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3 July 2009
The Best...

Good evening, 'MU' here.

It's been a week since the final episode was aired.

To those who feel that there's something missing in their heart,

please take a look...

This precious gem that will make you laugh to tears...

It's now known as 'BOSS for Eternity'...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Doesn't it look like a family portrait?

Amami-san and Takenouchi-san are the parents, while those standing behind are the children...

This was taken a while back to shoot for the cover of Oricon Style (Issue 22/6).

Everyone from the cast to staff members had a good laugh during the photoshoot.

HAHAHAHAH... Damn I burst into laughter when I saw that pic!!
Below, the real magazine cover~

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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Friday, July 03, 2009

Mizobata Junpei

3 July 2009
Mistaken identity!

Good evening! !

I took a walk through town as there was some free time after work today (^_^)v

Then 2 ladies about the same age as me asked "You're Okada Masaki-san right?" !!

I said, "You've mistaken me for someone else."

I don't think we have any resemblance ne (^_^)v

Everyone, my name is Mizobata Junpei.

Those who know, know! Those who are unfamiliar with it, remember ne ↑ [laugh] (>_<)

What an insult to Junpei lol~
Don't be mistaken... the one on the left is Junpei, on the right Yusuke (>_<)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

(street Jack August 2009)


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Buzzer Beat
Volume 10

★ 6 July 2009 (Monday) 21:00~23:18
Nakai Masahiro Super Drama Festival 2009 The Pressure! SP

The drama teams for this summer's dramas are going to meet under one roof in 'Nakai Masahiro's Super Drama Festival 2009 The Pressure! SP'. The cast will compete with other teams in events such as 'Pressure Archery', 'Pressure Free Throw' and 'Pressure Bowling'. It will be a Pressure Game where there is no hope for victory if they do not raise their powers of concentration to the maximum. Our super strong team, 'Team Buzzer Beat ~Gakeppuchi no Hero' with members Yamashita Tomohisa, Kitagawa Keiko, Aibu Saki, Kanjiya Shihori, Mizobata Junpei, Nagai Masaru and Ito Hideaki will take up the challenge! Your support, yoroshiku onegai shimasu!!

Pressure much? :D

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Inoue Mao Staff Diary
2nd July 2009

Curry Shop
2nd July 2009 15:19

The other day we went to Kanda to film 'Kareinaru Spy'!
After finishing one scene in the morning, there was free time so we went to eat curry!!
Mao-san was introduced to 'Loup de mer' by a television program sometime back.
She had wanted to go there after her graduation ceremony as well but had to give it up because it was full...
There was a short queue today too but she finally got to eat there!!
Mao-san chose the spiciest chicken curry in the menu♪
The delicate spices worked well, it was really delicious~!
I think I'll definitely want to eat there again☆

After that, we still had a little more time, so we headed to a cafe Mao-san knows...

Mao-san is bad at remembering routes and things like that. The other day in the car, as we were nearing our filming location in Ginza,
"Eh? Where is our filming location again today~? I thought we are going to the same place as yesterday (*laugh*)."
By the way, the place we went to the day before that was Wangan Narashino...
I think there's quite a difference in both the distance and the streets (*laugh*)
As I drove, I burst out laughing too!

There's a little filming left to do!
Everyone, please look forward to 18 July (Saturday) ne♪

Have you seen the 'Shonen Magazine' that went on sale yesterday??
When I saw the magazine, I got swept back with memories of Hawaii (*laugh*)
Which reminds me, when Mao-san and I were clinging to the board, I was close to drowning and yet Mao-san was howling with laughter till her tummy hurt...
Next time again, yoroshiku onegai shimasu!!
Manga Shonen-san (*laugh*)

Mao-san getting ready to play in the sea ♪


2009年07月02日 15:19



「あれ? 今日のロケ場所どこだっけ~? 昨日と同じ場所に向かってると思ってた(笑)」





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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Mizobata Junpei

1 July 2009

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Good evening! !

I'm now in the dressing room waiting for my turn to film Buzzer Beat!

With the free time I try to be a pro cameraman, trying out photo taking with a wind effect (*^o^*)

With expression too↑

His blog will only be accessible to paid subscribers from 10 July onwards.
I guess that's how his company repays his fans - by making them PAY to read his blog.
Way to go, Evergreen!

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Inoue Mao Staff Diary
30th June 2009

30th June 2009 23:56

A few days ago, the first preview of 'Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu' was held!

