Saturday, January 02, 2010

Hiroki Narimiya Blog
Happy New Year

1st January 2010 17:34


The me from last year
I've already forgotten about him [laugh]

Next, next line, next!

This year
It's the 10th year anniversary for Narimiya Hiroki

Even though it's the 10th anniversary
It doesn't feel that way
It seems like only 1 year has passed

For this year too,
douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu

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Narimiya Hiroki

31st December 2009 18:28

We're leaving this year behind
In about 5 hours...

Before the celebrations
I'll look back at the year

I had chances to meet many of you this year
Until then things were kept in me

Whenever there's any work or events,
you are there to support me

I am really really grateful

For having this type of year
It's my treasure
Above all, I am happy

This year too
There were new developments

A friend got married
And there was a parting from a close friend too

I can't really sort this year out yet
It's not easy to put it into words

I did my best this year with a smile

Thank you

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This has been Narimiya.


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Friday, January 01, 2010

60th Kouhaku Uta Gassen

Michael Jackson Tribute


NYC Boys

Otsuka Ai

Susan Boyle

Ayumi Hamasaki

Koda Kumi x misono





Mikawa Kenichi

Yazawa Eikichi

Mizuki Nana


Videos from:-
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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ayaka at Kouhaku

At 11:15pm, Ayaka (22) who will take an indefinite break from her singing career appeared on stage at NHK's 60th Kouhaku Uta Gassen. Wearing a red dress, she addressed viewers before her performance.

"For me, singing is an essential part of life. For all of you who have always supported my singing and music, I will put my feelings of gratitude to you with this song."

With that, she sang her hit song 'Minna Sora no Shita'. Announcer Abe Wataru wished her the best and said,"I hope you return to this stage again someday." Actor Nishida Toshiyuki who is serving as a judge said as he wiped a tear away,"I'm tearing up. The power of songs is the power of life."

31st December 2009 23:28

Ayaka@Kouhaku from kinshidouga.

My favourite song from Ayaka.


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Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge
Vol. 03 Report

2nd Poster Photography

Without further delay, the sequel to taking photos for the poster.

Photography for Nakahara Sunako, played by Omasa Aya. A quiet girl who lives alone in the dark. Aya-chan's face is hidden behind her fringe, and her habit is wearing jerseys with a black cloak! It seems that Sunako's character is enigmatic and mysterious. On the site's main page, you can see lightning behind Sunako! This is just one of Sunako's powers... It is said that she has other abilities... She's that type of person, really puzzling. Watch her in Episode 1 to confirm or deny these claims.

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Look forward to Aya-chan playing the role of Sunako!

Next is Nakahara Mine played by Takashima Reiko, the owner of the house where Kyohei and the guys are living in, and also Sunako's aunt. All of us were rooted to the spot as Takashima-san appeared, looking gorgeous and sexy in the dress. From the cameraman, "Smile, and you can move your arms as you please." Takashima-san responded politely, "What about this?", changing her pose. And just like that, her session was over.

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Takashima-san gave off an extraordinary aura wearing that white dress!

While watching the beautiful Takashima-san on the monitor, the staff heard a voice saying, "Ah! It's Mother!" out of nowhere! Then quickly, he went to hide under the table... it was Kato Seishiro-kun [laugh]. "Ah, I found you," Takashima-san called out, "It's over? We'll meet up again soon ne." They had fun chatting.

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So pretty ne~. They paid close attention to the dress worn by Mine in the original work!

Lastly, it's Mine's son, also the manager of the house, Nakahara Takeru played by Kato Seishiro-kun. Looking at the rough shot of the poster, he said "This is me? What about this pose?", very focused.

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It was decided that Seishiro-kun would fold his arms.

"Let's make the photo a cool one ne," the cameraman explained. Seishiro-kun responded with "Yoroshiku onegaishimasu" and a handshake. "The face looks stiff on camera, let's laugh for a bit. Ok now, fold your arms," directed the cameraman. "This? Is this cool?" Seishiro-kun gave a fun pose.

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He was interested in how the staff operated the fan.

As the staff was preparing the fan, photos were taken when he gave a big smile and exclaimed "Here comes the wind to my face!"

