Friday, September 18, 2009

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Today's filming

16th September 2009

Good evening.

Great weather today too!

But actually because I was filming in the studio the whole day, I didn't notice the time at all!
Somehow it felt like it was about 2 in the afternoon the whole time but when I went out, it had gotten dark.

Well that's a bit of an exaggeration. There was a scene change and after changing outfits, I went back to the studio. Although I knew it was dark out, it was really strange that when I went back in, it felt like noon again.

Something interesting happened at lunch today.

I ate tarako spaghetti at the cafeteria.
I thought it was just a normal order but for some reason, many people went
"Ah, it's tarako spaghetti."
The voices were all around and I attracted curious attention.

Surprisingly, they didn't know it was on the menu. Actors from other filming sets were also called over!
There was someone who looked like he wanted to eat it badly and jokingly asked me "How about sharing half?"
"No, it's okay," that's how the conversation ended up. No doubt he will eat it tomorrow.

Every time I come to the studio, I receive refreshments from various people. Especially today, I got this much!

I'll do my best tomorrow too!

As expected
17th September 2009

Good evening.

Great weather today too~! It's gradually getting cooler (suzushii).
Somehow today I keep making the mistake of saying 'samushii'.
Maybe that's the gap between cool (suzushii) and cold (samui)?

I want to keep on doing my best for the Japanese language...

Just as I predicted yesterday, the guy who came to talk to me about my tarako spaghetti ended up eating it!

Lunch was a little smaller today. (By the way it was cold noodle.)
Because, woah! For refreshments, the crepe store was waiting!!

After eating the banana chocolate whipped cream, in the next scene I had to eat chocolate ice cream, and I ended up with quite a sugar rush.

When my blood sugar level gets too high, I get dizzy. Hopeless, hopeless.

Recently (these past 2 days?) food has become the topic.
This blog seems to be heading towards a blog that talks only about food...

As expected, autumn brings in the appetite!


I'm not sure about the ice cream line but I think that's the gist of it (*^_^;)

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On Friday, September 18, 2009 7:54:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous wrote...

This is great! Such an entertaining blog - Thank you unleashthegeek for all you do!!!!


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