Thursday, September 04, 2008

Hana Yori Dango Final
Filming Diary

24th January 2008 (Thursday) Clear weather

Today, beginning in the afternoon, Nishikado Soujiroh played by Matsuda Shota-kun and Matsuoka Yuki played by Nishihara Aki-chan, had their crank-in in the well-known Tea Ceremony Hall from Part 1.
Seeing Nishikado clad in a kimono after all this while, looking all gallant and dignified, the staff told him,"It really suits you ne."
"Is that so?" even as he replied, he was already looking delighted.
But then came the moment of filming and he had a go at the tea initiation ceremony.
"Yabee (Damn!) I've forgotten everything...,"he said with an embarrassed grin.
But the teacher who was guiding him said,"His hand movements are crisp, it's perfect you know." And so it's certified !
Nishidako transformed well into his 'dignified' self this time too, so look forward to it~.

In the evening, Mimasaka Akira played by Abe Tsuyoshi-kun had his crank-in.
Abe-kun made his appearance filming a scene with his family. As always, they look like something out of a fairytale, with outfits a little hard to put on.
Even 4 years later, Emi and Meimi goes, "Onechama~" clinging on their brother.
The staff who saw this scene laughed and said,"Hanadan has returned na." That feeling has came back anew.

At night, Sengoku Sachiyo, the Okami-san played by Kato Takako-san had her crank-in in the studio.
The staff was also infected by Okami-san's gushing super high-tension (*laugh*)
The familiar atmosphere was comfortable.
And then later on that day, the newscaster of the program on Tsukushi's and Tsukasa's marriage report played by Mikumo Takae-san, made her appearance !
From the start to the end, Mikumo-san said,"The report is different from what I'm used to, I feel shy." Matsumoto-kun who was being interviewed nearby came back and saw her.
"Ee~?! Uso~! I'm glad you came !!" he said, his whole face beaming (*laugh*)


Hana Yori Dango Filming Diary replica here !
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4年後の設定でも相変わらず絵夢・芽夢が「お兄ちゃま~」と抱きついていたのですが、 その姿を見ながら楽しそうに笑っているスタッフを見て、「花男が帰ってきたんだなぁ」と改めて実感しました。

最初から最後まで「報道とは勝手が違って、恥ずかしいわ」と言っていた三雲さんでしたが、 近くで取材を受けていた松本くんが帰りに顔を出して挨拶をすると

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