Saturday, March 06, 2010

Hiroki Narimiya Blog
Wait a minute, where is this?

5th March 2010 23:25

I just realized
It's already March...

Time flies~

I had Romanian food
With Romanian friends

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A country where agriculture is prosperous
Maybe that's why Romanian food
Suits the palate of Japanese people

My friend asked
how to recommend a dish


I taught him the polite form

Change of topic

Right now, doing something new

A first ladies' item
A collaboration

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It's my tenth anniversary
So it might be related

6th March

I made my debut
On that day

To everyone who reads this blog
It'll be great if I could meet you

Tomorrow ne

This is kinda irritating right...
Feels like a quiz [laugh]

S after all [laugh]

This has been Narimiya.

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Friday, March 05, 2010

Matsuda Shota tackles juggling

A new CM for UHA e-ma Throat Candy starring actor Matsuda Shota (24) will start airing on the 6th. While the previous CM had Shota tap dancing, the second in the series has him trying out another new experience. Under the guidance of pro juggler Morita Tomohiro, Shota was able to juggle 3 objects within 15 minutes on the first day of practice. Besides practicing in the studio, he also did some on his own at home during his free time. On the day of the shoot, he was still enthusiastically juggling the throat candy cases in the corner before filming started. With all the work he had put in, he said confidently,"I'm not that nervous anymore." On camera, he moved naturally and the shoot wrapped up without a hitch.


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The Return of Hoso Macho!

Nakamura Shido (37) and Matsuda Shota (24) are back battling the Gori Macho in the 3rd installment of Suntory's popular Protein Water ads. The 'Alleluia' version has the Hoso Macho team (Slim Macho) battling the Gori Macho (Gorilla Macho) team in the familiar dance-off, this time on an 80's disco era dance floor.

It has been half a year since their last shoot, but it took only one rehearsal before the two of them were back in the groove. Shido showed off his unique dance moves between takes, shaking his hips from side to side while maintaining a perfectly straight face. The director was so taken in by the comic disparity, he incorporated the moves into the commercial. Shido commented,"Back in high school, I used to make my friends laugh with that move. It brings back memories."

With this being their third CM together, Shido and Shota seem to be getting along well. Referring to the gaudy outfits they had on, Shota asked him,"Shall we go for a drink, just like this?" Shido quipped,"Sounds great, let's go for yakitori too."

The new CM airs from 9th March.

Making and new CM


Natsu Matsuri version


Slim & Macho Celebrity Ranking


And with the return of Hoso Macho is my return too (*'ー'*)ノ~

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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Mizobata Junpei
In Shibatora Special 2

4th March 2010

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On the 4th, actor Koike Teppei attended the production announcement for Fuji TV's 'Shibatora Special 2' (scheduled for broadcast in May) in Tokyo. The drama series was aired in 2008, followed by a Special episode in May 2009. On playing the baby-faced Shibata Taketora, Koike comments, "People around me are saying that I've grown old, so I wonder if it'll be alright," inducing laughter from the reporters. Once more, a new member joins - Mizobata Junpei. Both of them were winners from the JUNON Super Boy Contest Grand Prix. This will be their first drama together.



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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

CM Updates

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Mizushima Hiro: Panasonic P-02B

Matsuyama Kenichi: NTT Docomo Prime Series

Tamaki Hiroshi: Nagatanien | Clorets

Aragaki Yui: Haruyama

Koyuki: Suntory | Panasonic Diga

Kuroki Meisa: Kirin Cola Shock

Sakuraba Nanami: Suntory Nat-chan

Toda Erika & Abe Hiroshi: MUFG

Yu Kashii: Kirin Nodogoshi

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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bloody Monday 2
Official Book

Release date: 1st March 2010

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Buy from YesAsia:
Document of Bloody Monday Official Book

Buy from AmazonJP:
ドキュメント of ブラッディ・マンディ オフィシャルブック
(Document of Bloody Monday Official Book)

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