Friday, May 09, 2008

Boo !

Alrite, I'm close to smashing some violins myself now.
I'm pretty easy-going, the net is an open place, images are distributed around, information is shared. Translations take some time but heck, pass it around too.

But what really, really pisses me off is when some punk copy paste your translations and pass them off as her own.



I dunno..this might be fun..might not..ILL TRY~!

YUSUKE'S PERSONAL BLOG!..i shall upload orignal versoin and translated..incase me translation is..BAD.. ^^"

Try what ? Copy-pasting is an art now ?
Even if they were freakin god-awful BAD, don't pretend you did them.

I'm gonna sleep it off.
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Toma in new summer Drama

Toma will play a detective in a TBS drama starting July. It will air on Fridays after 10. The other lead is Arashi's leader, Ohno Satoshi, making his first lead role appearance in a drama. He plays a lawyer seeking revenge. The drama titled 'Maou'(Devil), is a remake of a popular suspense drama shown in Korea last year. Both of them have previously done stage work together but this is their first time working together in a drama.

Sanspo super-short summary
(to appease grumpy's violin violence)
9th May 2008

So, Toma challenging a new role again. He really does take up totally different ones. At first I thought 生田斗真(23)とW主演 means that's he's going to be a detective called W but I think what it means is there are 2 lead roles. Anyway, as long as he's wearing long pants, I'm looking forward to this. Here's the dramawiki entry for Mawang, the original K-drama.









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Aura #070508


7th May 2008
Wisdom Tooth
Today too thanks for everything !! I made my passport today and then went to extract my wisdom tooth !! About the wisdom tooth... it's already the second time... I was prepared for it but... it was painful ↓↓ I was wondering if I would cry (*laugh*) But it was the dentist of my younger brother's friend so... even if I wanted to cry, I endured it (*laugh*) But I'm happy now !! Thank goodness !!

Today's the last day of Gokigenyou, ne !! Thanks for your impressions !! Really made me happy !!


Gokigenyou → http://www.fujitv.co.jp/b_hp/gokigen/

Is that Yusuke ? The wisdom tooth really wrecked havoc on his hair.



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Aura #050508


5th May 2008
Returning festival
Today's the last day of a local festival (^O^)/ Every year, the festival is held without fail, so together with a friend's brother, the 2 of us went to bask in the atmosphere o(^▽^)o It was wonderful, and also felt nostalgic... I felt at ease ('-^*)/ The photo is my favourite food, only the half-eaten dango left hanging !!

Today is the day of broadcast for Gokigenyou o(^▽^)o Would it be successful ?? ↓↓ But still, please take a look ('-^*)/


Gokigenyou → http://www.fujitv.co.jp/b_hp/gokigen/

今日は地元のお祭りの最終日でしたぁ(^O^)/毎年、必ずいっているお祭りだったので雰囲気だけでも感じようと友達の弟と二人でいってきましたぁo(^▽^)o 凄く、懐かしい感じもあり…安らいだ気がしました('-^*)/



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Aura #030508


3rd May 2008
Fukui Prefecture
Today too thanks for everything !! From now, I'm going into my long Golden Week (^O^)/ My friend promptly invited me out today. With my friend's girlfriend, the 3 of us went sightseeing around her place, Fukui Prefecture !! It was really fun !! This year so far, when it comes to holidays, I can only think of going karaoke or bowling but in the end, I can't really remember how I spent them !! It's really great that my friend called me out today !!

I'll briefly go over how we spent the day !!
After getting caught in traffic for 5 hours, we reached Fukui !! Went sightseeing in Fukuishi !! Went to the beach and played around !! Ate soft serve ice cream at the ranch !! Like Suspense Tuesday, went to Toujinbou and looked over the edge of the cliff, ate cuttlefish !! Went to a Crocs specialist shop and bought matching batches !! Went to a bar and chatted enthusiastically !! Went to the mountains and gazed at the stars and scenery !! Returning home now !! That's how it went !! Enjoyed myself fully (^O^) The photo is the photo of the soft cream !!

I want to say thank you to my friends, the couple, who escorted me today (^O^)/


His brave friend must be putting his girlfriend through a test. Anyway, I've never heard of Crocs batches and looked them up.

Yappari na. Yusuke must get something cute.





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Yamada's Response to Shun

After Oguri Shun declared on All Night Nippon 「僕にとって(山田は)とっても大切なガールフレンドです!! 」 "For me (Yamada) is a very precious girlfriend !!" she has a matching response on her blog.

8th May 2008
I've caused some trouble \(^^:;)
Does it feel quiet in the eye of the storm ?
I spent the day as usual but was surprised at how much was on the television.
Somehow, I've stirred up a little trouble...
For me, he is precious and important.
Everyone, I'll be happy if all of you warmly watch over us.


Aww, that's sweet. This post has more than 3000 comments already, while her average is about 100. Skimming through them, many expressing their happiness at their mutual rabu rabu.




