Monday, December 24, 2007

Hana Yori Dango Final !


28th June 2008
Opening Nationwide

やっと来た!日本に行きましょう ! Hana Yori Dango Final, the movie, is opening nationwide (in Japan, that is) on the 28th of June 2008, a Saturday. This is where all my studying is slowly heading to. To watch the movie, laugh with it, shed tears to it, kyaa~to it, in its original form without subs. Still half a year to go. 頑張りま~~す.

This is what the main cast had to to say :-

Inoue Mao : Last spurt ! I'll do my best !!

Matsumoto Jun : Kept everyone waiting, na !

Oguri Shun : Sleepy .... but I'll be able to meet everyone.

Matsuda Shota : Look forward to the final.

Abe Tsuyoshi : We will meet at the movie theatre.


Here's a clip with some NG scenes (bloopers) from Season 1 and 2. Watching it makes me all warm and fluffy inside, like what Tegomasu said listening to their Kiss ~ Kaerimichi no Love Song would do to you I suppose.


On Tuesday, April 29, 2008 10:25:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous wrote...

do you have the link for this clip?
i'm collecting HANADAN SPECIAL/NGS clips.

Do let me know if you have the DL link.

mint[ yea, the one frm YT] ^ ^
p/s: i'm not uploading it to s.sites, dun worry~


On Wednesday, April 30, 2008 12:37:00 AM, Blogger unleashthegeek wrote...

Besides that one on Veoh, no idea where else it is. Think you can download it there.


On Wednesday, April 30, 2008 7:54:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous wrote...

oh okay . i'll try it :)


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