Monday, October 12, 2009

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I'm back!

8th October 2009

I'm back from America!

So many people visited this blog and left comments, I'm really happy!

I didn't have time to update my blog there so excuse the 'belated report' I'm doing.

In America, filming started from morning, and with the jet-lag of about 8 hours difference, the schedule felt a little unbalanced. However it was a great experience and I felt blessed everyday.

30th September (Wednesday) (29th over there)

After about 10 hours in the air, we finally reached New York.
It's colder than Tokyo so it was off to buy warmer wear immediately!
(It was cold on location so Mao-chan and the staff went to buy jackets)

I was together with Mao-chan in the plane and in the car to the hotel so I accompanied her shopping as well.
After buying jackets, I found a shop selling a brand I like 'American Eagle'. I had to accompany everyone this time and Mao-chan said to me with a cute smile,"Guess it can't be helped~."

We heard each other's opinions on the clothes and there was this wonderful atmosphere like we were on a date.
It's not that often that a chance like 'Shopping with Mao-chan' comes around, does it?
Later, about 4 more of the staff members came and everyone had fun shopping together! (;^_^A

Because of lack of sleep that day, I had trouble feeling the 'sense of reality' that I was in America, although I myself am American. I only felt it concretely when I gazed at the skyscrapers and as I looked right and left I kept saying to myself,"What a strange feeling."

The power of the streets of New York that never sleeps is overwhelming..

I got up quite early everyday, the next day I woke up at 4:30 and took a photo of New York in the morning. (To be more accurate, this should be written as the photo of the next day... well, no matter?)

The Chrysler Building was nearby too,

it's a great place, I'll definitely want to go again!

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