The moment the movie started, I started weeping...
Cried from the beginning to the end.
Nearing the end of the film, Mao-san who was sitting next to me said,"You're crying too much... (*laugh*)"
That's how much it got to me...

When "Boku wa Kimi ni Koi wo Suru", the theme song that Hirai Ken-san wrote specifically for this film came on, Mao-san said she felt goosebumps too.

A photo of Mao-san and Kumada Sea-chan (7 years old) taken between takes.
Kumada-chan plays Mayu as a child and besides being cute, she is also very well-mannered and is skilled in acting too!!
There was a party for "Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu" yesterday.
Okada-san could not attend because of work commitments but Mao-san had fun chatting with the cast and staff members because she had not met them for a while.

In the midst of that, the drawing of lots for the lucky draw began and the room began to buzz with excitement!
The gift from Mao-san was a pair of tickets for a stay at an exclusive Japanese inn in Goura (the room comes with an open-air bath)!!
Mao-san drew a lot and...

...wh, what!!

I struck lottery (><)

The moment Mao-san picked out the number, she too said,
"Somehow it feels like I've heard of this number somewhere~ that's what I thought ne!"
to great laughter ♪

My apologies for feeling like he really cannot read the atmosphere but the President told me,
"With a guy, no way but you could go with Mao." (*laugh*)

Finally, Mao-san addressed everyone and with Director Shinjou wrapping things up, the party came to an end!!

Beginning with the help of this work's original author Aoki Kotomi-sensei, Director Shinjou, the cast, staff members and Hirai Ken-san, a truly beautiful film has been completed.
Thank you very much.

Please look forward to the opening on 24th October!!
Be sure not to forget your handkerchief♪


Whew~ Mao's new manager sure likes to write. As the sentences get longer, I get less sure about the accuracy so feel free to point anything out. Translation style-wise, I'm trying to strike a balance between literal translations and complete re-phrasing. Of course over that, sometimes I'm scratching my head wondering if the meaning is even what I think it is \(〇_o)/

2009年06月30日 23:56


作品の終盤で、隣に座っていた真央さんに 「泣きすぎだから…(笑)」













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Inoue Mao
Shonen Magazine No.31

Scans thanks to maomao!

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Minamisawa Nao
Staff Diary

30 June 2009

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Filming 'Dandy Daddy?'!!

Even for a comedy, tension is building up for Nao.
Here she is fooling around during the break.

She took a photo with a dolphin on location.
It's hard to see because of the dark photo, but they're looking at each other!!

Yay a comedy!


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Which Japanese actor has a face liked by the Chinese?

Which Japanese actor has a face liked by the Chinese?
26th June 2009

This survey was done in three of China's largest cities; Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Photographs of 12 popular Japanese actors were shown and participants were asked to select one. The result? Emerging victorious at No.1 is Miura Haruma.

Since last year, he has been active in movies, dramas and other works. Displaying acting skills that belie his teenage years, his zooming rise in popularity in Japan as a young actor is felt in China too. About 1 in every 4 females picked Miura Haruma as their choice. He had the best approval rating among the males as well. He is very popular in Shanghai and among the age groups, is most popular among the 40s age group.

Second is Yamashita Tomohisa whose nickname 山P is known even among the Chinese. It looks like his handsome looks has grabbed Chinese hearts as well. He is followed by Kamiji Yusuke and Takeru Sato.

1. Miura Haruma
2. Yamashita Tomohisa
3. Kamiji Yusuke
4. Sato Takeru
5. Ninomiya Kazunari
6. Matsumoto Jun
7. Ichihara Hayato
8. Motoki Masahiro
9. Nakamura Shidou
10. Ohno Satoshi
11. Oguri Shun
12. Sakurai Sho

Green : Guangzhou
Red : Shanghai
Blue : Beijing

Survey : Search China
Survey Period : 1 April 2009 to 10 April 2009
Participants : 300 Males and Females in 20s, 30s and 40s.


No Hiro?! ヽ(ー_ー )ノ How did they pick the 12? It's so haphazard.


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Narimiya Hiroki

27 June 2009

There was an event coverage, a meeting and an appointment at the salon today.

... then

for something like this at this time

In the office was a wonderful present!!

I immediately attached them to my mobile phone

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Mr Men and Little Miss characters

I've been interested in them recently

I'll be going overseas with these guys tomorrow

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I'm off

This has been Narimiya.

Mr Men & Lil Miss are so... common!


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