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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards

Oguri Shun and Inoue Mao win Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.
You can see them with the orange blimps trophy and short thank you message at nickjapan.


Other winners include Flavor of Life and Exile. Maki was also in the running with Mao, but I can't really choose between those two so it's alrite. In any case the center part didn't get the blimp and that's all that matters (-_-)

Speaking of Shun, in response to reports that he's dating Yamada Yu, he made a statement on All Night Nippon last night (7th May). Reportedly he said 「僕にとって(山田は)とっても大切なガールフレンドです!!」 "For me (Yamada) is a very precious girlfriend !!"

Oricon News
8th May 2008

Haven't read the rest of the article yet, but I'm surprised he has time to date with his sardine-packed schedule.

( 2008年05月08日 07時00分)




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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Hana Yori Dango Final
Swarovski Phone Strap / Bracelet

Famima Limited Set
One Advance Ticket + Changing Strap Set = 3 500 yen (tax included)
The phone strap can be used as a bracelet.
The Crystallized Swarovski Elements crystals are in Tsukushi's and F4 image colours.
Hanadan logo is carved on the metal plate and is detachable.
Orders from 6th May to 9th June will be delivered between 18th and 22nd June.
Orders from 10th June to 22nd June will be delivered between 7th and 11th July.
All subject to item being in stock.
Only at famima.
↓ http://ec2.famima.com/cgi-bin/gx.cgi/AppLogic+ec.goods.FmGoodsDetail?codegrpgoods=7610201001548&codeshop=0201&genre=cinema

This suits the glamour of F4 much better than the keitai cleaner d(゜ー゜)o

★★famima.com限定★★ブレスレットにもなるチェンジングタイプの携帯ストラップと全国共通前売券がセットに!さらに、花男ロゴが刻印されたメタルプレートは、取り外し可能!つくしとF4のイメージカラーが彩られた5つの花は、世界で有数のカットクリスタルメーカーである、CRYSTALLIZED(TM)-Swarovski Elementsが使用された豪華仕様!(C)2008 「花より男子ファイナル」製作委員会
■セット内容: 前売券【大人】 1/チェンジングストラップ 1
■商品サイズ: チェーン部分:長さ約22cm/松葉:長さ約7.5cm/花:縦約1.2cm
■素材: チェーン:丹銅/メタルプレート:ダイキャスト/クリスタル:CRYSTALLIZED(TM)-Swarovski Elements
■製造国: 中国
■劇場鑑賞券について: 一部上映しない地域がございます。また各劇場によって上映期間、上映時間が異なる場合がございます。必ずご希望の劇場に上映の有無、及び上映期間をご確認の上、ご購入をお願い致します。
■お届けについて<1>: 出荷日が確定した時点でご案内いたします。詳細は、『店舗到着予定日のお知らせメール』・『商品発送のお知らせメール』でご確認いただけます。


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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Inoue Mao Staff Diary
5th May

Vietnam World Heritage Site
5th May 2008, 02:18

Let's take some photos.

Vietnam In A Boat

5th May 2008 03:39


Still Makino family trip ? Since they're loaded now, maybe they can afford a boat each (-_-)

ベトナム 世界遺産
2008年05月05日 02:18

ベトナム 小船にて
2008年05月05日 03:39


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Inoue Mao Staff Diary
5th May

Hong Kong Disneyland
5th May 2008, 01:58

We went to the Hong Kong Disneyland for the travel program too.

What Mao-chan has on in the photo, she borrowed from Mama. (The performance is another matter)

There are also attractions and souvenirs that are only available in Hong Kong and time passed quickly.
For those who have a chance to go to Hong Kong, how about going to meet Mickey & Minnie who are dressed in Chinese costumes !

♡ Hong Kong residents, Mickey & Minnie ♡


She borrowed that from her Makino Mama ? Anyone know of any other Mama in Disneyland HK ?

香港 ディズニーランド

2008年05月05日 01:58




♡ 香港在住のミッキー&ミニー ♡

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Inoue Mao Staff Diary
3rd May

Hong Kong once more
3rd May 2008, 23:56
The movie has safely cranked up and is almost completed.
Immediately after the crank up we headed once more to Hong Kong to shoot a travel program.

Previously, the Makino family went to NY, then the Hong Kong version.
In NY, doing it in between intervals of filming was hard but this time we were more relaxed so the contents will be considerably powered up.

The diamond in the photo will appear in the program.
There really isn't a chance to get your hands on such an amazing gem so a proper souvenir photograph.

The price you know, is ♡♡ 100 million yen


Travel program = Makino family special ?
If the filming was only in HK, that should be the case but the later posts also mentions Vietnam so maybe Mao is doing a separate travel program too ? Seems like a strange time if it's true since Tsukushi and F4 should be busy doing all out promotions, interviews and magazine shoots now. Hafta wait for more entries from her staff.


