Y]

At Fuji TV, that blue dog appeared, and we saw Mao's drawing of her room.

Next, Venus Fort. We had lunch while waiting for illumination.

Tempura udon [1100Y]

Udon and mentaiko set [900Y]

Beautiful! The light-up (at specific times) was gorgeous.

A little bit of shopping, then back to Ikebukuro. We still had time to browse around at Tokyu Hands.

And you can't walk around Tokyo without seeing these guys:


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