Monday, February 25, 2008

Inoue Mao Staff Diary
25th February 2008

花より男子~ファイナル~ 香港ロケ③
2008年02月25日 14:26




Hana Yori Dango ~Final~ Hong Kong location ③
25th February 2008 14:26

It was a scene that involved only the F4, so we had a free night to eat out.
This time, the coordinator given to us in Hong Kong, Tsujimura-san, who is an interpreter under contract with Jackie Chan, also has a gourmet book out.

Following are the frequently recommended cuisine.
As you look at Mao-chan's photos, you will get it, big lobster, fatty fatty cheese, below it pasta, freshly-made bread accompaying it, the dishes disappeared promptly.
"If I come to Hong Kong again, I'll definitely want to come here again !" Mao-chan was impressed with all of the food.

Lobster brimming with cheese

Boiled prawns and Stir-fried vegetable

Baked seafood (scallops) and Jumbo crab deep-fried in garlic

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On Wednesday, February 27, 2008 7:23:00 AM, Anonymous atskv9 wrote...

Hi, your blog is great! I noticed you have some translations of Inoue Mao's staff diary, which is awesome :) A couple of other Mao fans and I have started an English Inoue Mao fan forum and one part of our forum is her Staff Diary entries, which are posted in Japanese. I was wondering if we could possibly use your staff diary translations in our forum. We would give proper credit to you with a link back to your blog. We are currently using Google translator for them and it's seriously lacking, haha. If you are against it, then it's no big deal :) Thanks again for posting these translations. I enjoyed reading them!
Also, feel free to join our forum! We haven't gone public with it yet since it's still being worked on, but it's pretty functional for the most part. We already have a ton of great Mao content on it (ten posts are required to see the media, but if you want to get a better idea of what we have, I can show you). The URL is http://mao-inoue.co.nr .
Thanks again!


On Friday, February 29, 2008 5:11:00 AM, Blogger unleashthegeek wrote...

No problem, dropped you a mail :)


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