Thursday, April 24, 2008

Zettai Kareshi
Mizushima Hiro Special
Part 3


Zettai Kareshi
-Mizushima Hiro's Soushi Mutual Love!?-
-Part 3-

Theme Nakamura Shunsuke-san

This time I'll talk about Soushi's elder brother, the other person besides Aibu-san who I share many scenes with. The role of Masashi is played by Nakamura Shunsuke-san.

To me, he is a significant senpai so I was very nervous at first. I decided to be proactive in my 'breaking the wall tactic' and approached him to talk. No matter what we talked about, his response was always cheerful so we get along very well now. He's a good-humoured, candid person. When the production was just announced I told myself "I have to change myself a little," and now that we're getting along well, it's proof that I've done it (*laugh*). In the drama, Soushi and Masashi are at loggerheads with each other. Perhaps the reason why Soushi is working in the company is so that he will be recognized by his brother. But there's a part of him that refuses to give in no matter what, and that creates a big gap between them. That in turn brings about that rebellious attitude in him. From now on, the state of the sibling relationship will be on his mind but that self-centered part in him does not wish to be on good terms with his brother. When he hears "Let's do our best together," Soushi will always think that he's depending on others and won't go with that flow. Being a man like that is deplorable. But having said that, just going with the flow is not always interesting. Whether there'll be a confrontation, or if they'll part ways, I don't know yet but I want him to take some form of action. My apologies to Nakamura-san, but for the sake of Soushi's growth, I hope that some huge incidents like Masashi being defeated or overthrown will happen. Nakamura-san, I'm sorry (*laugh*).



僕にとっては大先輩で最初は緊張しましたが、"壁崩し作戦"で僕から積極的に話しかけたら、何を話しても明るく返してきてくれて、とても仲良くさせていただいてます。気さくないい方です。制作発表では、僕のことを「ちょっと変わってる」と言ってましたが、それも仲良くなった証拠だと思ってます(笑)。劇中では、創志と将志は犬猿の仲。おそらく創志は会社を経営するという意味では兄を認めているんです。ただ、どうしても譲れない部分があって、そこに大きなズレが生じてしまっているのでああいう反発的な態度をとってしまうんだと思います。今後、この兄弟の仲がどうなるかは気になるところですが、僕個人的にはあまり仲良くなって欲しくないんです。"一緒に頑張ろうぜ"みたいな流れだとどうしても創志に甘えが出てくると思うし、それじゃ男として情けないし、かといってこのままの流れもおもしろくない。それが対立なのか、決別なのかはわからないけれど、何かしらのアクションを起こしたいです。創志の成長を出すためには、中村さんには申し訳ないけど、将志を打ち負かすとか、将志が失脚するような大きな事件があることを期待したいところです。中村さん、すいません (笑)。

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On Friday, April 25, 2008 8:11:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous wrote...

Thank you so much :D


On Saturday, April 26, 2008 2:34:00 PM, Blogger saffron wrote...

have you seen this?
The first look at the Hana Kimi SP, with additional footage/information on Junpei.


On Saturday, April 26, 2008 11:49:00 PM, Blogger unleashthegeek wrote...

xNikitax, maido ari~

Thanks for the link saffron ! It's great to actually see them in action :) Wonder if anyone's subbing it.


On Sunday, April 27, 2008 2:44:00 AM, Blogger saffron wrote...

I am not 100% sure, so don't hold me to this - but I think the person who subbed the drama, Kai, is also providing soft subs for the SP, which would lead me to think that SARS will probably handle the hardsubs.

But I could be wrong. I'm so excited! It's REAL!


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