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"A bit to the right. Yes, that's it," said Seishiro-kun.

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"This feels good~~!!" He was really enjoying himself.

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"Everyone, please watch 'Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge' ne" by Seishiro.

Because the phototaking was done before filming, their hairstyles might change. Perhaps it'll be twice as fun then [laugh].

Everyone, the Friday drama 'Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge' starts 15 January. Yoroshiku onegaiitashimasu.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Omasa Aya Blog
It's Cold

20th December 2009 10:52

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Good morning!

Since early on today, there was filming for 'Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge'.

It's becoming really cold these days ne~

A few days back filming was done in Hokkaido. I thought that I would be able to cope as it's also cold in Tokyo, but I was wrong...

Everyone, take care so that you don't catch a cold ne ★

I'll do my best to continue filming!!

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Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge
Story 1

On-air 15 January 2010

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Once again, Takano Kyohei (Kamenashi Kazuya) is fired from his part-time job. The short-tempered Kyohei snapped due to the absurd behaviour of high-school girls and sexual harassment from the store manager (♂). Blessed with good looks, Kyohei is a magnet to both the men and the ladies. He's not fond of the attention... Now he's unable to pay rent for the month.

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Living in the same house as Kyohei is the friendly, always smiling and cute Toyama Yukinojo (Tegoshi Yuya), the cool melancholic beauty Oda Takenaga (Uchi Hiroki) and the narcissistic ladies' man Morii Ranmaru (Miyao Shuntaro). Then there's the mistress of the house, Nakahara Mine (Takashima Reiko) and her only son Takeru (Kato Seishiro). Nakahara Mine is a celebrity darling who jets around the world, in search of something.

One day, Mine makes a proposition!! "If you can transform my niece Sunako (Omasa Aya) into a lady, you don't have to pay rent," she says! Kyohei and the rest get very excited. Making her appearance is a girl with a face hidden behind her hair, someone who loves horror and gore from the bottom of her heart. It's Sunako. If you're having a conversation in the house and Sunako walks by, it is said that a psychic phenomenon will happen. The atmosphere surrounding her is that ominous.

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Although they're surprised, Kyohei, Yukinojo, Takenaga and Ranmaru are going to draw Sunako out. With a little horror, laughter and tears, their life together is going to begin!

One day, Sunako goes missing. Kyohei heads towards Hokkaido to look for her. Arriving in Hokkaido with Takeru, Kyohei meets a lady known as Snow Fairy (Kobayashi Ryoko)...

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Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge
Vol. 01 Report

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To all viewers, nice to meet you.
Welcome to the official site for the Friday drama 'Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge'.
I'm Charlie, staff from the official site.

From today until filming ends in about 3 months, I'll be providing updates with reports from filming locations. Please treat me kindly.

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The decorative illumination logo used in the background♪

This was a hasty greeting, but next time it'll be on-location reports. Everyone, look forward to them!!

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I liked the anime. But this cast... quite a disappointment :(
Mabushii janai!
And no one beats Hanazawa Rui when it comes to wearing white.

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hiroki Narimiya Blog
Home Party

26th December 2009 20:29

With a close friend
We had a X'mas party

After work
I went to buy ingredients for cooking...

Although it's Christmas
At the shop entrance
There was New Year decoration

I took in a deep breath to relieve my tension
Isn't that too much!? [laugh]

But of course
It was a very fun party

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After moving house
This is the first time
I'm using the dining table properly

I like home parties
While eating
You can take your time with conversations

Like things you can't really
talk about outside

I think that's what is good
about home parties

I'm on a diet, but
On Christmas
Every year, like a routine
I'll have KFC


The PC was in a bad condition
I went to the Apple Store

Actually I had 2
One to watch DVD
The other is connected to the net,
but couldn't watch DVD

Those 2 are important
They're not working well

As a Christmas present to myself
I bought a mac book pro

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The staff was great

Like moving data from the old PC,
and explaining about repairs or servicing
They spent half a day

Mac's support staff is excellent
Really super

When I received the receipt
I blurted out

"Let's be friends"
that's what I said ne [laugh]

This Christmas was a good one

This has been Narimiya.

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