2008年05月03日 23:56





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Monday, May 05, 2008

Hana Yori Dango Final
Photo Book

From Rakuten → http://item.rakuten.co.jp/book/5633498/

花より男子F (ファイナル) PHOTO BOOK (フォトブック) 2008年 07月号 [雑誌]
出版社: 集英社
発売日: 2008年06月12日
サイズ: A4変(クロワッサン)
楽天ブックス商品コード: 29406
この雑誌の新刊が登録されたら新着メールを通知する この雑誌の新刊が登録されたら新着メールを通知する






★麗しきF4が勢揃いしたゴージャスなBOYS TALKも ゼータクすぎる!


★付録は、原作『花より男子』マーガレット本誌連載最終話! あの感動をもう一度味わって☆

⇒【ニンテンドーDS】『花より男子ー恋せよ女子!』は http://item.rakuten.co.jp/book/5615068/!


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Sunday, May 04, 2008

HYDF Official Blog
3rd May 2008

From the 3rd of May (Saturday) the sale of advance tickets starts at Biccamera Yurakucho Main Building !

From the 3rd of May (Saturday), advance tickets will be sold at Tokyo's Biccamera Yurakucho Main Building !
The "Keitai Cleaner" (700 yen after tax) is 500 yen after tax when you buy it as a set with the advanced tickets !
Lo and behold ! The Bic point is that it is also possible to buy advance tickets !
For the people who already got the point, by all means make use of this opportunity to get your hands on the advance tickets ne !

※ The advance ticket will look the same as the ones sold in theaters but it won't come with the special first-come first-served postcards.

★ Details here →


Bic Point ? It's like Doumyouji wrote this entry. What's a keitai cleaner anyway ? To wipe the phone screen ? Whatever, I'll buy a Hanadan broom if they offered it.

From the biccamera site

Advance Ticket (General) : 1300 yen
Advance Ticket (Child) : 800 yen
Hana Yori Dango Final Keitai Cleaner : 700 yen
Keitai Cleaner + Advance Ticket (General) : 1800 yen (Normal price 2000 yen)
Keitai Cleaner + Advance Ticket (Child) : 1300 yen (Normal price 1500 yen)

They're sold from 3rd of May to 27th June and the Keitai Cleaner will be available as a separate item from the 28th of June onwards until it runs out of stock. The advance tickets are only sold at the main building and are not available at any of their other shops or (unfortunately) their internet shop.

HYDF Official Blog clone here.





From biccamera site

販売店舗 有楽町店本館1F総合カウンター

* 前売券(一般):1,300円
* 前売券(小人):800円
* 「花より男子ファイナル」携帯クリーナー:700円


* 前売券(一般) + 携帯クリーナー:1,800円 (通常合計売価2,000円)
* 前売券(小人) + 携帯クリーナー:1,300円 (通常合計売価1,500円)

販売期間 5月3日(土)~6月27日(金)まで

1. 前売券の販売は有楽町店本館のみとなります。他の店舗での販売はございませんのでご了承下さい。
2. ネットショップおよびモバイルサイト「ビックカメラ.com」での販売はございません。

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HYDF Official Blog
2nd May 2008

Insert song decided !

Insert song by aiko !

Advance tickets were on sale in theaters nationwide (311 halls) from 26th April, wow ! Over the weekend, in the space of 2 days, more than 70 000 tickets were sold !!
This is the most number sold in the history of a 'live action film' by Toho distribution, the Final that will bring glory to HanaDan has started with an appropriate 'start dash' !

Another piece of important news for Hana Yori Dango Final !
During the drama series too the image song is constantly played during the episodes, the memorable 'Tsukushi's Theme'. For the movie this time, it has been decided that aiko-san will sing the insert song 'Tsukushi's Theme' !!

★ Comment from aiko-san
I'm really, really happy to sing the insert song for Hana Yori Dango Final ! I think Tsukushi-chan's Theme will be the tune to help give Tsukushi-chan a nudge from the back.

★ Comment from Inoue Mao-san
This time for the HanaDan series to become a Final, aiko-san joining us will provide back-up that can be heard. I myself am looking forward to which scenes will flow with the music. With her participation in this production, aiko-san's heart-rending lyrics and that voice will echo in everyone's hearts, what will remain there will be real emotions. Look forward to the opening !!

HYDF Official Blog clone here.





★ aikoさんコメント


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With Yuu #040508


Good morning ☆
4th May 2008, 11:33
After this, I'm making an appearance on 'Akko ni Omakase' !
Those who are at home, without fail watch it please ☆


Akko → http://www.tbs.co.jp/akko/index_web.html

2008年05月04日 11:33


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With Yuu #030508


Good weather
3rd May 2008. 17:23
Yaho ! The weather is good today ne~☆
Is everyone having a break today ? Of course, it's Golden Week ne ! Speaking of golden, this time I received a gold egg (perfectly edible) ! But somehow I felt like it was too good to eat, so my friend cracked it for me (*laugh*)
Well then !! From 7:56 this evening, don't forget that Episode 3 of Rookies will be broadcast !
Without fail, no, certainly watch it plea~se (^O^)/
In the photo is the golden egg ♪



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