Saturday, November 28, 2009

CM Updates

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Mizushima Hiro: Panasonic Viera P-01B

Ito Hideaki: Kao Success Medicated Shampoo

Kaname Jun: Wii Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers

Matsuyama Kenichi: docomo PRIME

Aibu Saki: Ajinomoto | OCN

Anna Tsuchiya: au by kddi

Becky: Suntory

Kichise Michiko: Panasonic Eco Navi

Nakama Yukie: Nissin Chikin Ramen

Nishihara Aki: Taisho

Ueno Juri: Shiseido Maquillage

That hot Kichise vacuuming?! I don't think so...

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Hiroki Narimiya Blog
With Wonderful People

28th November 2009 01:37

Good evening

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Took photos for the poster of
'Bloody Monday'

Entering the studio for make-up

Ja...ja...jan ♪

The dearly missed theme song of Bloody Monday
was playing

It really is Bloody Monday!!

It's a good atmosphere
Which is exciting ↑↑

This time
The visuals will be more elaborate

After that
I met up with
screenwriter Kitagawa Eriko

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I first got to know her from Orange Days
That was quite a while back

It's been quite a while since I last saw her
It's good to see her healthy
She's pretty

In the home of Bloody Monday's original writer
Drinking wine

The wine tastes delicious and very precious
It goes down smoothly
The writer is giving us a treat

He's generous

While enjoying the wine
There was also quite a serious discussion
about J's character

I received a novel as a souvenir

'Bit Trader'

I've heard about this
Seems quite interesting

It's been an enjoyable day

This has been Narimiya.

26th November 2009 03:44

Once again

Filming is over
And I'm on my way home

I've been staying up till late these days
Somehow I still feel quite good!


The ban is lifted

The revival of 'Bloody Monday'

There's actually been talk about this
Since half a year back
I really like the role that I play
And the original work is one of my favourites

Once again
I look forward to playing that character

I'm grateful to everyone
Who worked for the return of this series

I'll make sure that J is powered up
When he makes his appearance in 2010

Please look forward to it

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Well then

This has been Narimiya.


Hiroki Narimiya Blog Archive

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Narimiya Hiroki will be guest starring in 'The Negotiator -The Movie-' opening in February 2010.



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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tamaki Hiroshi: Product Launch of NEC 09 Winter Mobile Collection

25th November 2009

"From co-stars to friends" - denying that the romance has cooled?

Actor Tamaki Hiroshi (29) and model RINA (29) attended the product launch of NEC's new mobile range. At the end of the event, a reporter asked Tamaki "Who do you socialize with?" hinting at his relationship with actress Yoshitaka Yuriko. "I have no comment on that," he replied. The reporter continued "But you're getting along well?" Tamaki coolly answered, "From being just co-actors, the category has expanded to being friends."

One of the mobile phone models was a collaboration with fashion brand Samantha Thavasa. The 'N-01B' series (available for NTTdocomo) is inspired by nail art, on its interior as well as its exterior, with its characteristic sparkling illumination.

The 'N-02B' series (available for NTTdocomo) is equipped with a 28mm wide angle lens, 12.2 megapixel camera. It loads up in 0.8 seconds and has a lag time of 1.5 seconds between shots.

The 'N-03B' series (available for NTTdocomo) is waterproof and the exterior is coated with 'SCRATCH SHIELD', for long-lasting use.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

The '940N' series (available for SoftBank) offers Wi-Fi compatibility and high-res screens for internet surfing.

The '740N' series (available for SoftBank), with its simple call and mail function buttons, are designed for children.

Regarding mails, Tamaki said, "I don't really use it." What about emailing pictures? "While filming in Europe, I saw a poster of someone with the 'Wish' pose, so I took a photo of that and sent it to DAIGO," he replied. Tamaki Hiroshi's CM will be on-air from mid December, while RINA will make her appeal through NEC's special site.


Fuji TV is selling this mini Chiaki on its site. Priced at 30,000 yen and it's already sold out!!

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Actresses Who Look Best in a School Uniform

20th November 2009

Tsutaya online conducted a survey on which actress looks best in a school uniform.

10. Ayase Haruka
9. Ueto Aya
8. Kaho
7. Kitano Kii
6. Nagasawa Masami
5. Shida Mirai
4. Eikura Nana

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3. Horikita Maki

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2. Aragaki Yui

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1. Inoue Mao

Survey period: 29th October 2009 - 12th November 2009


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Hiroki Narimiya Blog
Final School Festivals

21st November 2009


The final school festivals for the year

Kobe Women's College and Baika Women's College
Off I go

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Kansai is dangerous ne [laugh]

Very excitable
I had a good time there

Thank you very much


These days
Drama filming
From morning till evening

Jet lag too
Have I recovered from it?
I'm not that sure

Ah yes
I announced this at the school festival
From 12 - 24 December
During this period
Narimiya.com real shop
Will open!

The location is somewhere between Harajuku and Shibuya
It's a place with awesome street fashion
There will be a shop

I've thought of this many times
The concept of this shop
It's about "pair"
Various items will be in limited stock
Do drop by.

More details about the location
Will be given later

Today's top item ↑↑

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An adidas parka which I bought from Germany
With an enamel of the adidas mark

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Well then

This has been Narimiya.

Hiroki Narimiya Blog Archive


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